Sort of a vent...

Hi there beautiful souls. I have been quite busy lately and that is the main reason i was gone from blogland. I have been going to kick box practice lately and for the most part it was going pretty well. That was until someone who is not even a trainer pushed my back down on an exercise in order for me to do it properly and i spasmed bad. That was two week ago. Since then there were some okay days and some horrible ones. The last three i have been in agony. Once again with ointments and heat pads and antiinflammatory medication. I have to go get checked out. It was really hard to let go my anger towards that ignorant person who by the way knew i have serious back issues.
But i realized that what i was really feeling was not anger but fear that everything will go back to me getting immobilized again and all my hard work that allowed me to do three kickboxing classes a  week will be for nothing. The pain justifies my way of thinking. When it gets as excruciating as it was it is easy to think that nothing is changed. But this is just a set back. Every time i will heal faster. And i will literally fight my way towards a  healthy back.
So, this post is to let go of my fear. I will get strong again. I will be pain free again.
Thank you for listening. Have a wonderful week.
Brightest blessings!