A simple ritual i love.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been doing? I have been in a hectic mode for quite some time because of an exam i had to take today and i really can not believe it is over. Yeih! Finally.
Did you enjoy the full moon? She was beautiful, was n't She? I took the opportunity to cast a prosperity spell because with all that studying i really needed one. I used a beautiful herbal blend of rosemary, sunflower petals, mandrake root, sandalwood and patsouli essential oil. You might have noticed that some of the ingredients are usually used for sexual attraction(sandalwood and patsouli) but i wanted to also attract clients. If your goal is a bigger clientele you should definitely try a combination like this. It was divine.
I did a ritual i love and i realised i have n't mentioned it here already. I used four candles one for East, one for South, one for West and one for North. They also represent the four of the five elements. Underneath each candle i put a piece of paper with the spell. When i was ready, after i have cast the circle, invited the Goddess in it and meditated i burned each paper over the candle it was placed under. Then i burned on a charcoal the mixture while saying the spell over and over.
Then i thanked the Goddess and the elements and i was done. I paid attention to the colours of the candles to match the elements and the Quarters they represent and i wrote the spell in gold to match my intent.
I love this ritual. I do it since highschool and it still feels great. Sometimes for money, sometimes for healing, or luck, sometimes for cleansing. It always makes me click.
Do you have any favourite rituals, that make you click?
Brightest blessings,


jaz@octoberfarm said...

if you are having trouble with phoebe peeing in the wrong places all of a sudden, maybe i can help. i had a similar problem with my beloved pyawacket years ago. let me know!!! glad you liked the card.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

oops...i thought phoebe was a cat. all my theories just flew out the window. i still can't get teddy to quit biting my husband. though i am not sure that i really want her to stop. !!!