Prosperity spell - Magical yellow rosepetals

Hi my loves! I baked my pie yesterday and i can proudly say that i have n't eaten all of it! Yeih me! Today i want to share with you guys another spell for prosperity. This is a variation of the magical rosepetals that i have posted about in the past. But for this spell you will need yellow rosepetals, to symbolise wealth and fortune.
Yellow rosepetals are great for money spells. This is because it combines the energies of the roses (luck, love, attraction) and of the yellow colour Sun qualities. You can always powder them and burn them as incense along with mandrake root and cinnamon on your work place to promote good business.
But to make the magical rosepetals you will need a yellow or gold candle, mandrake root powder and candio(red sugar incense that you can substitute with musk incense).  You take the fresh rosepetal and dip it in the melted candle and then sprinkle it with the mandrake and the incense. Form it with your hands so there is plenty of candle and incense per rosepetal  while you think of your goals and put all the intent of the most specific desires you have about your finances.Then let it dry on a silver plate or your cauldron. Charge it on the waxing moon and burn it on a full moon along with your favourite prayer for money.
Be blessed, be loved and be very very lucky!


Prosperity spells part 1 - Apple pie- full Moon

Greetings blogfriens. How are you? The holiday season is upon us and i have started decoraing the house. I brought in a few small (tiny is the word) evergreens from ikea and put them around the house. I am putting lights and glitter on everything and i am still trying to find the perfect items to make a fresh wreath.These days i was constantly baking pies and cookies and then i kept eating them so i decided to stop. I am still in baking mode but i am in a more healthy mood. There is a silver lining there and i am determined to find it. I intend to search the internet to find the best healthy recipe fo cookies. 

With everything going on around us and the mess we call economy here, i constantly feel the need to make my home more welcoming and to make hearty warm meals for our friends and family. The last couple of weeks our house was filled with friends and there is almost all the time someone spending the night in our comfy couch. I want to create a strong sense of hearth and unity. I believe it is very important because anyone who dares to turn on his tv is in a lot of danger for clinical depression in the first few seconds. Because of the grimm situation and the lack of holiday spirit i have decided to make this holiday the best one ever. 
But because we also need good luck more than ever i decided to create a series of my favourity prosperity spells. Today is the apple pie spell. I am not a kitchen witch. But i love this spell because you get to share your good fortune with the people you love by giving them a treat. The point of those kind of spells is that as many people try the food the more positive energy you get in return. 
This is more of an apple cake than a pie, mostly because you mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then you bake them. It is very easy, very yummy and all of the ingredients are innately magickal!
I am not good with measuring stuff becauseit really bores me, so you are going to have to figure out the dosage by yourselves!
The list of ingredients is:
-flour-whole wheat is best- (to represent the harvest)
-eggs(for fertile business)
-apples and apple juice(for prosperity)
-honey(for luck and good fortune)
-raisins(also to represen the harvest)
-cinnamon(for money)
-clover(also for money)
-nutmeg(for good fortune)
-ground walnuts(for divine blessing)
-and olive oil(for money as well)
As you can see there is not one thing in there that we do not usually use in spells. Before you bake it carve with a knife a pentagram on top even if the mix is too watery and immediaty dissapears. This spell is one i always do during the harvests because it correspondes so well with them but you can do it any time you want during the waxing period or on a full moon.
Remember to mix the ingredients  deosil to raise Sun energies and as you do it visualise yourself wealthy, happy, and healthy. As you share the cake with your friends and family you bring good luck in their lives and yours multiplies. Just do n't forget to eat a piece as well.
It would be great to bake this today because it is the night of the full moon and a very powerful one indeed because it is also a lunar eclipse. It is one of those great times that the Sun energies and the Moon energies connect in unique ways. Just be careful for minor accidents because there can be such a thing as too much energy in the air!


