Okay thanks to everybody i managed at last to send the report! Unfortunately i send also a report for myself! Hopefully they will understand i did it by mistake! Or else.. at least black and white stripes are slimming! I am finally calmer! I strongly believe that blogger was the right way to go.
I fricked out! You hear about those things, but you never expect to witness something like that!For once more i felt that this online community is real and like a family! Thank you everybody for the support. I want to write here the url adress for the contact that disturbed me so the rest of you can file reports! Maybe it will help. So here it is: http://sexkhmer.blogspot.com.
I have a horrible headache! I am going to drink a chamomile tea to help me with my nerves!I did not want to stress you but i turned to all of you because i trust you!Once again thank you!

I have flagged my self!!!!!

I have flagged my self for child pornografy, trying to report that blog!!!!!!I then went to the blog and there is not a flag!!! Mrs b, how did you report this incident? I am technologically disabled and my stress levels right now are not really helping.


Hello everybody!Most of you i have contacted at your own blogs about a situation that is fricking me out! I do not know what to do! I am waiting for some feedback from you guys for two reasons:1. I do not want to overeact over something that is innocent or harmless. 2. Greek authorities are n't known for their cyber crime solving skills and i do not know how to deal with it! Forgive me if i scared you for no reason!


Pagan blog promts... handfasting

Greetings to everybody! This is a response to p.b.p. about how i would get married. As i already told you i live in Greece! Here everybody is supposed to be free to choose their religion but when it comes to ceremonies you have to go either greek orthodox,muslim or jewish! Anything else is not recognised by law.
My soulmate is atheist but our families are christians! He does n't care how we get married but they do! I explained him about handfasting and he thinks the symbolism is beautiful. The wedding is supposed to be about the couple! So we are going to have a handfasting ceremony and then we will make it official with a political wedding! This decision is going to piss off a lot of people. But we do n't care! There is no way to make everyone happy and whoever objects is not invited( this includes our parents as well as the rest of the world). It is a bit radical but it is who we are.
As a couple we had to fight a lot. We left home at the age of 19 and that made my dad to not speak to me for two years. We struggled with money, jobs, surviving while we were finding out we were on our own. It turned out okay because our feelings were true and we feel blessed everyday. It is us against the rest of the world. We have n't found yet the exact spot we want it to happen but we know it is going to be in the forest. We want it to be during the summer( since it is outdoors!). We have no idea who is going to perform it. I want it to be a woman, but i do not know any wiccans! But i have faith that the opportunity will be shown to us the right moment!I want to wear a green dress with cream details and him with cream simple shirt and a cream pair of pants! Right there in the woods we will have a picnic, nothing fancy but with lots of wine! Our friends(most of them musicians like us)will bring with them acoustic organs and we will all play and sing in the forest. At least this is how i am imagining it. We are not rushing anything because we already feel married but i checked it and it is a good astrological day the first of august of 2010(on Lammas). Only problem he is Libra and Saturn will be on Libra by then. Maybe i am overthinking it but i want it to be blessed by the powers of the universe. Tell me what you think! Be blessed my friends!


Christian alert!

I want to say a big thank you for your support yesterday. It feels good to be reassured when you are not so sure about a decision you made! But alhtough i am often pretty goofy, yesterday i was n't making any jokes, so it was pretty weird to find that someone thought it was funny! I believe it is my new christian follower's not so elaborate way to "laugh" at my beliefs, which i find very disturbing! I do not question your faith but you laugh at mine? Why can n't we coexist with love? Why can't we accept each other for who we are? Why can't we be civilised? Why do we have to bring back from Midevil times, fear and stupidity? I would never laugh at a christian. And none of the pagans i know would laugh at a christian(or buddhist or whatever). Maybe i would laugh at the ways they approach and try to convert but never at their belief system. I understand that this is the way to their spiritual path, as paganism is to mine. Is it really difficult to understand this? I do not think so.


If it harm none....

