Is it a garden? Is it a greenhouse? Is it our living room?

It all started with a hanging basket that i needed to re-position so it would not get burned by the hot air blown by the fireplace. And then my ten pots in the living room turned into 20 and the 20 pots turned into an indoor garden of over 30 pots and it is still growing.

 I really wanted the inside to look like outdoors in the spring. and it really vibrates in fast and happy energies. I have tried to stop.
But now i have an indoor garden and it never seems enough. The flowers are taking over!
And of course beside the mess Melina Nefeli keeps making(if that is a mouthful you can call her tornado, it works just as well!),
really, really easily..
There is also mud and soil evrywhere always because something needs adjusting!!!!!!
Now i really should stop messing around and start picking up stuffed animals and dirt from the floor, because she is waking up from her nap and that is completely unsanitary!
                                    Lots and lots of love!


Merry christmas to all....

Santa Claus is about to visit our home and leave us gifts for our little one. Ever since she was 3 months old she had this weird obsession with a tiny , pink, cow slipper that she used to rub on her face say mm-mm-mm and fall asleep. Since then, the obsession grew and we currently own 3 pairs that were never used as intended. She picks them all up from around the house, finds her pacifier and walks to her bed every time she wants to sleep. She always carries at least one with her and although she knows the greek word for slippers she still calls them  the mm-mm-mms. As you probably imagined, we asked from Santa to bring us as many of them as possible and the word is that he will bring us 9 pairs(8 pink and 1 blue just for fun). He is also bringing a duck toy for our bath,  a stuffed puppy doggy for hugs that is very soft and a musical toy, that well is cute but not very musical...
I can not wait to see her little face when she sees the slippers. It is very hard to anticipate her reactions at this stage. So many people bring her toys and she is not always amazed. A few days back i brought her a giant balloon and she squealed every time she saw it.You never know. So, crossing fingers and holding breaths.
I have made almond cookies and almond chocolate chip cookies that i decorated with princess themed sprinkles and she loved them. I am making her a  casserole that she loves and about a million other things since tomorrow we are expecting a hungry crowd and i left her room a mess full of stuffed and other kinds of  toys. I hope she will have fun!
I am wishing merry christmas, happy holidays, yule blessings, and lots and lots of fun!