Cleansing and protecting

Greetings blogfriends. It has been a while. I missed writing here a lot but it was one of those times that i did n't feel like i could write at all. Although...i have been lurking at your blogs(a lot!) either silently or not so silently. This Samhein was wonderful, we celebrated it with family with fortune telling, making smudges and  lots of good food. I can't believe such a major holiday passed and i didn't blog about it. Such a shame! But when you are in a writing funk there is nothing that can help.
The weather in Athens is still warm. That is about to change, but i can still enjoy the warm Sun. We did n't have much rain but we are going to and the first water of the Fall is always great for cleansing your home's energy. So, i am going to save some and put it in a sprayer with rosemary essential oil. Then i am going to go around the house and spray it all over walls, curtains,plants and furniture. This will keep the negativity at bay.
Now that the winter is coming i have more the need to cast cleansing  and protection spells. This is because we stay more in the house, with lots of people coming over, we do not open the windows as much and there are a lot of stagnant energies. I have to work on the energy of the house much more than i used to in the Summer months. Crystalls should be charged and placed strategically on various spots, plants should be cared for so they can bring more positivity, charms should be worn by family and pets, talismans should be placed at doors and a new wreath shold be made for the front door. So much to be done and in such a little time and in a little while the preparations for the Solstice will have to begin.
Thank Goddess i love doing all the things need to be done(except for the unmentioned spring cleaning which i hate).
Do you feel a more intense need for cleansing and protection this time of the year?


Saturn in Scorpio, my oh my!

Greetings blogfriends. How are you my lovelies? I was just snacking on a slice of bread with some cottage cheese and two very greedy souls(my dog and one of my cats) worked together to give me the saddest, most hungry looks you 've ever seen, and there goes my snack. Now i am hungry and pissed, because they had already eaten more than their share for the day, and yet my snack ended in their bellies! Well, of course it is also my fault for being such a push over!
Today is the day that Saturn starts its journey in Scorpio. For most that does n't mean much but since me and hubby are 28 years old (today is Petros's birthday),  it is time for the dreadful return. This means that it returns to the same point it was when we were born and means that some valuable lessons are to be learned. Whether it is with the easy or the hard way it is mostly up to us.
That being told Saturn in Scorpio is a hard one for all of us indeed. It makes us face our own mortality and it greately emphasises the cycle of  life, death and rebirth, in the spiritual or even in the physical way. This time we will also focus on our sexuality, our sexual identity and we have to really be careful for everything that has to do with sexual transmitted diseases. But at least the relationships in our life can breath again. Now that Scorpio has left Libra means that the relationships, especially the romantic ones, that survived are here to stay!
But, although Saturn in Scorpio may have a lot of uglies(!!!)  it also brings forth a lot of interest and fascination by the occult. Everything supernatural has a little bit more oomph to it. People born under this particular influence are very intuitive and very gifted in every metaphysical sense! Which means that some very lucky kids are about to be born and also that i am very awesome lol!
So, hold tight and prepare for the ride.
Be blessed, be loved and be very, very sexy!


Full moon offerings and crossroad magic

Hello blogfriengs. How are you? I am just relaxing from all the full moon craze. Every month during that phase of the Moon i get this charge of energy that makes it really hard for me to sleep. I can't keep still and i want to have sex all the time! Too much information? Sorry about that! The good thing is that by the time the waning begins my house is at its cleanest, my plants are well cared for and my pets are happy from all the attention, grooming and different treats they get to eat. As i mentioned earlier my husband can't complain either.
This full moon did not involve an elaborate ritual. Everything was about giving thanks to the Goddess, since this was the first full moon after Mabon. So, while i was walking my dog at night i took five branches of rosemary and made a pentagram. I placed it in a beautiful crossroad  near by that is surrounded by eucalyptus and poplar trees as an offering to the Goddess and asked for protection and love. Then, i put in the middle of it, a jasmine flower that i took from my hair(while walking i found a jasmine plant and ...one thing led to another...and i played fairy princess again!).
Don't you love crossroads at night? Whenever i step into one i feel peaceful and powerful at the same time. This is why i use crossroad's dirt so often. Crossroad 's dirt is used for grounding, decision making, path blessings, summoning of ancestors, love bindings, and even elemental summonings. This is because of their attribute of not belonging to a specific road yet being part of many. They are also sacred to the Moon Goddess so they are perfect for full moon offerings, hence the pentagram.
Whenever i need to know something important about the future and the usual divinational methods are not enough, i go to a three roads crossroad near my summer house, where noone ever comes(it is a dirt road, that is only used from farmers) and i meditate right in the middle and spread my cards right there, on the dirt. It has never failed me. If i could find a spot like that here in the city, i think i would never leave.
Three path crossroads were sacred to Hekate and they symbolise past, present and future as well as her Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects.So, whenever you find one that is quiet, get your butt down there and ask every question about your future that comes to mind. Take full advantage!
So, what did you do this full moon? Did you celebrate? Did you cast any spell?
Be blessed, be loved and be powerful!


