A birthday, a Wiccaning and a Solstice!

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? Let me fill you in on what is going on over here.Our goldfish unfortunately passed away due to stress apparently, which was very sad and i cried a lot because she was such a happy fish. But it led to us taking in two very interesting frogs by the names of Rose Quax and Pink Webek. They are the exact opposite of each other, one is outgoing , always hungry, big, female and very active and the other is scared of its own shadow, light eater, small, male and lazy. They  amke a fun combination.
Melina Nefeli is very funny, and has a lot of weird perks and idiosyncrasies. She still hates naps during the day and sleeps for 12+hours suring the night. Loves eggs, her cats, flowers, exploring the house and playing all day long. She is constantly talking, dancing and singing. Her favorite game is throwing her toys and making us catch them! Not as fun for us though! I can't believe she is almost one. In less than a month she won't be a baby any more.
On her 1st birthday, on the day of the Summer Solstice  we are going to have her Wiccaning. We are either going to have it by the sea in an ancient temple of  Hera or in a beautiful park near by, i have n't yet decided. I prefer the ancient temple by the sea of course, but it is far and it is going to be Saturday and there might be a lot of people bathing. It is just going to be me, my husband and a sister witch. I know it is going to be intimate, simple and happy, but when it comes to details, everything is unclear. All i know is i want us to be wearing white and Melina Nefeli to be wearing a ring of flowers on her head. For her to be blessed by all four elements and the Spirit and also to be  cake. It is going to be a birthday after all. If you have any ideas please let me steal them and pass them as my own!
Be blessed, be loved and be very magical!!



Today was a difficult day. Actually i have n't had such a bad day for a long time. When you hear harsh words from family, especially undeservingly, they resonate with you in ways that you can't avoid getting hurt. I  have to figure out a way to not entangle with other people's  psychological disorders.
I sympathise with people that suffer from clinical depression. But when they are family members they can be very toxic. The things they say because they feel unwanted even when you are trying to help them really sting. I know i can not take them personally but i can't help it. I am a very emotional person and i can nor turn it off.
Thank you for your support and forgive my vent!
Be blessed!

Black curtain

My soul is hiding behind a black curtain. But it can not avoid for ever being hurt. At some point, the words will have to sink in. The feelings will have to sink in. The pain will have to sink in. 

I must allow myself to heal. I must see myself for what it is now, a little child. It is time to grow up. And never get back to this place again. Dust myself off and move on.
May you have lots of unconditional love in your life. Love and light.


Blessed Beltane

May you dance with fairies all day long!!