The power of thoughtforms and a black and white ritual

Greetings friends in all the blogland. I am sure you are all living in hectic mode doing chores, planning gatherings, or trips. I am in a similar mode while trying to prepare in a spiritual manner for the Solctice. Yule is just around the corner and since it is the time to acknowledge, accept and finally fight the darkness within i was thinking the power every thoughtform carries, especially the ones that are tied with strong emotions. Those change and form our realities.
Shadowy thoughtforms do not just hold us back in our lives psychologically. If they are powerful enough they can create themselves out of thin air. Like people that no matter how much they weight, or how much money or friends they have, they feel fat, poor or alone. Those people tend to become fat, poor or alone. I was one of them. I had a bad body image and then my fear became reality. I gained weight. When i rediscovered the well hidden shadows i begun losing weight again. This was a powerful lesson for me. To accept myself completely in my case meant to forgive certain people and to let go of anger i no longer thought i felt. When memories haunt us we need to find the strenth to relive them from a different angle. The only way to let go is indeed to forgive. The process although freeing can be painful. Noone enjoys being vulnerable, but a strange power is hidden in this vulnerability.
But it is not enough. In order to create the reality we want, releasing negative thoughtforms although necessary is not enough. We have to accept the positive as well. Exchange the bad with the good. Visualise the things we want. This powerful combination can really bring harmony and balance.
If you want to let go of any shadowy thoughts, you can assist yourself in this process by burning over a black candle a piece of paper with your fear or bad memory written on it and another piece of paper with your hope or desire over a white candle. You can burn an incense of myrr,frankicense, lavender and rosemary that are cleansing and a combination of other herbs that will correspond with your ultimate goal. Do it while centered, grounded, and concentrated. You can do it with other people too...
Remember to affirm yourselves daily. Love and soar.
I wish you all a blessed Yule.


A powerful day is approaching

Greetings blogfriends.
I missed you. Everyday life got the better of me. Here in Greece we had an amazing weather throughout the Fall. Great for enjoying lond walks, coffee on the balcony in the afternoon and tea later in the day. But it seems that Mother Earth remembered Yule is on its way and there is a sudden change. The temperature dropped really fast and we were all reminded of the things we should do before Yule. Decorate, invite people, prepare meals, buy or make gifts and last but not least prepare spiritually for those days. The winter is fast approaching, the Wheel is about to turn once again and this is our reason to celebrate.
Did you know that the full moon falls on December 21 and a total lunar eclipse will take place on the same day? It is going to be a powerful day indeed...


Blessed full moon.

It is invigorating. Have you looked at Her yet? Tonight i am grateful that i am able to meet, communicate and help people through my job. Tonight i am thankful that i can be Her daughter and feel Her guidance and protection. Tonight i am glad that i have a life full of people who love me and that i love. Tonight i am happy for being a witch.
Tonight is a wonderful time to be a witch. It is a time for witches to dance and celebrate. To draw down the Moon and glow in Her glory. To control their energy so that they can heal themselves and others. To protect and be protected. To gain the things we need. To achieve our goals.
I am wishing you all a Happy Esbat and a beautiful night.


New moon.

A beautiful night awaits us blogfriends. Tonight we will celebrate the new moon. A perfect opportunity to connect with our Mother. A time to blow two kisses to the Moon so She can bring us good luck. A time to heal and grow.
We should take this opportunity to come in touch with our darkest aspects, acknowledge them and heal. We can get rid of bad thoughts, feelings, habits and energies. We burn black candles to do that, but since it is Moon magic we also burn silver, white and grey ones. It can be something as simple as my goal(to eliminate the usage of aspartame, i eat massive amounts of that horrible thing) or as complicated as depression. We acknowledge the thing that bothers us and take the power from our Mother to get rid of it. We can burn herbs associated with Moon(jasmine,willow,eucalyptus, ivy, lemon balm, poppy, myrrh,mugwort) or bath in them, since Moon rules the Waters. We can also use them to make sachets.
I, myself, no longer need aspartame in my life. The last time i tried to do that i have put my hopes up for stevia. When i took home this really expensive natural sweetener i found out it has a horrible taste that urges you to scrub your mouth with soap and chlorine! I gave up too easy. But today i was ready to try again. So in my coffee i put half a teaspoon of sugar. It was bitter at first but now i am starting to get used to it. I am also ready to use other natural sweeteners as agave nectar. I can not get it completely out of my life, since they put that thing in everything(even my vitamin C supplements have aspartame) but i will not use it in cooking, coffee and of course i won't drink the litres per day of diet coke i used to drink. A while ago this felt like such a huge step. But this powerful new moon made it easy for me. Let Her make your goals easy as well.
I will keep you update with my progress. I am wishing good luck to all of you. Have a happy new moon.
Brightest blessings,


Lets make happier streets...

Greetings blogfriends. In the past i have spoken about the Law of Attraction. Whatever you might call it, we all try to stay positive even in the most difficult or disturbing of situations. We try to get rid of the negativity and exchange all bad thoughts with new good ones. And although sometimes we do not succeed the whole effort is rewarding for both our mental and physical health.
So, we try to remain calm, happy, forgiving etc. and in the meanwhile a bad driver on the street almost kills us and all our calm, happy, forgiving thoughts go out of the window. We swear, we give him the finger, and generally we feel bad feelings and think bad thoughts. This happened to me today( i am sure i am not the only one) all accidents were avoided so i would normally forget all about it before i got home. But when this happened to me, while i put my eyebrows together trying to be creative on my namecalling, i exhaled and said:"Be careful and good luck". It made feel so wonderful. So, naturally, i took the decision to always do that. I considered the fact that someone could call me names on the street. Well, in that case, i thought i would say it outloud and let him think i am certifible. I do not know in your country how this goes, but in Greece, even the people who are at fault swear on the street. It is a crazy world and i intend to make it even crazier.
I ask of you to follow me on this path of madness to wish luck to those that scare us while we are driving. A small change that could possibly brighten up our days. I can not yet take it to the next step and do it everywhere with everybody. I am not the "turn the other cheek" kind of gal. How about you? Do you have any small tips to use the Law of Attraction in our favors?
love and light to all of you,


Halloween minus the candy and the costumes(not that those are not fun!)...

All Hallows Eve is approaching and with the passing of the days the veil is getting thinner and thinner. This is a time we remember and honour our loved ones that passed. We think about the limitations of our physical selves and we try to give our lives more grace and balance.
I do not know if we will meet them again in Summerland. But deep inside my heart i believe that even if we will not, we will join them as parts of the Whole when we will return to our Mother. And even if we will not come back reincarnated as human beings into new bodies at a new time, we will indeed return to the cosmos as light, or air, guiding spirits or trees, Gods or Goddesses.
On the night of October 31th we will burn candles in front of pictures of the deceased family and friends. Some of us will burn insence and try to communicate with them. Some of us might even use the opportunity to see what is about to come into our lives and ask for guidance. We might have elaborate rituals or drink a glass of wine in honour of those we lost. We might celebrate this powerful day or not. Some of us will consider the passing of the days, the turning of the Wheel, the spirals our lives and souls make. And some of us will get lost in the hectic rhythms of everyday life and we will not think of all those things. However, whatever we do the veil will be thin. The magic will flow around us. We will be visited in our dreams by all sorts of spirits.
I wish all of you to have a magical Halloween. Blessed be the memory of those you lost.


A simple ritual i love.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been doing? I have been in a hectic mode for quite some time because of an exam i had to take today and i really can not believe it is over. Yeih! Finally.
Did you enjoy the full moon? She was beautiful, was n't She? I took the opportunity to cast a prosperity spell because with all that studying i really needed one. I used a beautiful herbal blend of rosemary, sunflower petals, mandrake root, sandalwood and patsouli essential oil. You might have noticed that some of the ingredients are usually used for sexual attraction(sandalwood and patsouli) but i wanted to also attract clients. If your goal is a bigger clientele you should definitely try a combination like this. It was divine.
I did a ritual i love and i realised i have n't mentioned it here already. I used four candles one for East, one for South, one for West and one for North. They also represent the four of the five elements. Underneath each candle i put a piece of paper with the spell. When i was ready, after i have cast the circle, invited the Goddess in it and meditated i burned each paper over the candle it was placed under. Then i burned on a charcoal the mixture while saying the spell over and over.
Then i thanked the Goddess and the elements and i was done. I paid attention to the colours of the candles to match the elements and the Quarters they represent and i wrote the spell in gold to match my intent.
I love this ritual. I do it since highschool and it still feels great. Sometimes for money, sometimes for healing, or luck, sometimes for cleansing. It always makes me click.
Do you have any favourite rituals, that make you click?
Brightest blessings,


The Goddess is watching over me.

