A quiet New Year's day

Happy new year dear blogfriends! How did you celebrate?  Well, we were a bit under the weather,  so it was quite intimate.
This morning, I began my New year's preparations by  throwing out all garbage.  I then did a water and salt cleansing potion.  I burned rosemary with mandrake.  I did a Goddess blessing and an elemental blessing and then I drew my tarot cards for each month of 2017. It looks like it is going to be a great year for me!
Then we cut our vasilopita which is a traditional Greek cake  that has a coin in it.  Whoever gets it is supposed to have good luck through the year that comes. Ours was a bit more magical.  It was an apple abundance cake from which we will make an offering to the Goddess and fairies. And to top it all off it was sugarless, very low in carbs and delicious. The only downside was we forgot to take a picture.  It's a shame because me and the little witchling had decorated it,  in a short of "frozen"theme. But we were hungry, and sleepy and sick.  It completely slipped our minds. Well, the coin was in my mom's piece which was great because she got really excited when we called to tell her.
Right now the witchling and her dad are playing with her cars in her motorway, right next to me.  I am sipping nutmeg coffee with milk foam and cinnamon which is my drink of choice with a heating pad on my back, on my rocking chair by the fireplace.  Life is wonderful!   It would be a little more wonderful if we all didn't have the flu and I didn't have menstrual cramps but I am not one to split hairs. Just kidding!  This was one of my all time favorite New Year celebrations.
May 2017 bring peace, love, health and abundance to all!!


A glimpse in my mundane and magical routine

Greetings blogfriends from around the world!  How have you been? I have been really busy trying to get used to to this new daily routine of ours. It is a balancing act that is just now starting to run smoothly.
When the witchling is in school I try to get my workouts out of the way, work a little and do some chores. This is a lot because she is gone for only four hours. Then if I manage to steal some time from work, I give her a bath and give her something to eat before I send her off to her mid-day nap. Then I work until  at nights my husband goes to work and I play a little with her and prepare her again for sleep.  Sometimes,  I work a little more at nights but if I don't,  I get out my pans and cook plenty of dishes to be prepared for 2 or 3 days. Through this tight schedule there is not much time for socializing but I am lucky to work out some days with my best friend and I always try to squeeze in a play date for the witch princess in a week. Finally, Sundays are family time.
This Sunday our grandma and grandpa will join us to decorate our candy Yule tree. Yesterday she decorated some cookies I baked with matching pink sugar sprinkles and hearts with our pink candy tree decorations.  Of course we ate most of them Among us there is no self restraint.  How people manage to keep sweets in their houses for weeks untouched is still a mystery to me. And later tonight we will write Santa a letter. She wants a cinderella book and year long tickets to the zoo.
On my usual magical note, I found myself lately really connecting with two rituals combined into one. I light my three candles for the three faces of Brighid and with three drops of my blood on three red rose petals I summon Her. I meditate and draw my cards ask for guidance and connect. Then I light the four candles around me for the elements. Underneath air's candle there is a piece of paper with health written on it. Under fire's there's the word glow. Under water's beauty and under earth's the word strength.  The words stand for different things at different times, but they are always the same.  I burn my incense,  I burn the papers, I chant my elemental prayer four times.  I ground my self. I give offerings. I take off the candle flames with my left index finger the one I prick.  I thank the Goddess and the powers of the universe and I release the energies.
Have you ever found yourself having a specific ritual practiced routinely?
Many bright blessings.


13 times 13 equals magick!

On November 13 is mine and Petros's 13th anniversary.  Almost 13 years ago we kissed for the first time and we said I love you for the first time.  We were trying very hard not to fall in love because it was sort of forbidden love since my then best friend wanted him and his best friend was my ex. We tried for about two months and that was the night we gave in. These two months felt like centuries in our 19 year old minds. I can remember everything so vividly.  How I used to run the icy cold water in the cafe's bathroom over my hands so I would give them to him to warm them up since it was the only touching we allowed ourselves. How he would touch them with his lips but not kiss them, because that would be wrong.  How everyone else around us seemed blurry and meaningless.  My breath would catch onto my chest while I gazed upon his beautiful hazel eyes and my whole body would shiver at the smallest touch. And when we finally confessed our love to each other it would be the first time each of us had done it. 13 years since my first and most important "I love you". I wished for him my whole young life, before we found each other.  I casted(or is it cast?) a spell asking for him to come to my life. I yearned for him before I even met him.
This year our special day is extremely magical.  It will also be a Full Moon in perigee(supermoon),  that will be the closest the Moon will have been to Earth in all our lives(last time was 1948) and won't come this close again till 2034. It will peak during the morning hours of the next day, so we will enjoy this glorious phenomenon for two nights. I will do my favorite ritual.  Four marked corners with white candles and me in the middle. Under each candle a piece of paper written with a spell.  I will burn the spell times four and chant it times many.
The number 13 is a sacred number as there are 13 Moon cycles in a year. The year (20)13 my daughter was born. November 13th my life changed. And now 13 years have passed!
Thank you Goddess for all the love you've given us!
Blessed be!


