13 times 13 equals magick!

On November 13 is mine and Petros's 13th anniversary.  Almost 13 years ago we kissed for the first time and we said I love you for the first time.  We were trying very hard not to fall in love because it was sort of forbidden love since my then best friend wanted him and his best friend was my ex. We tried for about two months and that was the night we gave in. These two months felt like centuries in our 19 year old minds. I can remember everything so vividly.  How I used to run the icy cold water in the cafe's bathroom over my hands so I would give them to him to warm them up since it was the only touching we allowed ourselves. How he would touch them with his lips but not kiss them, because that would be wrong.  How everyone else around us seemed blurry and meaningless.  My breath would catch onto my chest while I gazed upon his beautiful hazel eyes and my whole body would shiver at the smallest touch. And when we finally confessed our love to each other it would be the first time each of us had done it. 13 years since my first and most important "I love you". I wished for him my whole young life, before we found each other.  I casted(or is it cast?) a spell asking for him to come to my life. I yearned for him before I even met him.
This year our special day is extremely magical.  It will also be a Full Moon in perigee(supermoon),  that will be the closest the Moon will have been to Earth in all our lives(last time was 1948) and won't come this close again till 2034. It will peak during the morning hours of the next day, so we will enjoy this glorious phenomenon for two nights. I will do my favorite ritual.  Four marked corners with white candles and me in the middle. Under each candle a piece of paper written with a spell.  I will burn the spell times four and chant it times many.
The number 13 is a sacred number as there are 13 Moon cycles in a year. The year (20)13 my daughter was born. November 13th my life changed. And now 13 years have passed!
Thank you Goddess for all the love you've given us!
Blessed be!