A blog award!

Thank you MotherMoon This wonderful blogger, that i am sure you all know, gave me this award. The rules are to sum your blogging motivation, experience and inspiration in 5 words and pass it on to five others.
My five words are Life,Light, Love,Learn and Share.
And i am passing this to Diandra from That witch is true ,
Judy from Judy's photos ,
Mary aka mxtodis123 from
K from Banterings of a Basketcase and
Soraya from Spellbound by Moonlight
I would also give to Nellie but she already got it..twice!!
I finally did it. Thank you pink dreamer!

Ramblings about my witchcraft!

Greetings blogland. Because of Nellie from a bit of gardening spirit, i will talk today about some of my magical habits. She is to blame for me boring you!
When i harvest my plants, i do not cast a circle, raise energy, etc. I just concentrate on the intent of their future use. If it is for abundance, luck, protection i harvest them on the full moon. If it is for banishing, getting rid off things, or cleansing i harvest them on the new moon. But, if i need a herb that i have n't already harvested i just take it whenever. When i have a ritual i do not always walk the circle three times. Sometimes i just form it into my mind. There are times that i cast elaborate rituals and i get pretty "ceremonial", but usually i am very simple. My rituals are complicated when it is about something serious like health or my handfasting. I do not always have to ground myself or raise power, because it happens by itself. But there are times i have to meditate for a long time to get the same feeling. I always cast prosperity, luck and love spells during the waxing of the moon and bainishing spells of all sorts during the waning of the moon. If i feel there is a need though to "break that rule" i do not hesitate doing that.
My favorite most usual way of spell casting is writing it down on a piece of paper, burn it over a candle and sprinkle the ashes at the wind. I get over excited about silly stuff. Like when i found that pink himalayan salt of the Jamie Oliver series, i was so proud of it, showing it to everyone -even if they were n't interested- and used most of it in a week! I also feel very happy when i find pretty bottles and jars for my "ingredients".
To charge my crystalls i hold them in my hand, consentrate on the intent and leave them on salt under the full moon. To charge my charms and talismans i do the same thing without the salt. To charge my pentacle i hold it in my hands and pray to the Goddess. I ask for protection and because it sits over my heart, i ask for my heart to bit on Her rhythm. I do not charge it every full moon, because i do not feel comfortable without it.
These are my ways. They are peculiar like me. Sometimes inconsistent exactly like me. But they are also full of light, because this is my path.
Brightest blessings witchfriends,

Blessed be...

Happy Esbat blogland. What a magical night this is! The moon is shining so brightly that the weather is n't even bothering me. All day i heard people complaining about the humidity and how some of them had trouble breathing and they had a very good point. But as soon as She flew Her way up to the sky i could n't feel a thing. Since then i harvested some herbs and hung them in various places to dry. I cut a laurel branch and hung it over my front door for protection. I fed and medicated a sick stray cat. I mention this now because cats have always been a sign of the Goddess to me. I cleansed and charged my crystalls. I also charged my pentagram necklace and two prosperity charms i have made in the past. Busy bee huh?
Her frenetic energy has filled my heart with joy. I feel empowered, loved and peaceful. I am off to take a bath now, to ground and meditate. I hope you all had a wonderfully magical day. But before i leave and although my English have yet to improve i will attempt another spell. This time for love. As you cast the spell, imagine the sentiment you want to feel. You can burn with it rose petals, geranium(both leaves and flowers), cinnamon and a pink or green candle. The crystall i prefer is rose quartz. So, here it is.

Where i stand here and now
and as in front of You i bow
i ask for love as long i live
to take, to feel and back to give.
So mote it be.
Brightest blessings, my wonderful witch-friends. Have a fantastically intriguing and wicked week.


Reckless behaviour

Greetings blogland. I watched the Moon yesterday for hours. She was magnificent. She was so big and close to us, that i felt i could touch Her. Every night she gets bigger and bigger and as She grows my feminine power grows with Her. In Her i found the strenth to make the right thing today. As i told you i was n't always Wiccan but i always was Pagan. When i was in highschool i was deeply in love with a guy who was also deeply in love with me. But he was a Leo and so was i and we both had huge Egos so we fought all the time. It was a very passionate relationship. When we were n't trying to make each other jealous and we were n't driving each other insane, we were a cute couple. So, one thing led to another and i casted a binding spell on him(i was young and stupid, okay?). Time passed and i broke up with him for the last time because we were hurting each other. But i have forgotten about the binding spell. As the years passed our friendship grew stronger and there was nothing romantic left in my heart for him. But i always felt this was n't the case for him. Yesterday i remembered my spell. And today i woke up and i knew what i had to do. I had to break it. Unfortunately i did n't have the chord i used anymore(What could have happened to it? I did n't throw it out!Weird!). So, over a candle i cut him loose. I said " I untie you so you can be free" nine times, because nine were the knots on the chord. I did n't expect it to be an emotional situation for me. I was wrong. It did n't feel like letting go of memories and an old love, but a piece of myself. What i realised then is when you cast a binding spell you not only bind that person to you but also the other way around. Although i was n't in love with him, i have connected him with my younger self. Which leads us to something we already all know. Stupidity and witchcraft is a bad combination lol.
After all that i felt like pumpering myself(like i need a reason to do that!I am so spoiled!). So, i cut a bit of fresh peppermint from my balcony and i filled a can with ice, water and the peppermint. Yumm! It was perfect for that crazy, hot, humid greek weather. After that i came to tell you all about it and here i am!
Brightest blessings my loves,


Dreaming of the beach...

Greetings blogfriends. I am back. Hopefully there will be no distractions this time. How have you been handling the last two eclipses(one lunar and one solar). The lunar eclipse affected me the most. I could n't ground myself, i could n't concentrate, my period came late, and i felt i had no energy. Thank Goddess all these are in the past.
It is July and i still have n't gone swimming. This is very weird in greek standards, but i had no time and i am a bit spoiled. I always want to go to beaches that are exceptional, not just close to home. Although i know there is nothing as cleansing as the sea, i want to dive into clear waters and step on golden sand while i have my privacy, so i can meditate listening to the waves crushing on the shore. I definitely do not want to fight for a spot, avoid tennis balls and hear crying babies in my little spare time. What can i say? I like to pamper myself.
My favourite activities while at the beach are:
*Building worse castles than most 7 year olds(for real!)
*Yoga when there are no people to stare at me... the weird lady saying ommm
*Collecting rocks and sea shells
*Meditating especially during the night
*Trying to walk with my hands under water
*Having rituals for the Esbats and Sabbats
I am sure now you understand why i want my privacy.
Do you have fun at the beach? Have you ever practiced magic by the water? What are your favourite activities there?


Drums in the house... not a good idea!

Greetings blogland. I missed you so much. I am inexcusable. I have n't been here for a long time. I feel guilty but i had a lot of fun. Between work, witchcraft, meditation, crafts(my balcony looks like a jungle!), reading and spending time with friends i drifted away from blogland and i did n't even realise it.
I bought even more plants and when my project is finished i m going to post pictures. I read a few vampire themed books although i was such a snob about them in the past and i am hooked. I am never going to be judgemental ever again. At least i will try.
It is difficult to write this post because Petros's little brother is playing on our drums and with all the noise it is really hard to concentrate.
Oh dear Goddess my eardrums! I can't do it! I will come back as soon as i can think again.
Brightest blessings,