The witch of Portobello

Greetings bloggers. How are you today? Preparing for Litha i guess. Well, whatever you are doing i hope you will have a blessed day. I just finished a book of Paulo Coelho "the witch of Portobello". If you have n't already read it, go quickly to your closest bookstore, you will not regret it. It is about a woman discovering her sacred path. It talks about the "Great Mother" and how the feminine side of the religion has grown once again stronger.
It is true that the worship of the Goddess has been strong many times in the past and it always ended bad, with persecutions blood and repression. As pagans we view time as a cycle. What has passed will be again. But do n't we grow? Will the Goddess be once again forgotten by most of men, just to make her apperance in another thousand years? Or have we actually learned from our mistakes, we can see where this brought us(killing our planet)and we will not repeat it all over? Have we grown? Are we more free? Will we be more free?
I want to believe that the path of our kind is a spiral, not a circle. It only appears we repeat our history, but every time we are one step further. So, maybe difficult times will come again, but not as difficult. Maybe this is the point of the spiral that our hearts have closed up to Her. Children in Africa(and in other places of the world) are killed, tortured and exiled everyday for being witches.
But maybe we will learn to love Her even more, love us even more. Lets all pray that one day people will not be killed in the name of religion and fundamentalists will not have power over our minds.
To honour Her have a walk in a "natural" place. Communicate with Her, with all of us.
Love, laugh and do n't play it safe,


An exercise post(weird huh?)

Greetings blogfriends. It is a wonderful day. The sun is shining. Everything is screaming to me:Go to the beach. Skip your class. Have fun.
But i won't. I will go to my class, study, sing and then i will work. And then study some more. I am not nagging. I am writing all this with a smile. Because in a week i will not have to work as hard. The wedding will be over. My exams will be over. And i will have more "fun" time. I can't wait!
I have to admit though that this year i have n't pushed myself as hard as usual. I could, but i did n't. I did n't stress over my exams, or what should i wear at my civil wedding, or other stupid things like that. Greekwitch 1- Stress 0! Yeih me!
As i already told you there are many things that helped me fight stress. But i think i forgot to mention exrcise.Have i told you i started kick boxing? I do not go to a gym. I work out at my home. I used to kick box in the past and now i am trying to remember the moves and find my groove back. It is so much fun. Especially to fight with other people(not full force of course!). I do not believe it is an "un-wiccan" activity. I have only hurt myself by mistake. What do you think about it? Do you work out? What do you like to do?


Meet us at the water

Greetings blogland. You all probably know what this is, but just to make sure i will tell you. This is a gathering, not a physical one, but it is a meeting of souls. A way to give love back to our Mother. Today focus all your loving energy on Gulf. On all the animals that are experiencing a slow painful death, on the sea that gets covered by oil more and more. Help the ocean cleanse itself. Go to a stream, a river, a beach, your bathtub, your kitchen. Put your hands on some water and then put your heart on it. Lets help save Her. Our spirits will meet today.


Crazy lady with plants!

Greetings blogfriends. How are all of you today? I am great. Yesterday two new additions to our small family were made(no, i did n't get more pets, i am not completely insane!). They were a pomeganade and a mandarine tree. They are huge. We had to bring them here with my car's top down. For about a mile and a half we were driving with two gigantic trees on the back seat. Now i can officially say that i have plants for all my balconies. That was also true before the new additions, but i did n't want to split my "balcony garden", now it is absolutely and beyond any doubt necessary. More than half of the balcony is occupied by plants. I have trouble going through them to water them. So, i have to split them. The upside is that now i will have room for more plants(i am helpless, i know).
In my "garden" there is rosemary(no surprise there, huh?), lavender, mint, ivy, spearmint, basil, bougainvillea, a spider, jasmin, a bay tree, a lemon tree, two pomegranade trees, rue, a ficus, two brackens, an azalea, a rose,a rhododendron, four tea roses,two orchids and a bunch of trees and plants i do not know their names. I love them all. I talk to them i sing to them, i take care of them and i try to keep Shadow of them(that cat loves to sleep, play and "make" in my plants). In return they purify the air, keep some noise out, bring joy and fend off negativity. When the time is right i trim them and with the residues i make smudges and incenses.
Did you know that rue is supposed to absorb all the negative energy of a house (the bad smell and the bitter taste are considered the results of its ability)? What are you waiting? Grab a pot!
As a kid i loved to play with the mud. As a teen witch i loved my herbs. But as a not-so-grown-up witch i got obsessed with the green world. Do you have a garden, a balcony one or a real one? Do you connect with plants?
"Green" hugs to each and every one of you!