Merry meet fellow bloggers. How are you? I am in a both weird and wonderful place right now. You see on Friday night at about 2 am, while me and P. were watching "two and a half men" in our bedroom and eating grilled cheese, we heard Phoebe -our dog- barking in a strange way. We were alarmed and then panicked as we heard our front door closing. Petros went out making loud noises while i called police and i simultaneously grabbed an empty handbag(my weapon of choice) on my way to follow him. We checked the house and nobody was there but our door latch was descrewed. We soon realised that a few handbags i had laying on a chair, were gone. They had nothing in them(thank Goddess!). But the fact was that someone broke into our house while we were inside, fully awake, watching tv loudly, with the lights on(not so ecofriendly of us) and while our dog was barking at him. That scared the crap out of me. Do n't burglars have any criteria whatsoever? It is ridiculous.
Anyway, when the sensation of panic settled down and my heart rate went back to normal,i inevitably begun thinking. As soon as the feelings sinked in, i realised that in the moment of my greatest insecurity, i was feeling safe. Safe about my path and my place in the world. The Goddess was looking over me. So, finances, carriers and life in general, are going to sort themselves out. They have to. My path now looks clear and spiritual. There is no need for me to stress out about the superficial things i usually do. Tonight, me and P. took Phoebe for a long walk and we were able to enjoy it to its fullest. I once again kept talking to him about how much i love the orange street lights(they make everything look like it came out of a fairytale, do n't they?) and the musical games the wind plays with the tree leaves. We were just a couple in love, living in the moment. I had that, because i felt safe.
That being said, i still act as if electrocuted when i hear sounds coming from the living room area, i have cast a bunch of protection spells and i want to buy a bb gun. But security issues aside, it was an illuminating experience. One that i never want to relive.
Brightest blessings to everyone, even to my burglar. I wish him to find peace despite the fact that i believe he kicked my dog and i hope he will find a way to live without hurting others. I hope we will all find a way to do that.


Blessed Mabon.

Greetings blogfriends. Tonight is the Full Moon and the Fall Equinox. What a magical day! Some of you wrote that yesterday was the Equinox but i double checked. I think this is it. Today i gathered a lot of herbs, and made smudges and incenses. I plan on doing a ritual later and some meditation. Today we celebrate the balance and the abundance in our lives. It is a harvest festival which means it is time to thank the Goddess for everything She has given us. We make offerings to do so. I am going to leave some apples and pine needles under a pomegranade in our garden and under a eucalyptus tree on our street.
There is n't one thing that i do n't absolutely love about this holiday. I hope you are going to spend it with loved ones surrounded by love and happiness. I am wishing you a happy Fall, luck, joy, love, romance and health.
Be blessed,



Dear blogfriends,
I am once again sorry for slacking on blog duties. I was away because September always is kind of crazy and i am always trying to catch up with the circumstances. Do n't you love this month? I watch the leaves change colours and i feel the change of the season. It is beautiful. Even the air smells different.The weather is not hot anymore and it is great for long walks and lazy afternoons. Too bad i can't afford one!
Anyway, enough rambling out of me! I wanted to make a post on smudges. They are really easy to make and use. The difficult part is finding the fresh herbs you need. You want them to be fresh because otherwise they will break and crumble. So, you cut your herbs ,lets say, rosemary at the length you want your smudge to be, take some thread and bind it from top to bottom really tight (you bind the thread around in circly moves from one end to the other). Then you leave it somewhere to dry and when it is ready you use it.
The good thing about making your own smudges is that you can make any mix you want for whatever need you have. So if you want to cleanse your work space you make one with rosemary, sage, pine needles and chamomile. If you want to cleanse your bedroom you can make one with sage,rose petals and sandalwood . If you want to enhance your psychic abilities you can make one with lavender, valerian root, damiana and St John's wort.
When you make a smudge you have to pay attention in the colour of the thread. You can use a combination of colours. Black is for removing dark energies. White is for attracting bright energies. Gold, brown and green is for attracting money. Pink and green is for love. Dark red is for passion. Purple is for metaphysical purposes.Blue is for good fortune.
Because smudges are tightly bound there is n't enough air for them to burn for long. So, when you burn one it would be good to have a plate(so you can burn the smudge over it and do not make a mess with the ashes all over the place) and a tealight candle for when your smudge goes out.
With everything that has to do with fire we are always careful and we do it safely.
Be blessed.


Ways of cleansing and an update...

Greetings blogfriends. Have you missed me? I sure missed you. It has been kind of crazy around here. But this is n't the reason i have been writing here. I felt a little unspiritual and uncentered and this took its toll on my body and mind. Step by step i am finding again the place where my soul is free.
As i have told you in the past i work at home, which means that my place has to look decent all the time. To achieve that, i have had help for quiet some time. Beside the fact that there are constantly strange people to my home, the people i choose to hang out with and those that work for me have to be open and positive. For the last couple of years the ladies i hired to clean my place were n't really positive. So me and P. decided to take a break from help. Since then we have been cleaning our asses off. It is a lot of work to take care of a home by its own, but to keep it always sparkly and tidy while juggling work is really..really hard. We have crazy schedules and there are times it feels impossible but we are patient because we are still adjusting to the new situation. On the other hand, the vibes of the places are remarkable. So what if we are constatly tired? We will get used to that. I think of it as my cardio for the day. The truth is that i had to cancel a few appointments, because i had to do chores, but it will get better with a lot of organising and making schedules and lists.
Although the negative lady that has been cleaning our home has left i still have to do a lot of cleansing since i have clients over every day. But it got a lot easier. One of the best ways to do that is adding a bit of salt in the bucket before mopping the house. I just grab a fist full of salt, concentrate on the intent and then i pour it into the bucket. My favourite way of cleansing though is by burning rosemary. The scent is amazing and it makes my spirit soar.But i have to admit that the most effective cleansing is one my mom taught me, that is kinda hard to do. It contains a mix of herbs, a ball of water and every living soul-resident of the home(yes, this includes pets) to stay out of the house for (at least)three days and three nights(last night should preferably be the new moon). The tools in this process are n't as important as the staying away from your house for this small amount of time. My mom used to do it every time before we left for a vacation. My cats though will not enjoy us moving them. So i have never done it in my home. I definitely will one day.
Do you have any similar rituals?


Enjoying a summer in the city.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I hope you are somewhere on vacations sipping on strawberry margaritas(or your favourite drink)and laying under the waning but still powerful Sun. I, on the other hand, am still here, in Athens trying to find the silverlining in the inferno-like temperatures. But i have to admit that although the weather could be a good training for astronauts, i had a blast this last week. On my birthday Petros took me to the top of Parnitha mountain which unfortunately still has big burned areas. The fires of the last four years have left the top naked, but this made it easy to spot a lot of deers. And one of the male ones was extremely social and he was used to people. When i saw him hanging out right next to a family i made Petros drive us all the way back home to bring him food. On the way back to the mountain i felt restless. I hoped so much i would find him again, but it has taken us a whole hour to get there. When we reached our destination for the second time i almost screamed from happiness. He was still there. When he saw me loooking at him while holding the grocery bag full of food, the huge, male deer with the extremely pointy antlers came my way really fast. I held my ground although i was kind of scared, okay... i was horrified, i took the skin off a banana and then held the banana in my outstreched hand. He ate it in a blink of an eye and leaked my hand. Then he put his beautiful and very large head in the bag and ate the figs, the bread, the tomato, the lettuce and the cabbage i have brought for him within seconds. After that he came out of the bag, found the skin of the banana from earlier and ate it too. When he realised there was no more food, he seemed kind of dissapointed but he left graciously. I begged Petros to take me back home so i could bring more food because i had clearly underestimated the appetite of a full grown male deer but he said no. He strongly refused to drive me there for the third time. Go figure! I made him promise me though that he would bring me back soon. This whole situation made me feel so close to the Goddess and everything magical as if the forest was not just the home for a few deers but also the realm of fairies,dragons, unicorns and other creatures of unimaginable power. We returned with the top of the car down and me standing on the back seat with my arms open, breathing in the smells of damp dirt and pine trees. I understand i was a weird sight not sitting in the car properly and many looked at me as if i escaped from the loony bin, but i could care less.
The rest of the week was pretty mundane but the day before yesterday i bought for my mom's god daughter school supplies. She is a very girly girl so there was a lot of pink and purple going on in our cart. When she saw her birtday gifts(she is also a leo) her pretty face lightened up the whole room. She is more like a little sister to me because we are kind of a foster family for her. She can not live with us permanently but she stays with my mom on weekends and holidays. It is a very frustrating situation because of some stupid rules, but we feel lucky she is in our lives even in this way. Goddess i love that kid. She is amazingly smart when it comes to everything technological. But we have a little trouble moving her away from the pc, the tv and her nintendo. The curse of the twenty first century i guess. She is the only part of our lives that my mom and i are n't out of the broom closet. We can not share this with her because it would blew our chances of adopting her permanently. I am not hiding my tarot decks or my witch stuff when she comes home, but i avoid answering all her questions. How much would i like to share this part of me with her, but if someone found out the consequences would be unthinkable. I have to wait for her to grow up. Until then she will just think that i am a "little" weird. Which is true and valid!
Love and light,


A post about The Wheel, food and Tom Hanks!

