My Solstice baby is here

She is the most amazing creature i have ever set my eyes on. The softest thing i ever touched and her smell is divine. She was born on the Magic Cusp at 6.14pm with a ceasarean because after 12 hours of labour, two oxytocin bags and other drugs i can not remember, i  still was n't dialated at all, because of her position. But despite things not going as planned what is important is that i brought into the world a pink, healthy baby that weighed 3380kg.
 I on the other hand could be better.I returned from the hospital with a uti. My back is killing me, i can not walk,but i am getting better every day. I can't wait to be on my feet so i can enjoy her even more. Sleep deprivation plus hormones equals me crying over every little thing. Baby can't latch on my nipples, i cry. The amount of breastmilk i pump is little for her and the doctor says i should supplement, i cry. I freak out so badly, about every little thing that has to do with her. I am worried all the time. I am having great difficulty to center and find my balance. But then she sleeps on my chest and i watch her and i feel the happiest and fullest i have ever been.
While i was giving birth i asked of my husband to burn a piece of paper with a protective spell i wrote for her. Then while it was the full moon he did the first magical thing of his own. He thanked the Moon Goddess for us. He texted me that while i was in the hospital and i thought that this was the sweetest thing.
I hope your Solstice was a magical and powerful one full of fairy dust and love.