Out goes the stress...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you all. I have been busy with chores, work, organising and trying not to let stress into my life again. I keep trying. This is hard work. I used to be(that's right, past tense) one of those people that are constantly in a state of anxiety, worrying about every little thing. Lately i have been better. I rarely freak out and it is always for a good reason. But the moon is waning and it is perfect to chase it out of my life for good.
Long baths, meditation, herbal teas are all fine but they are temporary solutions. It takes deep changes to get rid of stress. I realised that all i had to do was listen to myself and try to find serenity inside me, not in the external reality. This is my way to alleviate stress. I do not let myself panic. I am sure some of you are saying, yeah right, how did n't i think of this? But optimism is how i got through this. I am still not the calmest person in the world, but everything feels different.
My life has changed a lot. I am taking better care of myself. I am on a more wholesome diet. I even started working out, although i ingured myself and i have to wait for the pain to go away until i try again. My lack of grace is embarrassing. The athlete i am, after only three weeks of working out, i twisted my knee! At least i remembered how much i enjoy kick boxing. The only downside is that i do not have a partner. Someone who likes kick boxing too, so we can work out together.
So, now that i understand how important thi is, i will not let myself stress over conservatory exams, work, my car, the wedding, vacations and other people's problems. I will handle everything with calmness. I will stay cool and i will not push myself beyond my limits. Until this crazy period is over i will burn rose-lavender insence, drink camomile tea, sleep a lot, and provide doable solutions.
Negativity out, love and light in.
How do you handle stressful situations?



This is not another post about Litha

Hello blogland.
I woke up today and as yesterday and the day before that, the anticipation of the Summer Soltice has grown inside me. I find Solstices and Equinoxes inspiring because they represent the balance and harmony in the world(broken record alert!) and because the turning of the Wheel is so obvious. They make it so easy for all of us to become attuned with Mother Nature and the Wheel. But i am not going to make yet another post on Litha, at least for now... lol
Today it is Thursday, ruled by Jupiter so you can work with money, luck, health and legal matters. Since the moon is waning, use its energy to banish negativity, bad health(a disease or condition), bad luck and expenses. It is time to smudge your house, take a cleansing relaxing bath and meditate.
For today i am going to make a smudge with pine needles, rosemary, sage, laurel leaves and a bit of rosemary essential oil. Mmm, i can almost smell it.
Love and light,


I am so excited!

Greetings blogfriends. I am so excited these days. Although it is twenty days till Litha, i am making smudges, preparing myself and people who are interested in it, and i am giving magical gifts to friends, clients and family. I love everything about this holiday. I love the symbolism behind it, the high temperatures and the opportunity for balance it enholds along with the fact that all people in both hemispheres can pursue harmony during that day, which is also called "sunblessing"(and is a blessing indeed).
My wonderful friend Jaz from Octoberfarm has sent me a while ago a package full of goodies. In it there were a coupple of candles (one for harmony and one for balance). I have been keeping them for this day for so long and i am going to finally burn them. Plus, it will probably be the day of my civil wedding(here in Greece handfastings are not considered real weddings). I can think of a million reasons why i can't wait for Litha, but i am not going to bore you with them. Although, i am going to tell you that it is a great day for fairy magic. So, flower circles, flower insences, walks in nature and magic of love and light are in order. Yippi!!
Are you getting ready for Litha yet, or am i the only crazy witch?
Brightest blessings,