Greetings blogfriends. I know i do that with every season, but i smell Autumn in the air. Typically since Lammas, for us pagans it is Autumn. Lately here though, it is insanely hot(which is normal if you consider it is still August), so i was n't able to "feel" it, before now. However, this moment i can sense the movement of the Wheel. It is turning. This phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. Every season just as the Wheel is about to turn, i am reminded of Her power. Mother Nature at Her best. This is my favorite season. I always feel that Fall is a never ending source of inspiration. Every year around this time i feel as if a someone is guiding me to the right direction. As if it is a new beginning and i am capable of everything. The feeling that Tom Hanks at "You've got mail" described as a desire to buy new pencils. He wanted to send Meg Ryan a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" to share this feeling with her. I love that movie by the way. I watch it every Fall and every time i get sick.
Tomorrow is my birthday and i am preparing for my birthday spell. I feel like a little child. The anticipation is not adult-like. But maybe it is because i am on a diet and tomorrow i am going to indulge to a souvlaki(how greek of me!) and a dessert. I am thinking carot cake with a scoop of icecream! And a tequila shot or two(now that's more adultlike!).
Although, this blog is more spiritually inclined, i want to share a healthy discovery. Cauliflower pizza crust! How cool is that? I have n't actually tried it yet, but i saw some pictures to another blog and it looked amazing. As soon as i make it i will let you know. If it tastes half as good as it looks like, i am going to post a recipe. This post was supposed to be about us tuning into the cycles of life and nature, but i guess i am too hungry to write about that stuff. I can't stop thinking of food and maybe Tom Hanks!


A birthday spell***

Greetings blogfriends. I hope you all had a blessed Lammas yesterday. Mine was n't very elaborate, like last year's or the year's before, or..., but i was in a simple mood and my quiet celebration felt incredibly sincere. I made wholemeal bread with pine and sunflower seeds. It had a little sugar, salt, milk and olive oil. Besides its simplicity it was very tasty and it gave my home a wonderful smell. I casted no spells, no rituals,i did n't meditate, i just made and ate bread. It was so unlike me and yet it felt right.
In six days i am becoming 26. I do not know if i have mentioned it before, but every year, on my birthday i cast a spell to make a wish come true, till my next birthday. I make a mix of herbs, which i burn throught the year, specifically for my intent. Which means i take the candle blowing wish to the next level. Here is the spell:

Με τη δυναμη της μερας,
ο,τι θελω φερνω εις περας,
απο τωρα μεχρι στα γενεθλια που φτανω,
την επιθυμια μου πραγματικοτητα κανω.
Ετσι ας ειναι.

With the power of this day,
on the Goddess will i lay,
my wish from now till its now again,
with Her blessing to attain.
So mote it be.

I tried to translate it and make it rhyme, the best i could . But you get the idea. Make your own birthday spell that works for you(and that it actually rhymes lol).


A blog award!

Thank you MotherMoon This wonderful blogger, that i am sure you all know, gave me this award. The rules are to sum your blogging motivation, experience and inspiration in 5 words and pass it on to five others.
My five words are Life,Light, Love,Learn and Share.
And i am passing this to Diandra from That witch is true ,
Judy from Judy's photos ,
Mary aka mxtodis123 from
K from Banterings of a Basketcase and
Soraya from Spellbound by Moonlight
I would also give to Nellie but she already got it..twice!!
I finally did it. Thank you pink dreamer!

Ramblings about my witchcraft!

Greetings blogland. Because of Nellie from a bit of gardening spirit, i will talk today about some of my magical habits. She is to blame for me boring you!
When i harvest my plants, i do not cast a circle, raise energy, etc. I just concentrate on the intent of their future use. If it is for abundance, luck, protection i harvest them on the full moon. If it is for banishing, getting rid off things, or cleansing i harvest them on the new moon. But, if i need a herb that i have n't already harvested i just take it whenever. When i have a ritual i do not always walk the circle three times. Sometimes i just form it into my mind. There are times that i cast elaborate rituals and i get pretty "ceremonial", but usually i am very simple. My rituals are complicated when it is about something serious like health or my handfasting. I do not always have to ground myself or raise power, because it happens by itself. But there are times i have to meditate for a long time to get the same feeling. I always cast prosperity, luck and love spells during the waxing of the moon and bainishing spells of all sorts during the waning of the moon. If i feel there is a need though to "break that rule" i do not hesitate doing that.
My favorite most usual way of spell casting is writing it down on a piece of paper, burn it over a candle and sprinkle the ashes at the wind. I get over excited about silly stuff. Like when i found that pink himalayan salt of the Jamie Oliver series, i was so proud of it, showing it to everyone -even if they were n't interested- and used most of it in a week! I also feel very happy when i find pretty bottles and jars for my "ingredients".
To charge my crystalls i hold them in my hand, consentrate on the intent and leave them on salt under the full moon. To charge my charms and talismans i do the same thing without the salt. To charge my pentacle i hold it in my hands and pray to the Goddess. I ask for protection and because it sits over my heart, i ask for my heart to bit on Her rhythm. I do not charge it every full moon, because i do not feel comfortable without it.
These are my ways. They are peculiar like me. Sometimes inconsistent exactly like me. But they are also full of light, because this is my path.
Brightest blessings witchfriends,

Blessed be...

Happy Esbat blogland. What a magical night this is! The moon is shining so brightly that the weather is n't even bothering me. All day i heard people complaining about the humidity and how some of them had trouble breathing and they had a very good point. But as soon as She flew Her way up to the sky i could n't feel a thing. Since then i harvested some herbs and hung them in various places to dry. I cut a laurel branch and hung it over my front door for protection. I fed and medicated a sick stray cat. I mention this now because cats have always been a sign of the Goddess to me. I cleansed and charged my crystalls. I also charged my pentagram necklace and two prosperity charms i have made in the past. Busy bee huh?
Her frenetic energy has filled my heart with joy. I feel empowered, loved and peaceful. I am off to take a bath now, to ground and meditate. I hope you all had a wonderfully magical day. But before i leave and although my English have yet to improve i will attempt another spell. This time for love. As you cast the spell, imagine the sentiment you want to feel. You can burn with it rose petals, geranium(both leaves and flowers), cinnamon and a pink or green candle. The crystall i prefer is rose quartz. So, here it is.

Where i stand here and now
and as in front of You i bow
i ask for love as long i live
to take, to feel and back to give.
So mote it be.
Brightest blessings, my wonderful witch-friends. Have a fantastically intriguing and wicked week.


Reckless behaviour

Greetings blogland. I watched the Moon yesterday for hours. She was magnificent. She was so big and close to us, that i felt i could touch Her. Every night she gets bigger and bigger and as She grows my feminine power grows with Her. In Her i found the strenth to make the right thing today. As i told you i was n't always Wiccan but i always was Pagan. When i was in highschool i was deeply in love with a guy who was also deeply in love with me. But he was a Leo and so was i and we both had huge Egos so we fought all the time. It was a very passionate relationship. When we were n't trying to make each other jealous and we were n't driving each other insane, we were a cute couple. So, one thing led to another and i casted a binding spell on him(i was young and stupid, okay?). Time passed and i broke up with him for the last time because we were hurting each other. But i have forgotten about the binding spell. As the years passed our friendship grew stronger and there was nothing romantic left in my heart for him. But i always felt this was n't the case for him. Yesterday i remembered my spell. And today i woke up and i knew what i had to do. I had to break it. Unfortunately i did n't have the chord i used anymore(What could have happened to it? I did n't throw it out!Weird!). So, over a candle i cut him loose. I said " I untie you so you can be free" nine times, because nine were the knots on the chord. I did n't expect it to be an emotional situation for me. I was wrong. It did n't feel like letting go of memories and an old love, but a piece of myself. What i realised then is when you cast a binding spell you not only bind that person to you but also the other way around. Although i was n't in love with him, i have connected him with my younger self. Which leads us to something we already all know. Stupidity and witchcraft is a bad combination lol.
After all that i felt like pumpering myself(like i need a reason to do that!I am so spoiled!). So, i cut a bit of fresh peppermint from my balcony and i filled a can with ice, water and the peppermint. Yumm! It was perfect for that crazy, hot, humid greek weather. After that i came to tell you all about it and here i am!
Brightest blessings my loves,


Dreaming of the beach...

