Out goes the stress...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you all. I have been busy with chores, work, organising and trying not to let stress into my life again. I keep trying. This is hard work. I used to be(that's right, past tense) one of those people that are constantly in a state of anxiety, worrying about every little thing. Lately i have been better. I rarely freak out and it is always for a good reason. But the moon is waning and it is perfect to chase it out of my life for good.
Long baths, meditation, herbal teas are all fine but they are temporary solutions. It takes deep changes to get rid of stress. I realised that all i had to do was listen to myself and try to find serenity inside me, not in the external reality. This is my way to alleviate stress. I do not let myself panic. I am sure some of you are saying, yeah right, how did n't i think of this? But optimism is how i got through this. I am still not the calmest person in the world, but everything feels different.
My life has changed a lot. I am taking better care of myself. I am on a more wholesome diet. I even started working out, although i ingured myself and i have to wait for the pain to go away until i try again. My lack of grace is embarrassing. The athlete i am, after only three weeks of working out, i twisted my knee! At least i remembered how much i enjoy kick boxing. The only downside is that i do not have a partner. Someone who likes kick boxing too, so we can work out together.
So, now that i understand how important thi is, i will not let myself stress over conservatory exams, work, my car, the wedding, vacations and other people's problems. I will handle everything with calmness. I will stay cool and i will not push myself beyond my limits. Until this crazy period is over i will burn rose-lavender insence, drink camomile tea, sleep a lot, and provide doable solutions.
Negativity out, love and light in.
How do you handle stressful situations?



Shadow said...

some days are easy, some day nothing i try seems to work... ah well..... but a good session of drumming usually helps.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I am the kind of person who has to get it done! If I am stressed about homework-it drives me to get the work done right away and done well- then no more stess.
If I am stressed about things I can't control, I haven't quite figured out how to truly alleviate that- sometimes I do other things to distract me, sometimes I visualize it going away, or me burning a paper with the source of stress written on it, or something of that source. sometimes wine or a good cry helps.
Glad you've figured out what works for you!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Oh- another comment- boy am I talkative today-
I try to dispel stress before it comes to me. I do feel better wearing crystals or gems- I have amber and turquiose on now- I like citrine and rudilated quartz though- they dispel depression and negativity which is a cause of my stress.
another thing I am trying is orgonite- I bought mine from another blogger and it feels great :http://www.witch-blog.com/

that's all for now :)

athenagirl said...

I spend a lot of time in places with power around my home, and in my own sacred place.
And while they aren't permanent or always healthy, going for a run or flopping down to watch TV frequently holds off the stress.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm glad for you!

I handle stress by reminding myself that no matter how bad things might look at a particular moment, when that instance (good or bad) passes, like will continue happening and I'll have numerous chances to make a bad situation good or a good situation better.

Yep, I'm a positive Witch!

deb famularo said...

This is an awesome post, and I needed to hear it. When I am stresed, I try to create to get my mind in another mode, a happier one. Tried shopping when I'm stressed, but that wasn't too good for my wallet- and the hubby wasn't thrilled with me either- so that's not a recommended option!I like that idea of writing stresses on paper and burning it- I need to try that.....xoxo deb