Blessed Mabon.

Greetings blogfriends. Tonight is the Full Moon and the Fall Equinox. What a magical day! Some of you wrote that yesterday was the Equinox but i double checked. I think this is it. Today i gathered a lot of herbs, and made smudges and incenses. I plan on doing a ritual later and some meditation. Today we celebrate the balance and the abundance in our lives. It is a harvest festival which means it is time to thank the Goddess for everything She has given us. We make offerings to do so. I am going to leave some apples and pine needles under a pomegranade in our garden and under a eucalyptus tree on our street.
There is n't one thing that i do n't absolutely love about this holiday. I hope you are going to spend it with loved ones surrounded by love and happiness. I am wishing you a happy Fall, luck, joy, love, romance and health.
Be blessed,



Dear blogfriends,
I am once again sorry for slacking on blog duties. I was away because September always is kind of crazy and i am always trying to catch up with the circumstances. Do n't you love this month? I watch the leaves change colours and i feel the change of the season. It is beautiful. Even the air smells different.The weather is not hot anymore and it is great for long walks and lazy afternoons. Too bad i can't afford one!
Anyway, enough rambling out of me! I wanted to make a post on smudges. They are really easy to make and use. The difficult part is finding the fresh herbs you need. You want them to be fresh because otherwise they will break and crumble. So, you cut your herbs ,lets say, rosemary at the length you want your smudge to be, take some thread and bind it from top to bottom really tight (you bind the thread around in circly moves from one end to the other). Then you leave it somewhere to dry and when it is ready you use it.
The good thing about making your own smudges is that you can make any mix you want for whatever need you have. So if you want to cleanse your work space you make one with rosemary, sage, pine needles and chamomile. If you want to cleanse your bedroom you can make one with sage,rose petals and sandalwood . If you want to enhance your psychic abilities you can make one with lavender, valerian root, damiana and St John's wort.
When you make a smudge you have to pay attention in the colour of the thread. You can use a combination of colours. Black is for removing dark energies. White is for attracting bright energies. Gold, brown and green is for attracting money. Pink and green is for love. Dark red is for passion. Purple is for metaphysical purposes.Blue is for good fortune.
Because smudges are tightly bound there is n't enough air for them to burn for long. So, when you burn one it would be good to have a plate(so you can burn the smudge over it and do not make a mess with the ashes all over the place) and a tealight candle for when your smudge goes out.
With everything that has to do with fire we are always careful and we do it safely.
Be blessed.