Greetings blogfriends. I am back. Hopefully there will be no distractions this time. How have you been handling the last two eclipses(one lunar and one solar). The lunar eclipse affected me the most. I could n't ground myself, i could n't concentrate, my period came late, and i felt i had no energy. Thank Goddess all these are in the past.
It is July and i still have n't gone swimming. This is very weird in greek standards, but i had no time and i am a bit spoiled. I always want to go to beaches that are exceptional, not just close to home. Although i know there is nothing as cleansing as the sea, i want to dive into clear waters and step on golden sand while i have my privacy, so i can meditate listening to the waves crushing on the shore. I definitely do not want to fight for a spot, avoid tennis balls and hear crying babies in my little spare time. What can i say? I like to pamper myself.
My favourite activities while at the beach are:
*Building worse castles than most 7 year olds(for real!)
*Yoga when there are no people to stare at me... the weird lady saying ommm
*Collecting rocks and sea shells
*Meditating especially during the night
*Trying to walk with my hands under water
*Having rituals for the Esbats and Sabbats
I am sure now you understand why i want my privacy.
Do you have fun at the beach? Have you ever practiced magic by the water? What are your favourite activities there?


Drums in the house... not a good idea!

Greetings blogland. I missed you so much. I am inexcusable. I have n't been here for a long time. I feel guilty but i had a lot of fun. Between work, witchcraft, meditation, crafts(my balcony looks like a jungle!), reading and spending time with friends i drifted away from blogland and i did n't even realise it.
I bought even more plants and when my project is finished i m going to post pictures. I read a few vampire themed books although i was such a snob about them in the past and i am hooked. I am never going to be judgemental ever again. At least i will try.
It is difficult to write this post because Petros's little brother is playing on our drums and with all the noise it is really hard to concentrate.
Oh dear Goddess my eardrums! I can't do it! I will come back as soon as i can think again.
Brightest blessings,


The witch of Portobello

Greetings bloggers. How are you today? Preparing for Litha i guess. Well, whatever you are doing i hope you will have a blessed day. I just finished a book of Paulo Coelho "the witch of Portobello". If you have n't already read it, go quickly to your closest bookstore, you will not regret it. It is about a woman discovering her sacred path. It talks about the "Great Mother" and how the feminine side of the religion has grown once again stronger.
It is true that the worship of the Goddess has been strong many times in the past and it always ended bad, with persecutions blood and repression. As pagans we view time as a cycle. What has passed will be again. But do n't we grow? Will the Goddess be once again forgotten by most of men, just to make her apperance in another thousand years? Or have we actually learned from our mistakes, we can see where this brought us(killing our planet)and we will not repeat it all over? Have we grown? Are we more free? Will we be more free?
I want to believe that the path of our kind is a spiral, not a circle. It only appears we repeat our history, but every time we are one step further. So, maybe difficult times will come again, but not as difficult. Maybe this is the point of the spiral that our hearts have closed up to Her. Children in Africa(and in other places of the world) are killed, tortured and exiled everyday for being witches.
But maybe we will learn to love Her even more, love us even more. Lets all pray that one day people will not be killed in the name of religion and fundamentalists will not have power over our minds.
To honour Her have a walk in a "natural" place. Communicate with Her, with all of us.
Love, laugh and do n't play it safe,


An exercise post(weird huh?)

Greetings blogfriends. It is a wonderful day. The sun is shining. Everything is screaming to me:Go to the beach. Skip your class. Have fun.
But i won't. I will go to my class, study, sing and then i will work. And then study some more. I am not nagging. I am writing all this with a smile. Because in a week i will not have to work as hard. The wedding will be over. My exams will be over. And i will have more "fun" time. I can't wait!
I have to admit though that this year i have n't pushed myself as hard as usual. I could, but i did n't. I did n't stress over my exams, or what should i wear at my civil wedding, or other stupid things like that. Greekwitch 1- Stress 0! Yeih me!
As i already told you there are many things that helped me fight stress. But i think i forgot to mention exrcise.Have i told you i started kick boxing? I do not go to a gym. I work out at my home. I used to kick box in the past and now i am trying to remember the moves and find my groove back. It is so much fun. Especially to fight with other people(not full force of course!). I do not believe it is an "un-wiccan" activity. I have only hurt myself by mistake. What do you think about it? Do you work out? What do you like to do?


Meet us at the water

Greetings blogland. You all probably know what this is, but just to make sure i will tell you. This is a gathering, not a physical one, but it is a meeting of souls. A way to give love back to our Mother. Today focus all your loving energy on Gulf. On all the animals that are experiencing a slow painful death, on the sea that gets covered by oil more and more. Help the ocean cleanse itself. Go to a stream, a river, a beach, your bathtub, your kitchen. Put your hands on some water and then put your heart on it. Lets help save Her. Our spirits will meet today.


Crazy lady with plants!

Greetings blogfriends. How are all of you today? I am great. Yesterday two new additions to our small family were made(no, i did n't get more pets, i am not completely insane!). They were a pomeganade and a mandarine tree. They are huge. We had to bring them here with my car's top down. For about a mile and a half we were driving with two gigantic trees on the back seat. Now i can officially say that i have plants for all my balconies. That was also true before the new additions, but i did n't want to split my "balcony garden", now it is absolutely and beyond any doubt necessary. More than half of the balcony is occupied by plants. I have trouble going through them to water them. So, i have to split them. The upside is that now i will have room for more plants(i am helpless, i know).
In my "garden" there is rosemary(no surprise there, huh?), lavender, mint, ivy, spearmint, basil, bougainvillea, a spider, jasmin, a bay tree, a lemon tree, two pomegranade trees, rue, a ficus, two brackens, an azalea, a rose,a rhododendron, four tea roses,two orchids and a bunch of trees and plants i do not know their names. I love them all. I talk to them i sing to them, i take care of them and i try to keep Shadow of them(that cat loves to sleep, play and "make" in my plants). In return they purify the air, keep some noise out, bring joy and fend off negativity. When the time is right i trim them and with the residues i make smudges and incenses.
Did you know that rue is supposed to absorb all the negative energy of a house (the bad smell and the bitter taste are considered the results of its ability)? What are you waiting? Grab a pot!
As a kid i loved to play with the mud. As a teen witch i loved my herbs. But as a not-so-grown-up witch i got obsessed with the green world. Do you have a garden, a balcony one or a real one? Do you connect with plants?
"Green" hugs to each and every one of you!


Out goes the stress...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you all. I have been busy with chores, work, organising and trying not to let stress into my life again. I keep trying. This is hard work. I used to be(that's right, past tense) one of those people that are constantly in a state of anxiety, worrying about every little thing. Lately i have been better. I rarely freak out and it is always for a good reason. But the moon is waning and it is perfect to chase it out of my life for good.
Long baths, meditation, herbal teas are all fine but they are temporary solutions. It takes deep changes to get rid of stress. I realised that all i had to do was listen to myself and try to find serenity inside me, not in the external reality. This is my way to alleviate stress. I do not let myself panic. I am sure some of you are saying, yeah right, how did n't i think of this? But optimism is how i got through this. I am still not the calmest person in the world, but everything feels different.
My life has changed a lot. I am taking better care of myself. I am on a more wholesome diet. I even started working out, although i ingured myself and i have to wait for the pain to go away until i try again. My lack of grace is embarrassing. The athlete i am, after only three weeks of working out, i twisted my knee! At least i remembered how much i enjoy kick boxing. The only downside is that i do not have a partner. Someone who likes kick boxing too, so we can work out together.
So, now that i understand how important thi is, i will not let myself stress over conservatory exams, work, my car, the wedding, vacations and other people's problems. I will handle everything with calmness. I will stay cool and i will not push myself beyond my limits. Until this crazy period is over i will burn rose-lavender insence, drink camomile tea, sleep a lot, and provide doable solutions.
Negativity out, love and light in.
How do you handle stressful situations?



This is not another post about Litha

Hello blogland.
I woke up today and as yesterday and the day before that, the anticipation of the Summer Soltice has grown inside me. I find Solstices and Equinoxes inspiring because they represent the balance and harmony in the world(broken record alert!) and because the turning of the Wheel is so obvious. They make it so easy for all of us to become attuned with Mother Nature and the Wheel. But i am not going to make yet another post on Litha, at least for now... lol
Today it is Thursday, ruled by Jupiter so you can work with money, luck, health and legal matters. Since the moon is waning, use its energy to banish negativity, bad health(a disease or condition), bad luck and expenses. It is time to smudge your house, take a cleansing relaxing bath and meditate.
For today i am going to make a smudge with pine needles, rosemary, sage, laurel leaves and a bit of rosemary essential oil. Mmm, i can almost smell it.
Love and light,


I am so excited!

Greetings blogfriends. I am so excited these days. Although it is twenty days till Litha, i am making smudges, preparing myself and people who are interested in it, and i am giving magical gifts to friends, clients and family. I love everything about this holiday. I love the symbolism behind it, the high temperatures and the opportunity for balance it enholds along with the fact that all people in both hemispheres can pursue harmony during that day, which is also called "sunblessing"(and is a blessing indeed).
My wonderful friend Jaz from Octoberfarm has sent me a while ago a package full of goodies. In it there were a coupple of candles (one for harmony and one for balance). I have been keeping them for this day for so long and i am going to finally burn them. Plus, it will probably be the day of my civil wedding(here in Greece handfastings are not considered real weddings). I can think of a million reasons why i can't wait for Litha, but i am not going to bore you with them. Although, i am going to tell you that it is a great day for fairy magic. So, flower circles, flower insences, walks in nature and magic of love and light are in order. Yippi!!
Are you getting ready for Litha yet, or am i the only crazy witch?
Brightest blessings,


To come out or not?