Blessed Equinox!

Happy Mabon! May this day bring you balance, joy and love!  For those of you that celebrate Ostara enjoy the Spring and talk to the fairies. For those of you on the nothern hemisphere i wish you a great and blissful harvest. Drink a glass of wine and eat grapes and pomegranades. Give offerings to the Goddess for all she has given you and be thankful in your hearts for all that matters in your lives.
I am thankful for my husband.
I am thankful for the rest of my family(relatives, and animals included!).
I am thankful for my work and my singing.
I am thankful for our home.
I am thankful for my friends.

Blessed be!


Spell to lose weight-sympathetic magick

Greetings wonderful bloggers. How have you been? I  am feeling great. Back on my feet, so to speak, but  i still wanted to give a little boost to myself , especially towards my healthiness goals. I have been meaning to write this post a little earlier but with all that buzz going around the internet about obese pagans, it did n't feel right to me. As i already told you before i got really frustrated about close minded people being unaccepting and judgemental towards one another, whether it had to do with weight or veils or fashion choices for that matter.
I truly believe that Paganism as a religion or more like it as a philosophy, has the rare quality of  being a mosaic of beliefs and practices and the common ground is most of the time the love of the Earth and the love of the Mother and Father. Individuality is a big part of our faith and acceptance should be a given. Let me say that i believe all bodies are sacred, all bodies are beautiful no matter the age, the height, the weight, the colour of  the skin, hair, eyes.
As long as i can remember i battled with extra pounds. In the past they used to be imaginary until they became very real. And then from being skinny i got to be obese. Then after the Goddess's help doctors found what was wrong with me and fixed some hormonal imbalancies and weight loss was possible again. I lost a lot of weight since and now have less but still a lot to go. It takes a lot of hard work but now i do not stress about it, because losing weight is  something that comes naturally and is not forced.
The Autumn Equinox is almost here, one of my favorite celebrations and the quest for balance is emphasised by nature Herself. If one of your balance goals is losing weight this spell has helped me a lot in the past. It falls into the category of sympathetic magick, because you will make a poppet of yourself from flour and water. This is one of the reasons why this spell is so fitted for a Mabon celebration. You will need except for flour and water, a candle, a piece of beautiful red fabric, a piece of belladonna root, a few red rosepetals, some sandalwood and a few mandrake flakes.
 It will seem hard at first and it will probably  not come out perfect but you will still put your intent into the poppet. You will shape it into your ideal shape(more or less again you are not going for perfect here) and you will put the hands together to the belly of the poppet as if they hold a bouquet. There you will put the piece of belladonna root(which stands for beautiful lady). Then you will put the poppet into the red fabric and spinkle on top some red rose petals, sandalwood and a few mandrake root flakes. As always in sympathetic magick you have to put a lot of you into the poppet. You will add some hair of yours touching your poppet's  top of head, you will take some of your saliva with your finger and put it where the mouth should be and you will drop a drop of your blood at the place where the heart should be. Then you will write on a piece of paper your wish burn it over the candle burning in front of you(although this is clearly a Venus spell i usually burn red candles for these types of spells, its your choice) and put the ashes in the areas you want to transform. Close the fabric around the poppet and bury it, in your garden, in a sacred spot, or even in a pot. Just make sure noone will see it or move it.

That being said, there is also a wonderful Fall challenge at get of your broom you should check out here. Serenity Raven always manages to keep me inspired and motivated.
Until next time, be blessed, be loved and be very very witchy!



Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I really missed you. The following post is not the one i intended to write. It is a rant. So, run while you still can. The Wheel is turning and once again you can smell it in the air. The days are shortening but are warm and full of light. The nights the breeze  makes my soul travel. This is my favorite time of the year...usually. Not this year. I spent all summer dreading this moment. The time that it all starts all over again. This is my first day in the conservatory and i could n't help it but cry. The pressure is too much. I knew it would be like that and i spent my summer hiding and watching tv shows. I could n't come here and write. Writing requires thought and thoughts come with emotions and i was blocking them. I had so much to share with you. A weight loss spell that i know you would love. Some archaic german spells that i found really interesting. The Eco Eco Azarac debate. But this time i find it really hard to stop spiralling inwards and let go of  fear. Will i make it? Will i be good? Will the time be enough? 

Once again this place works as a copying mechanism. It sure is cheaper than a shrink! 
Be blessed, be happy and be calm. I promise i will return soon with some interesting stuff! I just needed to ge a few things off my chest.


Get upa get on up!

Dear blogfriends, how are you? I am in a huge battle with myself trying to convience me that hugging a pillow on the couch all day is not healthy living and definitely not spiritual. Yes, i meditate more than ever but is only because it does n't require me standing up. What is up with my energy levels? Next step would be taking my coffee intervenally. Perhaps it is post holidays blues, especially since it is so hot and i miss the sea and the wind. Also, i had the worst period these past couple of days that i had in years, i had cramps that brought me to tears and the ginger teas, the medication and the hot pad did n't help. All i could do all day is focus on my breathing and meditate and every time i lost my concentration i screamed in pain. I think it is time for a gynaecologist appointment. My energy levels, the cramps they all seem hormonal to me.
The thing is i know what to do. I have to work out. It is the only way to feel energised and in control again. But no matter what i visualise, or affirmations i repeat, it has been a week and it is time to stop this nonsense. Sometimes we just need to relax but this is going on for too long now and the lack of exercise is starting to make me feel foggy.
Perhaps this wonderful Esbat and Sabbat that is coming up will get my juices flowing again(that sounded wrong to me, but these days i can barely speak in greek let alone english!). I will bake a berry pie for Lammas and make a beautiful wreath and i will light some candles and thank the Goddess for all She has given us. It will be a simple celebration this one, unless i feel better by then.
How do you guys deal with gloomy feelings and lethargic tendencies?


Pagan community issues

Greetings blogfriends. I am a little frustrated. Whatever i read today is about discrimination. Some people have issues with pagans veiling themselves. Some people have issues with pagans that are obese. The truth is that there can not be love without acceptance and what people do to express their faith or what they eat is noone's business. If we pagans know something, is that spirituality comes in many forms. We get so mad when christians, or people in general do not accept our paths and so many pagans out there are disrespectful of others. Why can't we show our love to each other, no matter what? Why should we accept others only if they do things our way, or look a specific way? Be blessed, be loved and be full of peace.


Life changing decisions caught me by surprise

Greetings wonderful blogfriends! I missed you terribly. But i have been lurking around your blogs, spying on your lives and your words of wisdom without making any comments most of the time. This last year has been extremely productive and amazingly artistic, but as my birthday approaches some things are becoming clear to me. I was on vacation in a beautiful isolated greek island called Mathraki. The beach was sandy, two klms long and we were the only two people on it for most of the time. The water of the sea had a green, blue and gold colour and it was so clear as if in a pool and pretty warm. The whole vacation was an extremely metaphysical experience and the place full of butterflies, chirping birds and a green forest that begun right after the beach was like a meditational creation of my imagination. I could n't ask for a more magical place. I stayed there for ten beautiful days, swimming all day long, hiking in the forest in the afternoons and i meditated every day. When your life so suddenly pauses for a while, and everything else seems to stay still you understand how hectic your ways are. For as long as i can remember, i have been doing too many things at the same time, trying too hard not to fail in any of them. I had to attend the university, my classical singing studies, and work full time. I was always overworked, overstressed living too many lives at once. Then i quit school and my work blossomed and my classical studies went great. This last year with two years left for my diploma, my studies became challenging and much more time consuming than i ever could imagine. I have one year left which i dread and cherish at the same time. But lately, i realised i want a baby. This, me the psychic, i had n't seen it coming. My plans were to take my diploma and audition for singing roles while working. But, i can not be a soprano, a working psychic and a mom. Two of those things would be too much just by themselves. So, the reality hit me in the face when i least expected it. After my diploma and all that work, i would n't sing anymore. It is the end of a wonderful and long journey. But i know i will not regret it. I want a baby. And this is a far more fulfilling journey, for me. I will give my best this one last year. But for once singing will be a hobby. It was never that. But being a psychic, expect that i lead a successful business, fills my every day with magic. I love singing, but in my core i am a witch. It is not just that i love it more. It is who i am. Filling my day with metaphysical activities, working on my magic and connecting with the elements and the Goddess, makes me happy. Makes me feel like i am home. Be blessed, be loved and be relaxed it is summer for crying out loud!


