Embarassing facts about me

Greetings blogfriends. Forgive me for not posting two balance weekly posts on time. I have been a little stressed over studying and singing. Yesterday late in the afternoon, i have been audited by the greek IRS. It was so scary because i am really bad with numbers but it turns out i did really good. They freaked me out because they thought i should have a book that i did n't, but it turns out they were wrong and i was right. Thank Goddess for that. Have i mentioned that my worst fear is any bureaucratic activity? When it was my turn to be our building's manager i was an emotional wreck. I was constantly frightened of making horrible mistakes and losing things that mattered. So, yesterday when they told me(they sounded sure of it) that it was illegal not to have a book that i have n't ever heard of, i broke into tears.
This is another of my worst qualities as a person. No matter who is in front of me, no matter if they do n't know me at all and no matter if the moment is totally wrong i cry like a baby when i feel like it. I can not control it. It is the most humiliating and embarrassing of all experiences, and that comes from a person who takes two steps and falls down. When my husband had to leave for a year for his mandatory military training, i cried everywhere i was, for the first couple of months. Once in the music school i begun crying, rather loudly , out of the blue and the owner explained to a stranger-client:" She misses her boyfriend who is in the Army" And he responded: "I know, i was here yesterday and she was crying for the same reason!" It is like a tap of water opens and there is no stopping it. I try to have happy thoughts, i even make jokes in my head, but not once have i mastered the fine art of...adulthood!
Right now, i am trying to envision life as a river that is taking me to beautiful things and whatever obstacles i encounter i just flow around them. I find little treasures every other moment, and i do not care about my humiliating habits. I do n't, i do n't! Our spirituality really disappears when we focus on the bad stuff. So, i am focusing on the good things, like the fact that today i am having a roadtrip and i am going to spend my day with friends and family! The memory of yesterday keeps fading and fading!
Nope! Big fat lie! Big, fat, cry baby, lie!
Be blessed and forgive me for that post!



Good things about christianism and smile- balance weekly

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been this past week? I have been lurking at your blogs, some of you saw me there, some i just spied on silently. I have to say once again, how grateful i am to have you in my life. You enrich it in so many ways. Either we have a strong connection, or we have never spoken to each other, i learn so much from you, your magical practices, your lives, your thoughts. You have helped me so much just by reading your words and i hope that mine will do the same for someone out there one way or another.
I begun this post wanting to write about something else entirely and then it struck me. What is important. What is it that we do. What is it that we try and hope to do. Shed light into the darkness. This week i had an e mail in my professional webpage(for those of you new here, i am a psychic). The mail was titled urgent! So i opened it and it was "explaining" to me how i am a Satan worshiper, will burn in hell and listed for me churches i should go to if i wanted to repent for my sins. I ignored it, felt a little bad for that person. I believe you are lost if your spiritual journey is about judging or even converting others. But this post's purpose is not about intolerance but the opposite. It is about being receptive and accepting the heterogeneity of humanity. So, to bring a little balance to the world i answer to fear with love. I am Wiccan, i worship the Goddess, i am a witch, but here are the things i like about Christian Orthodox religion.
I love the incense and the numerous candles(well, dahh!) and the smell of beeswax. I appreciate the fact that priests try and in a lot of cases help people by listening and offering advice. There is a monastery and a small church that always felt safe and warm to me. I also believe it is beautiful that before Easter everything is decorated with flowers. I really love the sound of bells and Virgin Mary as a deity(although not considered one) has a special place in my heart. And last but not least there are two traditional greek deserts that have a religious purpose and i really like. One is a cake you bake and then put under your pillow so in your dreams you can see the person you are supposed to marry and another one is some sort of granola with pomegranade that we eat at funerals. We call them coliva. I understand that the things i engoy the most have pagan origins or are things we do too(or are food!lol), but i am a pagan what did you expect?
I connect with many practices of many religions and i do not allow the way other people feel change the way my heart works. Christianity has many positive qualities. I named just a few that came to my mind that i really like. This week's balance weekly theme is not about christianity of course! It is about acceptance of ourselves and others. Letting go of feelings that hold us back in the way we interact with people. It is about being more positive.
This week i challenge you to do this simple task. Smile at least once everyday at the reflection of your mirror. And also smile at least to one stranger! Brighten their day and yours. Shed light to any dark thoughts you have about yourself or others. Do not allow other people's perceptions, feelings and issues to drag you down. Make a great change by making a small smile! Free yourself and let your spirit soar!
Be blessed, be loved and be very, very happy!


Music in witchcraft-Balance weekly

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? I healed really quickly and i am on my feet again. I realised that since i begun the balance weekly theme on my blog, i am more centered and grounded. Thank you for your support!
The subject of today's post is music in witchcraft. I am a singer, so i love the use of music in witchcraft. But you do not have to be a musician to use it. First of all, using relaxing music helps you focus, meditate and breathe properly. Also, sounds of nature in indoors rituals aid in keeping you connected with the Great Mother. I have permanently in my stereo a cd with nature sounds and i press the button in the morning and let it play throughout the day. Whenever, i feel tense i just concentrate and listen and the tension melts away.
One of the things i enjoy the most is writing a simple spell-song and chanting it. But chanting can be in the form of just a vowel, or a small phrase. I have noticed that chanting is especially effective when it comes to cleansing and meditating. But that is just what works for me. Try it out and see what works for you. You do not have to make a melody of your own if that seems difficult . You can use a melody you like and sing it with just a vowel. You can use any song you want from Aerosmith to Britney, as long as you think it is pretty and it feels magical.
Another extremely mystical use of music is drumming. Once again, you don't have to be a drummer to do it, or even have a drum. Just keep a steady bit, on whatever inspires you and lose yourself in the sound. Of course, you can just listen to someone else doing it, but give it a shot, because it is a wonderful way to free your spirit and connect with The Spirit.
Chanting and drumming are magical and powerful because of their shamanic roots. They are the first ways our primeval ancestors tried mimicking the sounds of Nature and connect with the Unseen. They are ancient and they come from our heart of hearts. You can also combine the two methods. I unfortunately, only enjoy it when i am alone at home because my husband who is a drummer makes fun of my drumming. Admittedly, i am not good!
Another wonderful musical, magical practice is bell..i wanna say... jiggling?Did i get that right? Anyhooo... The bell is a magical tool that represents the Goddess because of its womanly shape. It is great for invoking spirits, magical creatures, elementals, and of course the Goddess. In some cultures, jiggling the bell is believed that it cleanses and protects from evil spirits.
So, for this week i challenge you to make your life a little bit more musical. Fill your days and nights with beautiful sounds and surround yourself with happiness and joy.
Be blessed and be loved.