Good evening fellow bloggers. After a comment i received i realised i may have offended some people. It made me re-read my previous post and i saw that it could be misinterpreted. I do understand why some people stay inside the closet. I have even advised people to do that in the past. It has to do with the given circumstances and of course the personality of each and every pagan.
What i meant, that was probably understood by most of you who follow my blog, but not from the rest of my readers, is that it is MY OWN personal path to be open about my practices. Since it is something i have talked in the past, i believed in and came from my heart I felt "hypocritical, like a liar and of course shameful". I did n't mean, in any case that it is shameful to hide your spiritual path. On the contrary, someone's choice to come out, is not something to be taken lightly. There will be concequences. It is inevitable to get a little bit hurt by someone's reaction.
That being told, it has a lot of advantages. There is a feeling of unique freedom when you do not have to supress yourself anymore. And also you learn a lot about those close to you and they learn a lot from you.
In my case, it was easier than i thought. It felt good, natural and i realised i was finally on my path. MY OWN path. I feel like i have to break as much the superstitions around witchcraft as possible. I do not believe everyone should , or could do it for that matter. It feels TO ME a noble cause. There have been some hardships for me also. But there were many that surprised me in a wonderful way. I realised that people would love me for who i really was and if they could n't, their love was n't real after all. That is the hardest lesson of a "coming out" pagan.
Despite those discouraging things, i certainly believe that coming out helps us grow as witches. I am saying that from personal experience and from what i heard from others. But everything i said makes sense only for people in liberal countries with religious freedom(someone mentioned something about getting physically hurt).
So, here are some tips if you decide that:
1. Do it slowly. Try coming out to just one person and see how it goes, how it makes you feel and how it makes them feel.
2. Find a person that seems "open" to "confess" for the first time.
3. Explain everything. Some things that you consider simple might indeed be completely new for someone else.
4. Remember and remind them that you are still the same person. They are just discovering a new side of you.
Good luck whatever you decide.
Brightest blessings,


A witch's pride and Touched by Pagan Culture

Good morning fellow witches. It is a cloudy day here in Athens. I guess this should teach everyone who complained about the early summer. I have a confession to make and i hope you will all cut me some slack. Here is the whole story.
I have been with a friend this Saturday who is having a party this Friday. She is a lovely girl who has a weird dad. When she invited me to her party she asked me not to tell anyone about my work, because the information could somehow reach her dad. This means to lie about being a psychic and of course about being a witch. I was caught of guard and i said yes. By this point whoever is calling me names such as hypocrite, liar, shameful etc should remember to cut me some slack! I have always being out and about but i did n't want to hurt her feelings. Although my whole attitude towards life is to honestly talk about my spirituality so i can fight prejudice in all its forms, i found myself considering the possibility.
I am proud of being a witch. I will not lie about it, for anyone 's shake. If the only sacrifice i have to make is to not attend a party, great. I have made much bigger sacrifices till now. But i can't get rid of all the guilt for not instantly making that decision. I keep asking myself, what is wrong with me. Where did my morals go? Next thing you know i will hide my pentagramm inside my blouse. I might be overreacting(do n't you Pah-hah me!), but this situation affected me deeply. I am not hurt, because i have had to deal with so many different reactions in the past that taught me to be cool about it.
So, religious fanatics, curious strangers, friends with issues bring them on. I will never-ever hide my identity. I appreciate this valuable lesson and i will let this experience help me grow as a witch and most importantly as a person.
In an attempt to redeem myself i am making a list of the top five reasons i am proud of being a witch.
1.Paganism brought me closer to nature and gave me perspective on what's important. It led to me to being attuned with the cycles of life through my love for the Goddess.
2.It is in my blood. It is my legacy. It is the very thing that tighs me with my ancestors(well at least from my mother's side).It gave a sense of being part of something greater than me.
3.Wicca gave a moral campus not just for witchcraft but for life in general. The ways you can "translate" the Rede are infinite.
4.Witchcraft helped me improve my life and consider growing as an ongoing process for as i long as i live this life and those that follow.
5.Magic. The wonders, the beauty, the love and the light magic brings in my everyday life transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Magic brings me everytime a step closer to my inner truth.The chase of a rainbow.
What are your reasons of pagan pride?
Bightest blessings,
Ps. I would also like to welcome all the new readers from PaganCulture. I hope all the fellow Wicked Darlings will love it here. Thank you Magaly for this honour. I am touched(pun intended)! Whoever has n't already, should visit Magaly's blog right away(once again i failed in inserting a link so here is the URL http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com). She is great.


Keeping the light alive...

Last night was a very windy night. It was the new moon and i slept listening to the beautiful sounds of my wind chimes(i have about a hundred). I felt relaxed, calm, centered and grounded. The wonderful breeze was coming from my open window and it felt as if She was keeping me into Her arms. They are weird the things that help you connect.
Right now it feels like it is about to rain. The air smells like rain and i am experiencing the sensation of a storm that is about to come. An ugly thought tried to make its way to my heart, but i stopped it. There is no room there right now for stress. I know everything is going to be okay and work itself out.
I am just going to keep listening to the sounds of my wind chimes and feel again that i am into Her arms. And if a storm comes a real or a metaphoric one i will deal with it. Because now i know that strenth does not come from enduring difficulties but from retaining the ability to love during those hardships. Keeping the light alive during darkness.
I was just thinking that from just one word i made into my mind a whole catastrophic scenario. You got to admit it is some sort of talent. In a split second to see the worst possible way things could advance. But you know what, i am an optimist. It is easy to be brave and positive when you can't see the difficulties that may appear. It is far more difficult to take a deep breath and "believe".
Since it is a windy day and the moon is waxing i think it is time for the leaf. I will cut a big, beautiful leaf and write on it the things i want for me in the immediate future. Then i will let it fly away from me. I will do it during the night. I will have a burning candle on my side and love into my heart.
I hope you will do it too. And who knows? Maybe our leaves will meet into the air and travel the road to heaven.
Brightest blessings,


Direct motions, pendulums and happy thoughts

Greetings to all the blogland. I am finally over my funk. I have forgotten how good it was to feel relaxed, calm and relatively stress free. The fact that i am back to normal, besides the usual techniques and soul searching is also a bit thanks to all of you, my beautiful, wonderful, patient readers. Although i was n't commenting as much as i used to, i read and read. You gave me comfort with your words, your general thoughts and with sharing the ways you deal with everyday, mundane stuff. So thank you once again for being the best therapists in the world.
Onto our magical (un)usual talk now... Mercury is finally in direct motion so our lives should be a lot easier from now on. We can finally think clearly(or so we should), say what we want, when we want to and make it sound exactly the way we mean it! Thank Goddess for that! Now we can make decisions that will not blow up in our faces and not have to deal with anymore small, but still nerve wrecking accidents(the glasses that i broke the last two weeks could serve the needs of a big restaurant!).
Anyhoo, i would like today to talk about pendulums. They are great for divinational purposes and also for directing energy. If you want them to unblock chakras clear quartz and even rainbow crystalls are great. Just hold it in front of your blockage and let it vibrate the negativity away. But if you want to use one for divination, although amethyst is great, the best choice is black obsidian. I love that rock! It is powerful.
Also, i am sure you have all seen wooden pendulum boards and they are fine. But i have a way to use them that is absolutely amazing and much prettier(i know,modesty is not my thing!).
I take a small plate and i feel it with salt. Then i try to make half of the yin-yang symbol and i fill the other half with poppy seeds(perfect for divination). I arrange them so that the shape is perfect and i add a small salt spot in the poppy side and a small poppy spot in the salt side. Then i concentrate on my question, hold the crystal over the plate and if it drops on the salt is a yes answer, while if it drops to the poppy seeds is a no. If you try it, just keep in mind that you can't ask many questions because the pendulum messes the plate up pretty quickly. You can also use herbs for the yes part of the plate. I enjoyed very much using thyme.
So that is my magical tip for the day. I hope you liked it and that you will try it. Have an enchanting day and a witchy afternoon!
Brightest blessings,


Paws in the air for people food

I have a confession to make. I was a horrible fur mom and i did n't even know it. As you all know by now, i have three pets two cats and a dog. One of my cats only eats people food and although i have tried anything she can't eat anything else(once i only gave her cat food, and she starved herself for four days, i caved of course). And although my other two eat their kind of food, i frequently give them little treats that they enjoy very much.
Whenever i cooked for them i wanted their food to be tasty so i used spices as well as onions and garlic. I did that for years. And now i found out that garlic and onions are toxic for both cats and dogs and that i unintentionally poisoned my fur babies.
My neutered male cat only eats his food now(because anything else could lead to urinary issues), but the other too still eat people food. I felt i had to post that, although it has nothing to do with paganism, because i know many of you, my wonderful witch friends, have pets. Our familiars give us love, help us heal, open up and even protect us. So this post is dedicated to them.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


I am finally..back!

