I am so excited!

Greetings blogfriends. I am so excited these days. Although it is twenty days till Litha, i am making smudges, preparing myself and people who are interested in it, and i am giving magical gifts to friends, clients and family. I love everything about this holiday. I love the symbolism behind it, the high temperatures and the opportunity for balance it enholds along with the fact that all people in both hemispheres can pursue harmony during that day, which is also called "sunblessing"(and is a blessing indeed).
My wonderful friend Jaz from Octoberfarm has sent me a while ago a package full of goodies. In it there were a coupple of candles (one for harmony and one for balance). I have been keeping them for this day for so long and i am going to finally burn them. Plus, it will probably be the day of my civil wedding(here in Greece handfastings are not considered real weddings). I can think of a million reasons why i can't wait for Litha, but i am not going to bore you with them. Although, i am going to tell you that it is a great day for fairy magic. So, flower circles, flower insences, walks in nature and magic of love and light are in order. Yippi!!
Are you getting ready for Litha yet, or am i the only crazy witch?
Brightest blessings,


Eliza said...

Need to find out about Litha.

Unknown said...

I hadn't even realized that we are so close to Litha! Well, the only thing I have planned is to go to a 1940's themed party with my boyfriend. He and I love that time period and can't wait. It may not be very pagan inspired, but I still have time to plan for that.

windchild said...

Wow, I'm not usually particularly excited about Litha, but I think you're contagious! Just so much enthusiasm...yes, definitely infectious. Here I was just planning on picking some herbs to set aside for magickal use. Unfortunately unless its the weekend I'll be working all day.

Congrats on your handfasting! They aren't generally considered marriages here in the States either, unless you have someone ordained perform them for you... which it is unusually easy to become ordained for a modest fee online.

Sharon Day said...

I have to admit that I love the summer solstice because it's the longest day of the year and every day thereafter is slightly shorter. I'm strange, I know, but I like shorter days! There's too much sunshine here. You'll be happy to hear that I am taking belly dancing lessons from a wonderful Greek woman who is amazingly talented. Every part of my body hurts, but I love it! Oh, I want to be an honorary Greek--I love the people, the culture, the kind big hearts and happiness about life. I think I would fit in quite good!

Diandra said...

Litha is usually the time of changes for my Pagan life, therefore I am looking forward to it. I am curious what will be new...

However, I am rather busy, therefore I probably won't plan too much. Usually, I improvise Pagan celebrations these days, and I like them just as well.