If it harm none do what ye will. Right? It is simple. But what if you know someone is going to misuse an information you will give and harm him or herself? My psychic practice is all about helping people, but i can not lie. I am probably not making any sense but the last couple of days my wiccan path and my psychic "ethics" are giving me a headache! I know what you think, there is no such thing as psychic malpractice, and you can not help someone who just won't help him-herself. Everyone is entitled to his own share of mistakes(hell, i know i am). It is the way we grow and learn. So, should i lie to protect someone from selfdestruction? I did not. If universe gives me information i shall pass it on.
When it comes to spells and potions our choices are clear. No love spells, at least not the ones that would create love, no offensive spells. Our craft should be about love and light and so it is rather simple to know where to draw the line( most of the times). The kind of dillemas we are facing though are not always about our craft. Our life can be so complicated. For example. I know a great kid. She is now 16 and she comes from a long family tradition. When her boyfriend broke up with her she casted a spell for him to never find love. Which is probably the worst kind of curse anyone could imagine. As wiccan my choices were clear. Help the boy, guide the girl. If i were n't wiccan i would probably try to stop her from future similar activities. But binding no matter what your intentions are, is wrong. Crystal clear. But giving someone informations that she will probably misuse is filling me with self doubt. But all i can do is explain to her how this will eventually heart her. That is all. My goal is to guide and not to make decisions for other people.
I am rambling and if you read all this you must now fill dizzy!Sorry about that. I have to start meditating again. It will help me keep a straight line of thoughts.So mote it be..hopefully!


The craziest esbat of all!

Tonight i have been restless! I went to sleep with a cracked window and for hours i heard a dog crying! It was awful! I got up and said to my boyfriend:" i am going to find it". He raised the sheets over his head to show me the annoyance he was feeling and to make me understand that he would not follow me to my wild dog chase!! I went out, followed its cries and I found it rather easily! It was trapped in an abandoned reck of a home. I called the fire department and they could not help me. Then i called the police and after a looong talk i convinced them to send a car to my location. It took them about an hour(ok, i do understand they had better things to do, but i was alone in a dark alley, in front of a creepy place!) to come. When the policemen arrived they explained to me that since i do not want to suit the owner of the dog i would have to wait till the morning and then call animal protection services! My response was: Since i can not break and enter in there while you are here, leave and i will do it myself! And they did! My opinion about authorities changed radically! I was alone again in the dark. I embrassed my self, took a deep breath and climbed on the balcony because the main entrance was unreachable( it was not high) and i found a metallic door with shattered glasses. I put my hand through the broken glasses(i did not get heart!)and found a door knob! I opened the door! The difficult part was over, or so i thought! But then i got really scared. I live in the suburbs and i have never seen a place like that!It was awful.It seemed like drug addicts lived there!And finally i saw him! The poor dog was so scared.I have no idea how he found a way in. When i earned his trust i took him in my arms and set him free. When i jumbed off the balcony i think i heard steps! Then i ran. It might sound lame to you but this is definitely the most adventurus night i have had in my life! And never a stupid thing felt so good! Unfortunatelly the dog was too scared and since his feet touched the ground he ran! I left food and water there and i hope he will come back and find it! My adventure begun at 2 am and now it is past 5 and i am way too wired to fall asleep!I usually write about magick but i felt i had to share the whole thing with you! Besides magick has led me to him. Blessings and love to you all!


The dreadful omellete!

My mind these days has been a little all over the place. It kind of still is. I am thinking one moment a potion i want to make to boost someone's confidence and the next i am thinking about my boyfriend. I can not stay focused on a simple task and i am always focused. I can not dig deap enough to find the reason behind all that. It can be that i am overworked or something astrological, or parapsychological. This is the main reason i have n't been around for almost a couple of weeks. I have been thinking of going back to school( i have taken a break from it for about a year). I like school. School for me is kind of a hobby- vacation thing. I learn about stuff and i get to meet new people. I do not stress over taking my degree because i do not intend to use it( there goes the hobby thing). I visit libraries and study courses that are interesting, instead of staying home and working(there goes the vacation thing).]
In greek universities attention is not mandatory and it is free. So you can take long breaks and not mention it and fail as many courses as you want. Ironically enough, there is not a "greek" system in Greece. We do not have fraternities and sororities. Which is a shame, cause it seems like a lot of fun..Unfortunately our last goverment -and current one- decided that the one great thing our nation had, which is free education, had to be destroyed,so i do not know for how long i get to keep my "hobby". I hope i have n't bored you with meaningless details about my life,or given you a headache from jumping around from one subject to another, but that is what blogs exist(not for the headache part!).
Just now my boyfriend was cute enough to bring me dinner that he made. It was horrible! I have no idea how you can screw up an omellete that bad, but i had to swallow and smile! I did not want to hurt his feelings especially since he was so considerate and caring!!!I have to go before he sees what i wrote. Blessed be**


Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Beltane. I had a lot of fun! Blessed be**
Sorry for the short post but i have to go to sleep. I promise i will come back soon!