Super moon-Solar eclipse. My, oh my!

Greetings my dearest blogfriends. I have n't been here in a while and i was surprised by all the changes. I missed you so much. But when i was not working or studying i have been enjoying the sun and the sea. We discovered a secluded beach surrounded by steep rocks and amazing nature with the clearest waters just an hour away from home. I am sure that as the weather gets warmer we will see many more visitors at this magical place. But i have n't had that much fun at sea since i was a kid. Building castles and throwing rocks in the water certainly takes all the stress away. This Sunday i was in the vote collecting committee and it was terrifying to open the envelops and see that many votes for the fascist party. Scary! The panic of the people drove them into some stupid decisions. But also some smart ones too. They said no to all the injustice and the message was loud and clear. They can't keep on munching of poor people, driving them to despair so that rich people can get even richer. Although there is a lot of uncertainty at this point i am optimistic and full of hope that my country will make it through. We are survivors after all. Keep us in your thoughts. We need all the positive energy we can get. Did you see the full moon? She was unbelievably beautiful. I saw Her rising from the sea and showering the waters with Her magical silver. I could feel Her power running through my body and blessing me. I could n't do a ritual, i could only stand there and be amazed by Her grace. Did you know a solar eclipse is fastly approaching? The super moon and the eclipse are keeping us on our toes. It is going to get even more intense. We need to remain calm, ground ourselves properly as much as we can, meditate and try to maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule. If we manage to do that we might even be able to use that energy.. When we have an eclipse the lunar feminine powers dominate over the solar masculine ones. It occurs on a new moon. And it is a time when we have a night within a day, and we feel like the world holds still for just a glimpse. It is very magical and it can be very useful. You can use that time for scrying and divination in general. Also, it is a great time for a spiritual blessing of yourselves, if you want your psychic abilities to evolve. And last but not least. The solar eclipse has waning powers of the Moon(new moon) and also for just a little while of the Sun. You can use that to get rid of energies, feelings and even situations. Have you planned anything for that day? Whatever you do, just remember to enjoy the powerful sensation of it. Be blessed, be loved and be magical. Georgina.


Spring midnight walk while the Sabbat is one breath away

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? Here finally the weather is not so unbearably cold and today was an amazingly beautiful day. I mean the whole deal, sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming. I had a couple of invigorating walks. One in the morning and one that i just returned from. It was around midnight when i went out and one and a half hour later i had to convience myself to go back home. The smells of the nightblooming flowers and the foggy street lights were calling me, pulling me further into the night. The stars above me whispered messages of the Goddess. Spring is not officially here yet but my soul feels once again free.
The Equinox is fastly approaching and as always besides my best intentions most of the things i have planned on doing seems like they are not going to be happening. Mercury's retrograde motion does n't help of course. Neither that pagan holidays are n't recognised as such and life keeps on going as usual. I am lucky that i have my own business and arrange my time as i wish, but still chores and responsibilities make it difficult to connect in the ways i want to. Drop everything and go to the forest, sing to the birds and ground myself to the energies of the Earth and the Sun, sounds simple but sometimes it is plain impossible.
But still, i have high hopes of making wreaths, eating strawberries, plantimg a few more flowers(yes, the madness continues), meditating with the sounds of my wind chimes, having a small ritual to welcome Spring and perhaps painting triquetras and pentagrams on a few eggs.
Tomorrow morning i am going to the National Garden with Petros for a walk and i can not wait to suck all that beauty in. I would prefer to do that on the Equinox but beggers can't be choosers. It is blessed enough that the new moon is almost at the same time as the Equinox. I just love it when Sabbats and Esbats go hand in hand.
Be blessed, be loved and do not forget to breath in as much as Spring happiness as you possibly can.


