Elemental magic on full moon!

Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I have been trying to fight off a cold without antibiotics for over a week now, but since i got worse and worse today i will give in! I did it all. Herbal tea(oh so many herbal teas!), aromatherapy, cough medicine, ear medicine, lots and lots of fluids and nothing worked! But because i have n't written here for a while i will not be a nag. Okay, more of a nag!
Did you know that TipToeChic has posted a new video on Youtube? That was a wiccan delight for my sick heart! Sorry, i forgot! No nagging!
Tonight is the full moon. So today i am going to dry the red rosepedals from my Valentine's bouquet. I will lay them on sugar. Not only the harmonics are great but they dry faster. I am also going to make a dust-insence to sprinkle and to burn for light in my life. It is mostly for matters of the heart because it has afrodisiac properties but i usually use it for light in general and wishes. It contains:
red rose pedals(dried on a previous full moon), lavender, damiana, mandric root (all powerfull afrodisiacs so far), St John 's wort, a bit of candio which is a resin that can substitute sugar, and jasmine essential oil. Today is Friday and the full moon is in Leo so make sure to seek your heart 's desire. A beautiful day to celebrate the Esbat. I will cast an Elemental wish spell that i love. The idea is to call upon the Elementals and ask for your wish to come true.
Elementals are creatures that correspond with one of the four elements. They are spirits of nature so it is easier to incorporate them in an outdoors ritual, but you can access their power if you have a represantation for each element on your altar. It is also useful to remember that East correspons with Air, South with Fire, West with Water and North with Earth. To mark the four points on the horizon aka Watchtowers you can use a yellow candle at the East, a red at the South, a blue at the West and a green at the North corner of your altar. Here is the spell for my few greek readers.

Αερικα της Ανατολης,
Στοιχειά του Νοτια,
Νηρηιδες της Δυσης,
Πνευματα του Βορρα,

Το καλεσμα ακουστε της φωνης μου,
Τ' ονειρικο ταξιδι της ψυχης μου,
Εγω, παιδι του Ηλιου και κορη της Σεληνης,
Μαγισσα του Φωτος, της Σκιας και της Σαγηνης,

Ιερεια της Θεας, πριγκιπισσα του κοσμου,
με μαγικη γητεια φορω το φως μου,
Δυναμεις του Συμπαντος και παλι σας εγειρω,
Τη λαμψη την αποκοσμη για να σκορπω τριγυρω,

Σε φλογα κερινη αφηνω την ευχη μου,
Χαρα να μου χαρισετε ζητω μες στη ζωη μου!
Ετσι ας ειναι.
Brightest blessings blogfriends and happy Esbat!