Hi there! I really missed you. I have n't blogged for a while mainly because my laptop is in the living room hooked up with a bunch of cables so we can watch movies. It is not as easy using it as it used to be and also i had some problems with msn that kept me occupied.
As for the get of the broom challenge, i am glad to say that i keep on going and although i am currently down with a cold and pmsing i am still attending my kickbox practice 4 times a week(just not this week).
That being said, lets move on to witchy business. The most magical day of the year is fastly approaching and i can feel the veil getting thinner and thinner. Although i am taking a gazillion pills a day i have baked apple pie and banana bread muffins for the occasion and gave them as gifts. I am also planning on spending the halloween night with my husband, his younger brother and cousin who are very sweet kids and interested in the holiday. I will bake something for all of us to eat and then we will have a blessing for the witch's new year. We will read our cards and try to connect with our ancestral lines the best we can. So, i will not be carving the pumpkin alone this year, and i am very happy about it. I have done magic with other people before plenty of times, but i always celebrate these holidays by myself.
I was thinking of making my first runes this Samhain. Plus, i believe it is going to be an excellent gift for Yule for a few magical friends of mine. So maybe i will be making more than one set.
Samhain correspondences are colours black,orange, gold, brown and yellow, herbs cinnamon, sage, mandrake, saffron, lavender, eucalyptus, nettle and fruits apple, orange, pomegranade. We celebrate the Goddess's crone aspest, the wisest and more potent.
I hope you will have a lot of fun, cast many spells and do a lot of magic.
Be blessed, be loved and be ecstatically happy!


One more day of Autumn.

Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I got my test results back and everything is absolutely fine. Now the people who do n't believe in the power of our minds will think it was all a coincidence, but i can't imagine many of those people reading my blog.
Before i got my test results back i was constantly wieghing myself hoping that it was some sort of water retention and not actual weight gain. But the numbers would not change. A few hours later i got my results back i was 3! kilos down and this morning 4!
The moment the stress left my body i weighed less. I thought the scale was broken and i kept checking. So, in the month i begun working out i had lost 2.5 kgs and there was not an actual weight gain.
I know some of you are thinking "told you so!" and you are absolutely right. So, thank you for putting up with all my whinning and nagging and for all the support! You are the best blogfriends in the world.
Right now i am enjoying a cup of coffee in the Sun, trying to breath in as much solar energy as possible. I always do that this time of the year. I feel the days getting smaller and smaller, and the need for the Sun growing inside my body. I know i will miss Him terribly in the winter. I am a Leo after all. The feeling of His touch on my skin combined with the autumnal smells and the sounds of the wind chimes, is one of the most sensual experiences i have ever had. I never want Fall to end(i am like a kid at Christmas) but the Wheel has to turn.


Get off your broom!!!

Greetings blogfriends. I am letting you know that i am participating in domestic witch's challenge . It is a 3 month fitness challenge and this week's challenge is to write down a schedule for yourself. So, here is mine.
*lots and lots of water and tea
*drink coffee without any kind of sweetener
*no more diet drinks except the occasional energy drink
*a salad dinner every night
*a small meal every 3 hours(like fruit-a slice of cheese, or a glass of milk)
*very limited sugar intake if at all
*my 1.5 hour kick box class 4-5 times a week
*meditation about weight loss 3 times a week
*and once a week leting you know, how i did.
I think it is pretty good. Lets see how it goes. If you want you can join us any time you want!
Go team domestic witch!


Thank you blogfriends and the pumpkin experience!

Greetings to all my amazing blogfriends. Have i mentioned recently how grateful i feel to have you in my life? Yesterday i was feeling scattered, stressed and off balance. Your support gave me power, optimism and hope. So many of you were there for me in a time i really needed it. Thank you! You are wonderful and i am blessed to have you here.
People maybe say that blogging is an impersonal form of communication, but this was the exact opposite. And since i open my heart to you every time i get here and i share the most intimate of truths i thoought i should change my profile image and show you the real me in the flesh(so to speak). I do not know why i have n't done that already but this was the time and here is me!
Do you feel Samhain coming? It is almost here. This year i will try once more to carve a pumpkin. Have i mentioned how bad i suck at this? Every year it is a disaster. Let me paint you a picture. Imagine me in an obsessed mode, covered by sweat, hair all messed up, elbow deep in a huge pumpkin, in a kitchen covered by orange juices and seeds, trying(and failing each and every time) to make shapes in the gigantic vegetable. At some point huge chunks of the pumpkin that were n't meant to get cut off, end up in the floor, making me after hours of dedicated carving to throw it all away. I always see videos that make it seem so simple and i think:"Hey, i can do that!". But after all these years i realise that it is sort of a tradition and it won't be fun if i do not destroy a pumpkin.