Reckless behaviour

Greetings blogland. I watched the Moon yesterday for hours. She was magnificent. She was so big and close to us, that i felt i could touch Her. Every night she gets bigger and bigger and as She grows my feminine power grows with Her. In Her i found the strenth to make the right thing today. As i told you i was n't always Wiccan but i always was Pagan. When i was in highschool i was deeply in love with a guy who was also deeply in love with me. But he was a Leo and so was i and we both had huge Egos so we fought all the time. It was a very passionate relationship. When we were n't trying to make each other jealous and we were n't driving each other insane, we were a cute couple. So, one thing led to another and i casted a binding spell on him(i was young and stupid, okay?). Time passed and i broke up with him for the last time because we were hurting each other. But i have forgotten about the binding spell. As the years passed our friendship grew stronger and there was nothing romantic left in my heart for him. But i always felt this was n't the case for him. Yesterday i remembered my spell. And today i woke up and i knew what i had to do. I had to break it. Unfortunately i did n't have the chord i used anymore(What could have happened to it? I did n't throw it out!Weird!). So, over a candle i cut him loose. I said " I untie you so you can be free" nine times, because nine were the knots on the chord. I did n't expect it to be an emotional situation for me. I was wrong. It did n't feel like letting go of memories and an old love, but a piece of myself. What i realised then is when you cast a binding spell you not only bind that person to you but also the other way around. Although i was n't in love with him, i have connected him with my younger self. Which leads us to something we already all know. Stupidity and witchcraft is a bad combination lol.
After all that i felt like pumpering myself(like i need a reason to do that!I am so spoiled!). So, i cut a bit of fresh peppermint from my balcony and i filled a can with ice, water and the peppermint. Yumm! It was perfect for that crazy, hot, humid greek weather. After that i came to tell you all about it and here i am!
Brightest blessings my loves,


Judy said...

Congratulations on seeing what needed to be done and doing it...you deserved that wonderful peppermint tea...

Anonymous said...

Oh bless you... Letting something go is never easy is it.

I often find that when I need to let something big go like this I need to cut my hair... I know that sounds crazy - but hair is something that's part of you but that also shows that you can 'outgrown' something... cutting some of it of has always been my way of letting go of very emotional situations. Maybe if you still feel a little emotionally off kilter this will help?

Nellie x

Diandra said...

About every witch I know, if she (or he) is honest, has done something "stupid" like this at the beginning of their carreer. No need to feel bad about it. After all, maybe we even learn from our mistakes.

I hope your friendship will continue nevertheless. Friends are precious.

apinkdreamer said...

i love spells!!!!
you did the right thing!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

good for you! Now you both can get on with life :)
Nellie- I cut my hair during stressful times- maybe that's part of the reason. I also think it is because that's one thing I can control.
Luckily, I didn't become pagan or a witch until I hit my 30's, so I knew the dangers of messing with other's lives!

Soraya said...

<3 I'm glad you were able to make the right decision :)
I've never had peppermint, water and Ice. Sounds tasty though. :)
I'm glad that the moons power is empowering you though :)

Blessings and Love!

Wendy said...

I performed many similar spells when I was younger and I had to do one releasing spell-breaker over and over, it was so painful. We have to be gentle and have compassion for our younger selves who had no wise-woman to teach us the laws of magic and love spells. You learned and grew and now you pass on your wisdom. That is also part of the releasing bind. Thank you for sharing that.