Happy new witch's year

...with a fairy ring. I had to resist the urge to step inside it, because I didn't want to offend the fairies. But just looking at it,  it really made my day!

May you honour your dead and heed their guidance and wisdom.


Boring alert... Crazy mom post!! Keep out!!!

So, big day today.

My little witchling 's first day at school.  You see, I had plans. She wouldn't attend for another year.  She would be with me for another year.  But she wanted it so much! She kept asking for it. And when I left her she did not even look back. She found a friend she made yesterday and held her hand. And I cried my eyes out! Should n't it be the other way around, me telling her to go and her crying?
I am worried sick. I had all these things on my mind that could go wrong. The teachers having too many children to watch over, sick kids that would cough on her, hygiene issues in the toilet and the kitchen, and intolerance issues since she would be one of the few non Christian children if not the only one. And my worst thought of all, aggressive children that would come after her. She is so mellow,  and caring.  She grows up listening to classical music and petting her beloved cats.  She has only been in contact with an aggressive child from our neighborhood a couple of times and I have always been there to protect her. The first time he came at her, she was so surprised and scared.
So, yesterday we visited schools and we found a brand new one, that had just opened its doors. That only has two more students and a whole set of teachers. That everything is clean and pretty. That they don't mind  the crazy helicopter mom visiting whenever she feels like it. That she loved and was so excited to go that she kept waking up during the night to see if it's morning yet.  But that's alright I was awake all night worrying and kept wishing she'd wake up more so I can be with her.
And now I miss her so much and it's only been an hour, three more to go!
I made her chocolate pudding for when she returns and I am tidying up her room next!  This should take a while!


Autumn blessings

Blessed Mabon everybody.  Today I have been really busy so I didn't have a chance to celebrate like usual,  but I did do something major!  Look! I am so happy!


Thank you Stacy and Magaly!

The previous post was an experiment of sorts.  You know I have been having some browser issues.  It turns out I can read your posts with dolphin, but I can only upload pictures with chrome.  But, hey now I can do both and show you the wonderful surprise I received recently.

A couple of weeks ago I received a notification for a package waiting for me at the postal office.  But, I was not expecting anything and I have been really busy, so it took me a while to get to it. It turns out it was from  Stacy!
The moment I went into the car I tore the package in pieces. First thing I saw was this little envelope with a pretty card that she had put for me little heart stickers on it. The letter brought tears in my eyes and the widest of smiles. Inside the package I also found those beautiful creations of hers.
This is the baby crow now sitting on the windowsill of my daughter's room. Isn't it the cutest?  And underneath it right next to my grandmother and Magaly's black out poems is the "nature speaks, listen little painting. Those are with me every day in my office while I work reminding me of the powerful connections that bind us and acts of pure and unconditional kindness. And last but not least on top of Melina Nefeli's library right next to her very first drawing is the" relax" another one of Stacy's baby crows. The black out poems,  the "relax" baby crow, and the "live" crow  that sits on top of my fireplace were sent to me this Winter during a very difficult time for me, in a very similar way by sweet Magaly. Her package also brought tears in my eyes. The care she has put in it.  Everything was wrapped with paper and bound with a beautiful purple cord. Her words spoke right into my heart. And of course I also opened the package as soon as I was in the car. I never said I was a patient woman people, come on!  It took me a while to make this post because of technical issues and chronic procrastination , but I have such great gratitude towards these very special women,  bloggers, friends.  You gave me strength, love and great joy. Thank you!