I am married. Well, not in the typical kind of way yet. But the handfasting was wonderful, more romantic i could ever imagine and a truly beautiful ceremony. It was my best Beltane by far and the happiest day of my entire life. We were alone. We were humble. We were in love.
Now that all the craziness and preparations are behind me, i will be posting as often as i used to. I am sorry i was slacking off. I will definitely make it up with you. I hope you all had a beautiful Beltane. I also hope you celebrated the love in your life, the fertility of the season, the beauty of Mother Nature and the Sun 's vivid power.
By the way, how are you handling Mercury 's retrograde motion? Try to stay calm, there are only eight days left of the insanity.
Love and light to all of my amazing readers.


My love

Dear blogfriends,
I missed you all so much. I have been stretched too thin lately and between doctors appointments, vet appointments, work and wedding stuff there was just no time to post anything. Everything is working out and i am relieved and almost stress free. It seems like i have multicystical ovaries which is a common condition and hopefully easily cured. Shadow has been neutered yesterday and he is doing fine. And last but certainly not least Beltane is approaching and i am filled with joy. We have yet to write our vals and pick some stuff up, but i can not believe how lucky i am to have a handfasting with the man i love. I am so glad he is not Christian and he is open to everything i want. He is a smoker, he can drive me nuts in a split second and he is always making fun of my tendancy to overreact. But ironically enough he is the one who keeps me sane, helps me deal with stress and he is the man of my dreams. I wished for him and he found me.
I love that he is a drummer. I love he is rock and i am classical. I love that he was always so skinny that he never had to diet(hence these questions like "do fries have a lot of calories?"). This fact makes him out of this world of madness along with his wonderful character. And he was the one who took me out of this world. ALthough it is pretty frustrating to watch him eat a whole pizza for dinner, instead of my pathetic excuse of a salad and never gain a pound. I love the kindness of his soul. I love his green eyes and his dark hair. I love his sense of humour. But most importantly i love the fact that together we are stronger, better and more powerful.
On a more practical note i was thinking of the colours of the ribbons. I want three different ones. Maybe pink, green and yellow but i am not sure yet. I am between a carrot and an apple cake. Wine and beer(as in ale). But i know we will be alone. I will be wearing rose quartz and aventurine. And all i really want is to marry my soulmate and bind us together for this life and those that will follow. The rest are unimportant.
Brightest blessings to all of you***


When life gives you lemons...

Greetings blogland. Thank you for all your wishes. You helped me a lot. You gave me courage, strenth, energy and some great advice. I decided that it is a good thing what is happenning to me, because now i get to have a full check up and it is a wake up call. I have to focus on me instead of stupid little things that i constantly worry about.
I am pretty sure there is a physical reason for my menorrhagia, but it is a period related problem, so the witch inside me can't help it but wonder. Why is it that my femininity is screaming help? Does it have to do with my baby denial that i lately have?
I used to be a baby person. I loved playing with children, talking to them, helping them. I strongly believed that socialising with children fills you up with energy. Lately i have lost my connection with them and with that side of me. I frick out at the idea of having children and the responsibilities they come along with. I do not feel ready and i am worried i will never be. I am afraid i would n't be a good mom, i am way too immature for that. I am still a kid myself.
Do you ever feel ready, though?
As always i will write my question on a leaf and let it fly to the Moon. Maybe then i will have my answer!
Brightest blessings my wonderful readers. Have a magical and serene afternoon.


Is my menorrhagea stress induced?

My usual period problem is back. It does n't stop(almost two weeks now). This time i am going to another doctor to get a second opinion hoping he will not also tell me"must be psychological". Until my appointment i thought i should use every herbal remedy on the net. I drunk the juice of three lemons. I drunk a parsley tea, a nettle's tea and a sage tea(all of them diuretics i might add). I took an iron supplement and a long bath. But mostly i tried to relax, meditate and get zen and all. I prayed, burnt candles and casted a healing spell.
I would appreciate your healing thoughts and love, because they always work.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


I am so lucky to have you guys!

What a difference a bath and a few blogfriends can make! I feel so relaxed and centered and powerful again, and all thanks to you, your love and support.You are a treasure. I ventured through your blogs, your minds, your thoughts, your comments and i returned a whole person again. Thank you. Have a blessed day.
Love and light*



Greetings to all the blogland. How are you my wonderful friends? I am trying to find balance and my way back home. Do not get me wrong, i am still one of the most optimistic persons i know. But i used to feel like the world was mine for the taking, while lately i am struggling to get out of the maze of my head.
I will work this out, i know it. I will keep handling the situation the best way i know how, the only way i know how. I will get through this with lots of positive thinking, happy thoughts and all the magic that i have and surrounds me.
For now, i will write a little more in my BOS, i will have a long hot cleansing and relaxing, herbal bath. I will feed my little ones something nice and hearty because lately i have n't given them any people's food. And last but not least i will meditate to unblock all that weird, nasty energy that i have attracted.
Maybe afterwards i will talk to my plants(they are great listeners), to scare my neighbours a little bit more, or watch a movie. What do you think? It's a plan, is n't it?
Blessed be*


On an Esbat

In my darkest of hours, i call Her for guidance. In my greatest of joies, i thank Her for providing. In my scariest of nightmares, i summon Her for protection. Whether my prayer is a howl, a scream, a whisper or a laughter, it is always there, on the edge of my lips, waiting for my breath, so it can exist.
Tonight she will be at Her peak, for all of us to watch her mesmerising beauty. I invite you all to celebrate with me, each at your own time and sacred space. Write your wish in rhyme on a leaf, let it fly away from your hand and watch the wind carry it on its immortal,invisible shoulders. It will find Her, i promise you that, and She will make it come true.
Brightest blessings wiccans, pagans, people.


To gain one to lose another

Greetings to all my beautiful blogfriends new or old. Yesterday i mourned the fact that one of my oldest friends is not in fact in my life anymore and that we grew apart. It was something bothering me for a long time but i have been in denial. I did n't want to accept that. We listen to the same music, he makes me laugh, i make him laugh, he always cheats when we play backgammon, we share a wonderful history of the brightest and more fun years of our lives. I am getting married and i have n't told him. He graduated from college and he did n't tell me. We rarely see each other anymore and when it happens it is because i can not let go. If you do not fight for a friendship though, what do you fight for? Can people who grew apart renew their friendship? I hope so. Either way i am still not giving up.
On a happier note, i think today is the beginning of a new friendship with a person that called me as a client but ended up having a conversation that lasted a whole hour. She is a young witch with great potential. Do n't you just love karma? Losing one, gaining another.
Ostara was joyful and full of light as it should be. I did n't make any wreaths as i planned but i was surrounded by beautiful plants and colourful flowers and i made 2 yellow candles for luck and self healing, one purple for protection and cleansing and a green one for luck and money. I usually make my magical candles during Imbolc, but this year i have been kind of lazy and i make them whenever i need them. As i told you in my last post i had a sensation that this Equinox was going to be powerful and i was n't proven wrong. The brightness of this day was almost overwhelming.
Today is Monday the day of the moon. Celebrate the love in your life and open your hearts to feelings and emotions. Use silver or grey candles and burn an incense of eucalyptus for emotional and physical healing.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


Filling you in and Ostara

Greetings to all the blogland!
I am sorry i have been away for so long. For some reason i was n't in a very creative mood for a while, but i have returned. My life had way too many ups and downs and i was very stressed. But i have to admit that it feels good to have my keyboard on my lap and filling you in. You know the feeling, like catching up with a friend although in this case with several friends. Weirdly enough my life was more balanced than ever(hitting the gym, meeting with friends, seeing a therapist, working and taking care of business stuff while organising my wedding). The only downside is that my stress levels are abnormally high, especially when it has to do with music(a gig and some very important exams are coming up). Deep breaths, long baths and showers and cooking hearty comfort foods are usual occurrences lately.
I am also picking flowers and drying them and i bought a bunch of house plants to celebrate Ostara and bring some nature in my home. The spring equinox never felt so strong and powerful as it does now while it is approaching. The only plan i have set up in my mind is to make a wreath to hang on my front door. Many witches work with fairy magick this time of the year. I usually prefer Lughnasad for it, but it is a common practice along with beauty, luck and love spells.
Do you have any special plans for Ostara?


