Is my menorrhagea stress induced?

My usual period problem is back. It does n't stop(almost two weeks now). This time i am going to another doctor to get a second opinion hoping he will not also tell me"must be psychological". Until my appointment i thought i should use every herbal remedy on the net. I drunk the juice of three lemons. I drunk a parsley tea, a nettle's tea and a sage tea(all of them diuretics i might add). I took an iron supplement and a long bath. But mostly i tried to relax, meditate and get zen and all. I prayed, burnt candles and casted a healing spell.
I would appreciate your healing thoughts and love, because they always work.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


mxtodis123 said...

Actually, it might be hormonal. I had mine for 30 days one time and didn't go to the doctor until I almost passed out from loss of blood. Turned out it was my hormones. Took pills to stop it, then it wouldn't start, so I needed to take pills to stop it. But, after that all was fine.

Clara Nachtigall said...

Healing thoughts on the wing. It is not psychological; which hopefully the new doc will tell you.

SeeThroughGreen said...

Man, I have never had them that bad but I would think that skipping out on exercise and emotional eating a little bit isnt anything to worry about... we all give in at times.. and this time for you deserves some really good food!

I would for sure see more than one doctor about it to see the different points of view, I would check with a naturepath doctor as well and talk with a nutritionist!

With the proper diet, light exercise, and proper suppliments/medication... you will be fit and period free (well... excessively long period free)
but I bet that without the proper balence of all 3, it wont work as well! As a witch ya know its all about balence!

well, peace, lotsa love and blessings!
Im sure you will work it out!

Autumnforest said...

Hopefully, your doctor will check the two biggest possibilites; fibroids in the uterus and low progesterone hormone. I had low progesterone hormone and ended up getting the inside of uterus burned so I no longer get periods (after having my kid). It changed my life! I used to not be able to leave the house during that time because if I stood up, I started to gush! I feel for you. Be sure they check those two things. It will probably take a sampling from your uterus (they stick a little thing probe in and scrape it) and an ultrasound to see the uterus and find out if there's fibroids. Good luck. I seriously doubt it's emotional. Taking birth control pills might be just the thing to keep you evened out. I was fine on the pill until I went off it and then -- boom! Hormonal issues.

Nydia said...

I'm sorry for this problem! I hope your doctor finds something to reduce the discomfort and the reason of it all! But I wouldn't take too much stuff at the same time, it would mess things even more!

Kisses and healing thoughts for you.