Medical update and astrological chaos coming up!

Greetings blogfriends! I just swung by to let you know, that everything turned out as i thought. My biopsy was clean but still they are pressuring me to do a preventive  thyroidectomy just to be sure. But as i told you, i made my decision  and that's it. Only thing left is to go to the doctor and see what else there is to do, but i do not have high hopes for that.
This past New Moon i almost missed it. I actually found out it was the night of the New Moon because of how i felt. Every New Moon a sense of exhaustion takes over me. I sleep long hours, but still i feel like i have not slept at all. I wake up and i drink coffee after coffee just to get through the day, and it still does hold me for long. On the other hand, every Full Moon i feel the exact opposite. I am completely wired and i can not sleep at all. I may manage to get a couple of hours of sleep per night(it usually lasts two or three days). But i wake up and beside my insomnia i feel invigorated and charged. Also, my menstrual cycle begins with the New Moon, ever since i gave birth. Before that it always fell on the Full Moon. Those feelings are even more intense when there is an eclipse involved.
In October we are going to have two eclipses and a Mercury in retrograde. Lets just say that it is going to get interesting!
Till then, have a wonderful time and be blessed!


Thyroid biopsy, crying like an infant, Grey's Anatomy and astrology..(yeap, that's about it!)

Greetings my loves! How are you? First of all i want to thank you all for all your warm wishes and caring thoughts. Right back at you. I can not stress enough, what a positive impact your comments had these days that i was so stressed out.
I just returned from my biopsy. I completely and utterly embarrassed myself at the diagnostic center because after the whole exam, i was talking with the doctor and he did the mistake to utter the word thyroidectomy,  which is the removal of the gland and  i burst into tears. I am sure some of you remember the fact that i cry like a little baby in front of people and it is completely out of my control. By far the most embarrassing thing about me. Everybody there must have thought that i am dieing. But the thing is that even with all the worried looks from the doctors i know in my heart of hearts that i am going to get a good diagnosis. What i am worried about is the fact that they would want me to remove my thyroid just to be safe.
I am not afraid of all the complications and all the serious life changing facts that come along with it. But there is a big chance that i won't be able to sing again. And that idea is something that made me sob uncontrollably various moments in the past week. I will not do it. I will check my gland as often as i have to with u/s and bloodwork and i will let them stick those huge needles into my throat as many times as they want to, but not that.
As soon as i made the decision, a couple of hours ago, the weight from my chest lifted and life was beautiful again. If things are not what i know them to be, then i will do whatever necessary(i am not completely immature!). I have once before told you about my Saturn in Scorpio and my family's curse with everything medical. I will not go under the knife until absolutely necessary and that's it.. I would make a great Grey's Anatomy episode, now that i think of it.. The superstitious soprano, that does not want to undergo surgery..I can see how Alex Carev  would get completely frustrated by my lack of common sense, and my character would be a hottie that dresed like a hippie, because Hollywood loves stereotypes..
And on a somewhat metaphysical note, be extra careful these days. There is an astrological tendency, that leads us towards little accidents. Just this morning i hit my foot really hard and i can barely walk and i burned myself with a tomato sauce i was making. A couple of days ago my husband hit his toe as well and he is still walking with a tiny limp and yesterday evening he cut himself with broken glass. And i hear many stories about mishaps that can be very annoying. So, stay warm, disinfect your hands often and be extra careful!
I love you all, so very much!


Fall is coming

Greetings dear friends! I am resting comfortably as i am writing this, trying to rest my back. I did way too many things these days like gardening, cleaning and i even painted the hall way, but most importantly after two years i had my first kick boxing class. Since i am still here to talk about it, i will say it went well. What was a bit disturbing was my doctor's appointment for my thyroid. It seemed that one of my nodules has grown a lot over this past year and that it looks suspicious, so i am having yet another biopsy this Friday.
The good thing is that i did a quick tarot reading for me and it looked good. But i can't trust my readings completely when there is something i am really scared of, or something i really want because i am not always objective about my own life.
It seems,  stress managed to find its way back into my life and i thought a bit of magic was in order and i made my Solstice wreath a bit sooner than planned. I used some wild lillies that i picked up yesterday. It felt as if this bush was calling at me. In the middle of nowhere, by the highway, there was this bush full of huge white lillies. I almost seemed like a vision, such a surreal and beautiful object, so heavy with glowing white flowers. So, naturally i made my husband turn around and re-enter the highway, and i walked by the freeway, where there was no pavement and was by far the craziest, stupidest thing i ever did. As i picked the flowers i felt the wind hitting me hard as the cars passed by me.
Mabon is s almost here and it seems more crucial than ever to seek for more balance in my psyche and physical life. We will celebrate with an apple pie and a small bonfire. Some decorations will sit over the fireplace and around the house. Candles will be lit, incense will burn and we will feel the time holding still for a second as the night equals the day.We will give thanks for all our blessings and everything this Harvest means to us. We will rejoice into the love of one another and be grateful for our connection and our time together.
I hope you will all have a wonderful Autumn celebration.
Be loved, be blessed and have a beautiful Fall.


Blessed be!

Have a blessed Harvest Moon! May She grant your wishes and heed all your desires!


September and goodbyes.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been all this time? We found a half paralysed grey kitten, with a torn tail, extremely thin, full of infected wounds and terrified. We nursed him back to health and then he relapsed again and we are fixing him once more. Our frog seems sick, lets hope he gets better. Petros has had a cold. And i think i had salmonella. Except for the kitten we self medicated and are all doing better. My liver is a little stressed out, i will spare you the yucky details of how i know that. My back was killing me but now seems to be doing better. And to top it all off our baby is going through some brutal teething. But beyond all that we managed to have a very productive summer, especially since we did not go on vacation. We fixed the house, preparing for winter. Well, my husband did, i just looked and made ridiculous questions.
We now have a pond in a pot with two goldfish, a clean house, a couple of freshly painted rooms, and we turned our fireplace in a green one. We also cleaned and stored our carpets and organized everything.
My mom sold my first car which was a bit sentimental, especially since i realized that i drove it for the last time when i gave my diploma performance. My classical studies began when my parents gave me the car. I remember driving there and enrolling to classes. I remember the heart aches and the joys and a journey that i am really proud of. My car was my way to escape. I used to take the top down and the wind would make me free.
It seems as if i turned thirty and my life symbolically transformed into something new. Our house is no longer pink, but green, we no longer have sports cars, but a small city car. We no longer have two cats and a dog. We now have three cats, two goldfish and a frog. We do not have a television, we only watch what we decide, without all the darkness and low quality of greek tv. I do not sing any more except with Petros every night. And of course we have a beautiful, magical baby that makes everything look glittery.
Now all that is left is our medical check ups. Baby's is done, she is great. Mine are half done and Petros has  yet to go to the doctor. Also, we have to finish up fixing the fireplace, buy some wood and i have to make myself go to kick box which i dread because of my back. Our programs for the new year(we still think like kids) are set and although September just arrived it feels like life has started over again.
This is the first year of my life that September has come and i do not have school. Yesterday, i was wondering why the skies have turned grey and i do not feel that quickening in my stomach. This inevitable sense of anticipation that make everything seem possible. Tonight i figured out it was because of that. I am no longer a student and it is very unsettling. It was about time i guess, but i sure miss it. Being a Leo makes it difficult for me to let go. I remember how hard it was for me when high school ended. Everyone was celebrating and i was heartbroken.
It always helps to focus on the new beginnings, and i have the cutest distraction of  all times. So, raise your glass to new beginnings. When the moon starts to wane it will be easier to do that. Just a few days till She becomes whole and i finally say my goodbyes.