The element of air and virgo energies

Dear blogfriends,
A week passed by and because of me being constantly busy i did n't have any time to analyse it and i feel like i missed it. Yesterday though, and the day before the wind was blowing hard while the sun's warmth could be felt. It was beautiful to be outside. Well it was for me, not for anyone else i know. But i thought it was majestic. The power of the wind was spectacular and it felt great to sit on my balcony and meditate. It energised and rejuvenated me. The element of air at its best.
Ostara is just around the corner and Beltaine is following and i have n't done any preparations for my handfasting. I keep changing my mind on what i want to wear(maybe i should buy something instead of custom made dress), who is going to perform the ceremony(mayube noone, but me and P), who else is going to be there(also maybe noone). Amd there is one thing that i know i want to do and i have n't yet convienced my parents(to let me use the summerhouse for a huge party, with lots of loud music, and tons of alcohol). It is not a conventional wedding but i have to put some things in order and make a few crucial decisions asap! I am in serious need for some Virgo energy, so all of you Virgos out there send me thoughts, energies and organisational skills! I have Aphrodite in Virgo and although this means a lot of bad things, it also means i can handle it. Now that i have convienced you, i have to convience me.
I need lists and notebooks with things scratched out on them.
So, keep me in your thoughts and hearts and of course i welcome all ideas.
Brightest blessings.


Happy Valentine's day!

Greetings blogland! Happy Valentine's day. I know many of you will discuss about the commercialism of something that should have been pure, but i love all the little hearts, poems and chocolates. I adore the articles on the net about aphrodisiacs and tantric love making. It is a celebration of love, at least it should be.
A couple of days ago i had two girlfriends over at my place and i though it would be appropriate to have some aphrodisiacs on the coffe table to eat while we trash the men in our lives. I had strawberries, chocolates,as well as walnuts and brazilian nuts covered in honey. I also made sangria(apples and pears cut in cubes with some cinnamon in red wine) and an aphrodisiac tea(lavender,cinnamon and damiana with honey). Of course later our girls's night in was crashed by a horde of male friends that devoured our aphrodiasiacs, spilled wine on the coffee table and changed my music. I love my male friends but they can be a bit barbaric. At that point i have to inform you that i am exaggurating and it only felt this way(four guys are hardly a horde)because i was pmsing and i hate it when things do n't go according to plan. I understood that day that as a culture we love, love. All guys and gals out there, we love the romance and love-thinking as long as it is made for us. We need someone to go the extra mile for us, to destroy some roses so he-she can sprinkle pedals to our bed. Less extravagant moves like foot rubbing are highly appreciated but we all want something fabulous. I am not talking about gifts and spa certificates, but someone actually trying to make our lives a living fairytale. And we all desserve it. We can bring those things into our lives with positive thinking(Law of Attraction) and maybe some nagging to our love mates(kidding, sort of!).
For our magical note, if you want to induce lust to both you and your mate i highly reccomend the tea above(you can add a bit of rum). As always the intent is crucial, so while making it stir sunwise, visualise the desire and you can make a spell to chant.
Something along the lines of:
In this night and in this hour
i call upon the witch's power
to bring us closer with whom i want
to live the passion we ever sought***
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day, either you celebrate it with a lover or your friends.


Second post of the day, patron Goddess

Greetings to all the witches out there.
Today it was kind of hectic witch-wise. I did three banishing rituals(all of them truly needed because it has been one of those days..)and two love attractive ones, plus i also set an altar in my living room. I used to use my desk whenever i had a ritual and a library shelf as a permanent altar. I was waiting to find a rock or a cylindric piece of wood but i had an extra old table hanging around these days and i thought it was time for my altar to take its rightful place. Since yesterday i could n't celebrate Imbolc except for the making(and eating of course) of a festive milky potato soup, i celebrated today. I made an ivy wreath with yellow and green ribons, and i left to Brigid an offering of milk. I asked for Her guidance, love and light.
For some time now, i have been thinking of dedicating myself to Her and accept Her as my patron Goddess. It has always been Her. I never doubted that. But in Wicca the timing is very important and i want to feel the right moment. So i am waiting. Have you chosen, or better yet, have you been chosen by a specific deity to worship?

What to do?

What do you do when you know someone has been bad-mouthing you and actually digging you a hole, but you are not supposed to know that? You keep your mouth shut, right? And what do you do when that person wants an appointment and has the nerve to ask for your help? You find an excuse, you deny and you do a banishing spell for all the negative energy, right?
Oh i wish i have n't given my blog's url to some people!
By the way, the Goddess has been trying to warn me for that person in so many ways. And then She has been trying to warn me for today too! I was n't really listening....


Nagging alert!!!

I know the dangers of nagging. I was the one talking about the Law of Attraction a few days ago. But there are some times that a girl just has to get it out of her system.
So, here it goes...
My period is 8 days late although i repeated the 2 months treatment. I cracked a tooth eating pop corn...again! I have a minor headache after i broke my tooth and although i know it is psychological, i can't help it! I have pulled a neck muscle doing yoga! I am sore! And to top it all, Petros is sleeping so there is no one to hear about my pityful complaints! You can't say i did n't warn you!
Have i mentioned i am the definition of a cry-baby character? Whenever i am expecting my period the most ridiculous of problems seems unsolvable(is that even a word?Who cares it is 3.30 in the morning)! Also, i am on edge, easily irritated(feel free to feel sorry for Petros), moody, sensitive, depressed even. Not to mention the bloating, overeating, cramps, muscle pains and headaches. It is okay when this lasts a day or two, but eight? That is fricking torture! The worst thing is that i acknowledge the fact that i become impossible. Before coming here, i actually thought about waking up P. to complain. Then i realised it would be unhumain and grabbed the keyboard(lucky you!).
Usually gigantic amounts of chocolate do the trick. But today although i emptied my kitchen cabinet,it did n't work. But i made a herbal tea to help me with my nerves, although i thought it was a lost cause, and it is starting to work. I made a mix of Saint John's wort, lavender and valerian root with honey. It is like a cup full of heaven. It is yummy and soothing. See? I have n't lost completely the ability to see the positive. Soon, the sun will rise to the day of Brigid. And after i make coffee and a dentist appointment i will decorate my altar with flowers, herbs and rocks. In the middle i will have a small glass of milk.
Let the light return.
Be blessed, be loved and be *positive*!!!



Merry meet fellow bloggers.
I was reading some of my posts and i noticed the diferrence of energy between them. It is no mystery that when we are feeling happy, content and grateful for our lives, we are more creative. I saw that in my own posts. Some of them, even though they were n't long or about important issues, had a certain, distinguishable, positive vibe. While others that i worked harder on and were about things i love(like magic) did n't have that as much. This proved to me something i already knew. Every second of every day we spread into the world energies. The things we touch(literally or not) carry our emotional imprints. This is why we cleanse our crystalls,cards and all our tools in general. Witches can not afford to skip that step with our tools(especially when we have just bought them) and ourselves. The most important of all things in magic is the energy we manage to release into the Universe. Hence we learn to be careful about those who see our Books Of Shadows, we learn to use pure ingredients, we cast circles and protective shields, we cleanse our houses and auras. So, cleansing is crucial!
There are so many different ways of cleansing written in books and in the net. I am going to talk about self cleansing. As anything other in magic, it is about the way you feel. If you like elaborate and complex rituals a simple shower would n't be the way to go. But as we evolve as witches and people we try to leave out our tools, as much as we can . I am not going to lie to you. I need my tools. So there are many times that i can, indeed, make a simple shower into a cleansing ritual, but there are also times i need something more. I have talked in the past about my love for magical baths. Their intent could be many things(sexual magnetism, physical and emotional health, healing, love, letting go etc) but most of the times we use them for cleansing. Salt, rosemary and lavender are helpful with the process. You can light white, grey and silver candles(they represent the Moon). You can burn an incense of rosemary and lavender. Of course, the most usual way of all is meditation. You concentrate on your inner voice, unblock your chakras and visualise. You see your aura getting pure again, brighter, stronger and thicker. I always combine bath and meditation.
Some witches in order to prepare for a ritual starve themselves(either completely or they jut do not eat meat and dairy) and they find this very purifying. Every time i have tried this i found myself lacking of energy and will to cast magic. Others do not have sex, because of the energy exchange, but i, myself, always feel more powerful. Of course, all those things are totally subjective. You have to find out for yourselves what things work for you and what do n't.
Here this post ends, go on and weave your magic! Merry part blogfriends....


The pentagram and some weird information about my sleeping patterns!

