Spring midnight walk while the Sabbat is one breath away

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? Here finally the weather is not so unbearably cold and today was an amazingly beautiful day. I mean the whole deal, sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming. I had a couple of invigorating walks. One in the morning and one that i just returned from. It was around midnight when i went out and one and a half hour later i had to convience myself to go back home. The smells of the nightblooming flowers and the foggy street lights were calling me, pulling me further into the night. The stars above me whispered messages of the Goddess. Spring is not officially here yet but my soul feels once again free.
The Equinox is fastly approaching and as always besides my best intentions most of the things i have planned on doing seems like they are not going to be happening. Mercury's retrograde motion does n't help of course. Neither that pagan holidays are n't recognised as such and life keeps on going as usual. I am lucky that i have my own business and arrange my time as i wish, but still chores and responsibilities make it difficult to connect in the ways i want to. Drop everything and go to the forest, sing to the birds and ground myself to the energies of the Earth and the Sun, sounds simple but sometimes it is plain impossible.
But still, i have high hopes of making wreaths, eating strawberries, plantimg a few more flowers(yes, the madness continues), meditating with the sounds of my wind chimes, having a small ritual to welcome Spring and perhaps painting triquetras and pentagrams on a few eggs.
Tomorrow morning i am going to the National Garden with Petros for a walk and i can not wait to suck all that beauty in. I would prefer to do that on the Equinox but beggers can't be choosers. It is blessed enough that the new moon is almost at the same time as the Equinox. I just love it when Sabbats and Esbats go hand in hand.
Be blessed, be loved and do not forget to breath in as much as Spring happiness as you possibly can.


Of all the luck

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I am getting better every day. The unbelievable amount of herbal remedies seem to be working and that is the second time in the row, i managed to get through such a severe cold without antibiotics. Of course i infuse each cup with power by casting a spell, but still this is big.
Yesterday me and Petros have been drinking our coffee in the balcony, not really because the weather was good but mostly because we wished it was. We both miss Spring and basically everybody i speak with has had enough of this cold. But, we tried to enjoy the Sun dressed in layers. At this point i have to share with you the embarassing fact about me that every time i get a chance, i drop in all fours and search for four leaf clovers. In all my 27 years not once it has worked. And then, P. asks me have you checked in this pot for a four leaf clover? I had last year but..no luck(no pun intended). After a few seconds he found one and then a five leaf clover and then i finally found one too. I could n't believe it, all in one pot.
It is said that where you find one, fairies live. My fairy garden actually worked! Four leaf clovers protect against evil magic and give good luck. Some say each leaf has a special meaning: fame, wealth, faithful lover and health(what else a person could ask for?). When the finder gives it immediately after he picks it to someone else his luck multiplies. If you wear it, you can see fairies(i can't wait to try that out!). It is also believed that when you find it you will meet your other half the same day, although clovers with two leaves are mostly associated with love.
For every one four leaf clover there are 10.000 three leaf ones. Five leaf clovers are even rarer. The five leaf clover is supposed to bring great riches and luck. When P. told me he found one i was a bit frightened. I have never heard of one. When i got it on my hand, i knew it was a sign of the Goddess and i immediately made the connection with the pentagram. I put it in my wealth charm. But there is a lore that says the five leaf clover is a sign of misfortune and witches use it to gain evil powers. But i believe this comes from an era of fear of witchcraft and magic.
I just realised that i have n't yet thanked the fairies for these amazing gifts, but i shall right away.
Have you searched recently for a four leaf clover?
Be blessed, be loved and be very lucky!


Blessed Esbat

It is a very cloudy night and i can't see Her yet. But i hope you will all enjoy Her. Have a beautiful full moon. I am going to do a healing prayer for my mom because she will be having knee surgery on Monday. I will burn eucalyptus amd rosemary incense and let the fumes carry my message to the heavens.
Blessed be my blogfriends.


Spring must spring!!!

Greetings blogfriends. I am still here. This was the longest hiatus i have taken from blogland. For some peculiar reason, i could n't write. I wanted to. I tried, but words were n't coming out in the right order. I felt really bad about this. I love my blog and blogging, but for some reason that i have n't figured out yet, i just could n't. I was in an introvert mode, not really social in real life too, but i do not think that was it. I think i was a little burned out, from working long hours and constantly studying. But those are good things and i feel blessed for my life.
Right now i am watching a small bird eating from the bird feeder in my balcony. He visits me with his friends every day and they play, eat and chirp happily, driving Shadow(my cat) nuts. Me, the birds, and my pets can not wait for this long and hard winter to come to an end.
Tomorrow is the first night of the full moon and i want to take this opportunity to thank the Goddess for blessing our home with love, luck, warmth, health, food and light. I will throw some flowers, small leaves and petals to the air and i will begin the long process of preparing the house for the Spring Equinox. There are wreaths to be made, plants to be taken care of, decorations to be crafted and celebrations to be arranged. A festival of balance and warmth is coming and i can hardly wait. I believe i have never felt such an intense anticipation for Spring. Being down with a cold does n't help of course. I want to feel the rays of the Sun upon my skin, the long afternoons with ice teas and lemonades, the long walks at nights.
How about you? What do you miss?