Super moon-Solar eclipse. My, oh my!

Greetings my dearest blogfriends. I have n't been here in a while and i was surprised by all the changes. I missed you so much. But when i was not working or studying i have been enjoying the sun and the sea. We discovered a secluded beach surrounded by steep rocks and amazing nature with the clearest waters just an hour away from home. I am sure that as the weather gets warmer we will see many more visitors at this magical place. But i have n't had that much fun at sea since i was a kid. Building castles and throwing rocks in the water certainly takes all the stress away. This Sunday i was in the vote collecting committee and it was terrifying to open the envelops and see that many votes for the fascist party. Scary! The panic of the people drove them into some stupid decisions. But also some smart ones too. They said no to all the injustice and the message was loud and clear. They can't keep on munching of poor people, driving them to despair so that rich people can get even richer. Although there is a lot of uncertainty at this point i am optimistic and full of hope that my country will make it through. We are survivors after all. Keep us in your thoughts. We need all the positive energy we can get. Did you see the full moon? She was unbelievably beautiful. I saw Her rising from the sea and showering the waters with Her magical silver. I could feel Her power running through my body and blessing me. I could n't do a ritual, i could only stand there and be amazed by Her grace. Did you know a solar eclipse is fastly approaching? The super moon and the eclipse are keeping us on our toes. It is going to get even more intense. We need to remain calm, ground ourselves properly as much as we can, meditate and try to maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule. If we manage to do that we might even be able to use that energy.. When we have an eclipse the lunar feminine powers dominate over the solar masculine ones. It occurs on a new moon. And it is a time when we have a night within a day, and we feel like the world holds still for just a glimpse. It is very magical and it can be very useful. You can use that time for scrying and divination in general. Also, it is a great time for a spiritual blessing of yourselves, if you want your psychic abilities to evolve. And last but not least. The solar eclipse has waning powers of the Moon(new moon) and also for just a little while of the Sun. You can use that to get rid of energies, feelings and even situations. Have you planned anything for that day? Whatever you do, just remember to enjoy the powerful sensation of it. Be blessed, be loved and be magical. Georgina.