The element of air and virgo energies

Dear blogfriends,
A week passed by and because of me being constantly busy i did n't have any time to analyse it and i feel like i missed it. Yesterday though, and the day before the wind was blowing hard while the sun's warmth could be felt. It was beautiful to be outside. Well it was for me, not for anyone else i know. But i thought it was majestic. The power of the wind was spectacular and it felt great to sit on my balcony and meditate. It energised and rejuvenated me. The element of air at its best.
Ostara is just around the corner and Beltaine is following and i have n't done any preparations for my handfasting. I keep changing my mind on what i want to wear(maybe i should buy something instead of custom made dress), who is going to perform the ceremony(mayube noone, but me and P), who else is going to be there(also maybe noone). Amd there is one thing that i know i want to do and i have n't yet convienced my parents(to let me use the summerhouse for a huge party, with lots of loud music, and tons of alcohol). It is not a conventional wedding but i have to put some things in order and make a few crucial decisions asap! I am in serious need for some Virgo energy, so all of you Virgos out there send me thoughts, energies and organisational skills! I have Aphrodite in Virgo and although this means a lot of bad things, it also means i can handle it. Now that i have convienced you, i have to convience me.
I need lists and notebooks with things scratched out on them.
So, keep me in your thoughts and hearts and of course i welcome all ideas.
Brightest blessings.


Happy Valentine's day!

Greetings blogland! Happy Valentine's day. I know many of you will discuss about the commercialism of something that should have been pure, but i love all the little hearts, poems and chocolates. I adore the articles on the net about aphrodisiacs and tantric love making. It is a celebration of love, at least it should be.
A couple of days ago i had two girlfriends over at my place and i though it would be appropriate to have some aphrodisiacs on the coffe table to eat while we trash the men in our lives. I had strawberries, chocolates,as well as walnuts and brazilian nuts covered in honey. I also made sangria(apples and pears cut in cubes with some cinnamon in red wine) and an aphrodisiac tea(lavender,cinnamon and damiana with honey). Of course later our girls's night in was crashed by a horde of male friends that devoured our aphrodiasiacs, spilled wine on the coffee table and changed my music. I love my male friends but they can be a bit barbaric. At that point i have to inform you that i am exaggurating and it only felt this way(four guys are hardly a horde)because i was pmsing and i hate it when things do n't go according to plan. I understood that day that as a culture we love, love. All guys and gals out there, we love the romance and love-thinking as long as it is made for us. We need someone to go the extra mile for us, to destroy some roses so he-she can sprinkle pedals to our bed. Less extravagant moves like foot rubbing are highly appreciated but we all want something fabulous. I am not talking about gifts and spa certificates, but someone actually trying to make our lives a living fairytale. And we all desserve it. We can bring those things into our lives with positive thinking(Law of Attraction) and maybe some nagging to our love mates(kidding, sort of!).
For our magical note, if you want to induce lust to both you and your mate i highly reccomend the tea above(you can add a bit of rum). As always the intent is crucial, so while making it stir sunwise, visualise the desire and you can make a spell to chant.
Something along the lines of:
In this night and in this hour
i call upon the witch's power
to bring us closer with whom i want
to live the passion we ever sought***
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day, either you celebrate it with a lover or your friends.


Second post of the day, patron Goddess

Greetings to all the witches out there.
Today it was kind of hectic witch-wise. I did three banishing rituals(all of them truly needed because it has been one of those days..)and two love attractive ones, plus i also set an altar in my living room. I used to use my desk whenever i had a ritual and a library shelf as a permanent altar. I was waiting to find a rock or a cylindric piece of wood but i had an extra old table hanging around these days and i thought it was time for my altar to take its rightful place. Since yesterday i could n't celebrate Imbolc except for the making(and eating of course) of a festive milky potato soup, i celebrated today. I made an ivy wreath with yellow and green ribons, and i left to Brigid an offering of milk. I asked for Her guidance, love and light.
For some time now, i have been thinking of dedicating myself to Her and accept Her as my patron Goddess. It has always been Her. I never doubted that. But in Wicca the timing is very important and i want to feel the right moment. So i am waiting. Have you chosen, or better yet, have you been chosen by a specific deity to worship?

What to do?

What do you do when you know someone has been bad-mouthing you and actually digging you a hole, but you are not supposed to know that? You keep your mouth shut, right? And what do you do when that person wants an appointment and has the nerve to ask for your help? You find an excuse, you deny and you do a banishing spell for all the negative energy, right?
Oh i wish i have n't given my blog's url to some people!
By the way, the Goddess has been trying to warn me for that person in so many ways. And then She has been trying to warn me for today too! I was n't really listening....


Nagging alert!!!

I know the dangers of nagging. I was the one talking about the Law of Attraction a few days ago. But there are some times that a girl just has to get it out of her system.
So, here it goes...
My period is 8 days late although i repeated the 2 months treatment. I cracked a tooth eating pop corn...again! I have a minor headache after i broke my tooth and although i know it is psychological, i can't help it! I have pulled a neck muscle doing yoga! I am sore! And to top it all, Petros is sleeping so there is no one to hear about my pityful complaints! You can't say i did n't warn you!
Have i mentioned i am the definition of a cry-baby character? Whenever i am expecting my period the most ridiculous of problems seems unsolvable(is that even a word?Who cares it is 3.30 in the morning)! Also, i am on edge, easily irritated(feel free to feel sorry for Petros), moody, sensitive, depressed even. Not to mention the bloating, overeating, cramps, muscle pains and headaches. It is okay when this lasts a day or two, but eight? That is fricking torture! The worst thing is that i acknowledge the fact that i become impossible. Before coming here, i actually thought about waking up P. to complain. Then i realised it would be unhumain and grabbed the keyboard(lucky you!).
Usually gigantic amounts of chocolate do the trick. But today although i emptied my kitchen cabinet,it did n't work. But i made a herbal tea to help me with my nerves, although i thought it was a lost cause, and it is starting to work. I made a mix of Saint John's wort, lavender and valerian root with honey. It is like a cup full of heaven. It is yummy and soothing. See? I have n't lost completely the ability to see the positive. Soon, the sun will rise to the day of Brigid. And after i make coffee and a dentist appointment i will decorate my altar with flowers, herbs and rocks. In the middle i will have a small glass of milk.
Let the light return.
Be blessed, be loved and be *positive*!!!