Greetings blogland. I am not in my best shape. Lately i sleep early in the morning and i wake up noon. Yesterday i wanted to break that pattern and i tried not to sleep until tonight so i can wake up normal hours. But then the sleepiness got to me around ten am and i slept until five this afternoon. I have messed up my biological clock completely! I can't stop laughing with the whole situation. Since high school i have n't grown up the way people usually do. I do not have that kind of seriousness and organising in my life. The way i approach some things is the way Major Arcana's Fool approaches every situation. I guess if i ever have kids this will have to change and i will not have a choice but to be completely organised. If i don't i can easily picture myself waking up afternoons during my golden years...
Enough about all my craziness. It is time for our witchy stuff. The subject today will be, you guessed it, the pentagram. The pentagram is a represantation of the elements. It is unicursal(written with one movement) which symbolises the connection of the elements and that they are balanced and united. The top point represents the Spirit and the rest respresent Water, Fire, Earth and Air if you see them clockwise. You can invoke an element (start from the opposite side of the star and draw towards the element) or banish an element (start from that element and draw towards the opposite one).
Pentacles are not necessarily pentagrams but can be any kind of charms or talismans. In Tarot pentacles stand for the element of Earth. These days pentacles are usually considered as a pentagram with a circle around it(the circle enhances the sense of unity and balance). A pentagram without a circle is called open.
The pentagram is a very powerful protective symbol and this is the reason many witches, including myself, wear it on their necks(next to their hearts). Usually is used with one point up while the inverted pentagram is abhored as the dark side's symbol. But its inverted form is also used as a second degree initiation symbol in many magical traditions.
You can make pentacle talismans to hang above your door from clay(of course you can also buy them), so no evil can enter your home. You can have one on your altar for protection while in ritual, or inscribed on your BOS and if you are out of the broom closet you can wear it as jewellery.
It is an ancient symbol that many cultures used to represent the divine power, the truth and the heaven, including Sumers, Greeks and it can also be found in Taoism, Judaism and Christianism. Until 19th century christians did n't consider it evil. Up until medievil times it represented Christ and his five wounds on the cross.
. So next time some idiot tries to "save your soul" if you have the courage explain it,but if you do n't, you can always close your eyes and mummble abracatabra a few times and he will run like the wind!
Until next time, be blessed, be strong and be magical.


Casting a circle

Dear bloggers,
I missed you and i hope you feel the same way too. I decided i will do a series of posts about practical magick. A "how to" guide for beginners if you'd like. As you probably understand from the title this one will be about casting a circle.
You might wonder why is it important in a ritual to cast a circle. Well, if you have the slightest experience in the metaphysical world you would have sensed energies both good and bad. We are bombarded every second with them and our auras, energy fields, souls are unprotected. When we are in the middle of a ritual, we are more vulnerable than ever. We concentrate and we function in a mostly subconscious level. On the other hand we invoke the Goddess and God there so we have to make sure the place is "clean"(that is why you use the besom) and safe.
There are many ways to cast a circle, some are more elaborate than others. Some practitioners dance in a circular move deosil(which means clockwise, like the Sun)at least at the Nothern Hemisphere. When it comes to the other half of the world there are some contradictive theories. Some practitioners mark their circle by dragging their athame on the floor three times(again deosil and circular). Some use salt, some rose pedals, herbs etc and some just call the Quarters(East, South,West and North) or light a candle in each Quarter. And last but not least there are those that just visualise(of course in every case you must use visualising the way the circle protects and it is the most important part).
I, myself, have used them all. I have danced, sprinkled roses, used my athame and called the Quarters. But the way i find most effective is bringing my hands in prayer position and when i feel ready open them in a quick motion in a Goddess position and my circle is there. If you do not feel comfortable visualising use the other ways because they help you imagine it.
An other important thing about the circle is that its shape should not be a circle but a sphere all around you sacred place. A protective bubble that can have any thickness, colour and size you want to give it.
Try out the ways and find out which one fits you best. Know that there might be times that you will feel the need your circle to be more obvious and clear. In those cases use the salt(especially if you are using a quija board).This is an ancient practice and a truly powerful one.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Be blessed, be happy and be loved.


Second chances and spell casting

Dear bloggers, i recently realised that as a person i am quite difficult to be understood. Sometimes i am considered as too mellow and others as hard and unforgiving. There is a truth in both of them, i guess. On the one hand i don't judge anyone and i instantly give huge waves of love(i am talking tsunami here) to everyone i encounter. On the other hand when someone continuously tries to hurt me and manages to break my heart, i am done. You see, it is difficult to make me reach that point, but when that line is crossed, i do not give second chances, nor in love, neither in friends and family. I do not believe in second chances, because i do not believe people can change. I forgive when a mistake was made by accident, or by stupidity, but never out of spike. And when that moment comes i am not in pain anymore, because i have already mourned.
I know that some of you will think that i am too unyielding, but whenever i have cut off a person from my life or my emotions there is an excellent reason. It saddens me that one of those people is my own father, but for 18 years i have tried to create a relationship with him and i realised it could n't be done. I am 26 now and getting married as most of you already know and he is trying to patch things up. I can't. Weirdly enough my father was n't who i had in mind while making this post.
On a witchier note, lately i have used the Law of Attraction a lot while spell casting. Which means always writing spells in the present tense and not banishing the negative, but attracting the positive. It is pretty hard because i am not used to doing that, but it is working pretty well. I definitely reccomend it. Especially now that the moon is waxing. I do not know how this will work in the waning period. I will tell you how it goes.
Until then be blessed be happy and live fully.


The Law Of Attraction

Hello blogfriends! Blessed be!
I have a small difficulty to put my train of thoughts in order and into this post, but i will give it a shot. A few moments ago, i felt like i was standing in front of a crossroad and the only desicion i needed to make was one of the way of perception. Perception of life, perception of myself and others. I was just standing there in my kitchen making coffee, alone with one of my cats and my dog, feeling what a key moment in my own history that was.
The law of attraction is something i am betting it is not a novelty for none of those reading this. We bring everything into our lives. We construct our presents and futures as well as we had our pasts. Our thoughts are powerful. They transform our feelings which transform ourselves who transform our lives. But the Law of Attraction does n't stop there. When we focus on the bad, when we stress over things we bring them to us. And when we finally look back and stop accusing our mothers, fathers, daughters, strangers for everything that went wrong in our lives, we are not ready for new beginnnings, we just made one.
So, whoever in the past told you daydreaming is useless, could n't be more wrong. You should visualise the way you want to see your future, while you are having fun in the present. Don't try to get thinner, richer, happier, more beautiful or successful. Be. Right here, right now and this feeling, this confidence is not going to prove you wrong. What you want is happening. Taste, smell, touch, hear, see life. It is yours for the taking.
Brightest blessings blogland! Do n't forget to make your dreams come true!


Magical Saturday.

Brightest blessings blogfriends. The last couple of weeks i rediscovered my passion for blogging.It never felt boring or uninteresting, but the beautiful feeling of excitement you usually have at the beginning returned. I even consider of starting to vlog. I never stopped appreciating the fact that this activity allowed me to express myself, to ground myself, to learn and communicate with wonderful people around the globe, but the warm, fuzzy feeling of butterflies in my stomach is back. I can't pinpoint the reason yet, but i 'll take it for what it is.
It is raining outside my window and yet another time my feelings match the weather. The moon is waxing again and my heart is captured by Her circular dance. I follow Her and let Her fill me. I need Her tonight, i need Her comfort and unconditional love. It is Saturday the darkest of all days, ruled by Saturn, so the best time to work on our Shadows, all we need is a clear mind and a black candle or two. I recently started using black candles and they surprised me in a very positive way. Saturday is a great day also for meditation, change of self, banishing, energy shields etc. I need to calm and heal so i am going to make an incense of frankicense, valerian root, lavender, rosemary, rosepetals and some benzoin gum. I' ll have all of them ground(in a blender i have just for that) separately and then mixed together. I love making incences. I love drying herbs, making candles, writing new spells. I love all the magic in my life. I hope you all love the magic in your lives too.
Have a wonderful night and a great weekend.
P.s how do you make your incenses?


New Year Blessings And Balance Resolution

Greetings to all the blogland! I am sorry i dropped of the face of the Earth like that! I have been crazy busy and on my free time i focused on myself, trying to figure out some things, let some of them go and some of them come. Kinda like spring cleaning but for the soul(i have seen the term in some of your blogs, but it is the first time i actually got it). I hope you all had great holidays and that you rested and recharged during the holiday season.
I have been thinking a lot lately about balance. Balance in your life and in yourself. These days there so many things you have to keep in balance. Work life, personal life, love life. Soul and body. Spirituality and money. I came to the conclusion that prioritising is crucial and that above all it's yourself that has to come first. You have to be emotionally grounded if you even want to try to obtain balance in your life. This is a good start if your goal is to make your life more balanced. The first step is self awareness, because you can not fix something if you do not know it is broken. Do some soul searching and point out the things that bother you. Ask yourself "Am i too stressed and always on edge?" and "Why is that?". Getting rid off the negativity in your life is a great goal by itself, but it is also an important part of reaching the ultimate goal, balance. Because with a clear head you can easily decide the changes you can and have to make.
So, as you can probably understand there is some meditating and grounding in order. Fill your homes with music, fill your bathtubs with hot water, fill your lungs with air and fill your bellies with good and nutricious food. Just by writing about it, i feel so much better.
I have to leave you now, to clean up a little, because my home is a mess right now.
Love and light.