Save the bees, spread the word...

Greetings blogfriends. How are you doing?  I am worried.  These last couple of weeks everywhere I go I happen to see dead bees. At the beginning,  the witch in me took it as a bad omen.  Bad news and worry on the way, which came true.  But then the bees kept dieing.  I wanted to think it was the sudden changes in the weather or a coincidence.  But even if my experience was a fluke we all know that bees are dieing and the horrific things that this entails for our planet. I never use pesticides, I plant many flowers a year and I leave sugar water on leaves and flowers now and then. I try to buy organic except for when the money difference seems astronomical. But I thought,  if one of you reads this and leaves some sugar water out there,  or plants some seeds,  that it might make a difference for our little friends and so, here I am.
On a magical note,  bees are used in many love spells they represent a love that stings and makes the bound part obedient and willing to make sacrifices. They also represent  and are protected by the fae, so if you are using elemental magic always take care of them. Their coming over one's head means good luck and happiness. Honey is used in many spells to seal something with sweetness or abundance. Never kill a bee for a spell this will have repercussions.  Always,  seek them on the ground in autumn but make sure they are already dead and you played no part on their death.
So, dear witchfriends the next time you light a candle say a prayer for protection for them. They need all the help they can get