A blog award!

Thank you MotherMoon This wonderful blogger, that i am sure you all know, gave me this award. The rules are to sum your blogging motivation, experience and inspiration in 5 words and pass it on to five others.
My five words are Life,Light, Love,Learn and Share.
And i am passing this to Diandra from That witch is true ,
Judy from Judy's photos ,
Mary aka mxtodis123 from
K from Banterings of a Basketcase and
Soraya from Spellbound by Moonlight
I would also give to Nellie but she already got it..twice!!
I finally did it. Thank you pink dreamer!


greekwitch said...

I tried a million times. I can not make a link. I give uuuup!!!!!

apinkdreamer said...

θα σε βοηθησω με ενα ξορκι: επέλεξε καθε ονομα (ξεχωριστα) και πατα απο πανω συνδεσμο. θα σου βγαλει ενα εικονιδιο. εκει μεσα γραφεις το λινκ και μετα οκ.
συγχαρητηρια για το βραβειο! το αξιζεις!!!

Shadow said...

congratulations! great award!!!

Anonymous said...

very much deserved my lovely xx

Diandra said...

Too bad - I had hoped for a cheesecake recipe. (^v^)

Congratulations and thank you!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Thank You! And you do have substance.

Soraya said...

<3 Thank you, love! I wish I could give you one in return. Heh!

VintageSage said...

Congratulations! Your blog is JUST adorable!!!

Changing Girl said...

you totally deserve it!