Dreaming of the beach...

Greetings blogfriends. I am back. Hopefully there will be no distractions this time. How have you been handling the last two eclipses(one lunar and one solar). The lunar eclipse affected me the most. I could n't ground myself, i could n't concentrate, my period came late, and i felt i had no energy. Thank Goddess all these are in the past.
It is July and i still have n't gone swimming. This is very weird in greek standards, but i had no time and i am a bit spoiled. I always want to go to beaches that are exceptional, not just close to home. Although i know there is nothing as cleansing as the sea, i want to dive into clear waters and step on golden sand while i have my privacy, so i can meditate listening to the waves crushing on the shore. I definitely do not want to fight for a spot, avoid tennis balls and hear crying babies in my little spare time. What can i say? I like to pamper myself.
My favourite activities while at the beach are:
*Building worse castles than most 7 year olds(for real!)
*Yoga when there are no people to stare at me... the weird lady saying ommm
*Collecting rocks and sea shells
*Meditating especially during the night
*Trying to walk with my hands under water
*Having rituals for the Esbats and Sabbats
I am sure now you understand why i want my privacy.
Do you have fun at the beach? Have you ever practiced magic by the water? What are your favourite activities there?


Judy said...

The beach is so much better when isolated...really dislike a crowded beach...haven't been to the ocean but a couple times...must rely on interior small lakes for my beach...Lake Michigan is nice for rock collecting and curling your toes into the sand...

mxtodis123 said...

Gosh, the beach is one of my favorite places. I don't go in the water, but love walking along the shoreline and gazing out over the endless ocean. I collect shells and other nuggets to take home to add to my collection. I spend a lot of time just sitting there, visualizing and communing with our great mother.

Anonymous said...

when i was in my teens and first discovering my pagan path I used to run down the sea at dawn every sunday and watch the sun come up. I'd write poetry sometimes but mostly I would just sit and think about how fearsome the spirit of the sea can be and look upon the calm waters with something akin to awe. despite the fact i grew up next to the sea I was never really a daughter of the sea. it was the nighttime that called me, and the wind and the mountains.

Diandra said...

When I count the number of visits to the beach, I still have fingers left. :-(

However, I enjoyed every single one (yes, I still remember them). The BF and I are discussing several options for the future, and I am trying hard to convince him he wants to live closer to the sea. Only time can tell whether I'll suceed.

Soraya said...

Mm Yoga on the beach :) Yeah I have issues with getting privacy to do that. I try to go early but that doesn't work either.

It's funny, I was going to direct you towards Vampire Academy. I definitely recommend that whole series. It's fantastic! I'm addicted to it!! Rose is such an awesome character <3 and I'm SOOOO team Dimitri :-p I'm now in search for MY 6'7 Russian Badass. :-p

Another book series that I HIGHLY recommend is the House of Night series. In short: Pagan Vampires with Native American laced in :-p
Vampire Diaries is pretty good too.

To me, The Twilight series was just the opening for it all... It's not the greatest, and if you've already read Vampire Academy, Twilight might not have any appeal to you. It's a cute story, but if you're looking for Vampires, that thrill's gone now that you've read VA. :)

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Yeah- I hate the crowds too. I love reading, watching the birds (esp. pelicans) and collecting shells- some of the beaches her have thousands of sand dollars.

Liz said...

I grew up in New Orleans and spent a lot of time on the Gulf, my Beloved Gulf, now murdered with all of her children. I mourn and bleed with Her. One of my best silent times was sitting on a pier in Bay St. Louis, after dark, hearing the fish jump and sea birds saying their good night...

Leviathan said...

The beach is always a good place to meditate. The crashing waves and surf, the seagulls, even children's laughter help to enhance the experience for me.

There is also "the beach of time" which you can visit during normal meditation. It is a powerful metaphor for examining your life, past and present, and connecting with the psychic world.

a pink dreamer said...

εγω παντως κανω γιογκα στη θαλασσα μεσα κι ας με βλεπει κι ο μισος πληθυσμος!!!!
thank you so much for your visit and your nice words!!!
i love your magic blog my dear friend witch!!!!

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hi there...
You would think that being a Leo (like you) and living in the sunny, sultry state of Florida in the US, that I'd be a beach lover. But sadly I am not. Don't get me wrong, I do love the beach and the ocean. But I am not a 'sun' and 'sand' girl. One too many beach trips as a kid/teenager where we stayed all day, got burnt to a crisp, had sticky salt water and sand plastered to us and had to drive the torturous hour drive back home. If I can stay at the beach so I can go inside immediately and get showered, great. But no more long drives just for the day.

I actually long to live farther north in the mountains with streams and waterfalls and changing seasons. But I have to agree that I detest the crowded beaches with cars and people packed in like sardines. My favorite beach in Florida is Sanibel Island/Captiva on the Gulf Coast. The sand is white and fluffy, the dunes are still there, it has the most gorgeous sunsets, the beaches are not crowded and there are seashells everywhere. That is a beach that I actually enjoy going to! :o)

Soraya said...

I'll go with your spelling for it :-p I've seen about 3 different ways. Heh.

Wouldn't that be awesome? Can't you see me as Rose? I pictured Me being Rose for the whole thing... I just.. i feel like I match her. I'm going to try VERY hard to get that part... Doing anything to get into acting, and that's my dream part. :)

They're Optioning VA for a film, and it says it's in progress on the production companies website... I'm on the facebook page for it, they're trying to prove to Hollywood that it could be just as big, if not bigger, than Twilight. They're trying to get 20,000 fans by the end of the week, and they're at like 16.6k fans now.

*Falls over* I want it sooo so baddly. Lol!

Blessings!! <3