Of all the luck

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I am getting better every day. The unbelievable amount of herbal remedies seem to be working and that is the second time in the row, i managed to get through such a severe cold without antibiotics. Of course i infuse each cup with power by casting a spell, but still this is big.
Yesterday me and Petros have been drinking our coffee in the balcony, not really because the weather was good but mostly because we wished it was. We both miss Spring and basically everybody i speak with has had enough of this cold. But, we tried to enjoy the Sun dressed in layers. At this point i have to share with you the embarassing fact about me that every time i get a chance, i drop in all fours and search for four leaf clovers. In all my 27 years not once it has worked. And then, P. asks me have you checked in this pot for a four leaf clover? I had last year but..no luck(no pun intended). After a few seconds he found one and then a five leaf clover and then i finally found one too. I could n't believe it, all in one pot.
It is said that where you find one, fairies live. My fairy garden actually worked! Four leaf clovers protect against evil magic and give good luck. Some say each leaf has a special meaning: fame, wealth, faithful lover and health(what else a person could ask for?). When the finder gives it immediately after he picks it to someone else his luck multiplies. If you wear it, you can see fairies(i can't wait to try that out!). It is also believed that when you find it you will meet your other half the same day, although clovers with two leaves are mostly associated with love.
For every one four leaf clover there are 10.000 three leaf ones. Five leaf clovers are even rarer. The five leaf clover is supposed to bring great riches and luck. When P. told me he found one i was a bit frightened. I have never heard of one. When i got it on my hand, i knew it was a sign of the Goddess and i immediately made the connection with the pentagram. I put it in my wealth charm. But there is a lore that says the five leaf clover is a sign of misfortune and witches use it to gain evil powers. But i believe this comes from an era of fear of witchcraft and magic.
I just realised that i have n't yet thanked the fairies for these amazing gifts, but i shall right away.
Have you searched recently for a four leaf clover?
Be blessed, be loved and be very lucky!


Blessed Esbat

It is a very cloudy night and i can't see Her yet. But i hope you will all enjoy Her. Have a beautiful full moon. I am going to do a healing prayer for my mom because she will be having knee surgery on Monday. I will burn eucalyptus amd rosemary incense and let the fumes carry my message to the heavens.
Blessed be my blogfriends.


Spring must spring!!!

Greetings blogfriends. I am still here. This was the longest hiatus i have taken from blogland. For some peculiar reason, i could n't write. I wanted to. I tried, but words were n't coming out in the right order. I felt really bad about this. I love my blog and blogging, but for some reason that i have n't figured out yet, i just could n't. I was in an introvert mode, not really social in real life too, but i do not think that was it. I think i was a little burned out, from working long hours and constantly studying. But those are good things and i feel blessed for my life.
Right now i am watching a small bird eating from the bird feeder in my balcony. He visits me with his friends every day and they play, eat and chirp happily, driving Shadow(my cat) nuts. Me, the birds, and my pets can not wait for this long and hard winter to come to an end.
Tomorrow is the first night of the full moon and i want to take this opportunity to thank the Goddess for blessing our home with love, luck, warmth, health, food and light. I will throw some flowers, small leaves and petals to the air and i will begin the long process of preparing the house for the Spring Equinox. There are wreaths to be made, plants to be taken care of, decorations to be crafted and celebrations to be arranged. A festival of balance and warmth is coming and i can hardly wait. I believe i have never felt such an intense anticipation for Spring. Being down with a cold does n't help of course. I want to feel the rays of the Sun upon my skin, the long afternoons with ice teas and lemonades, the long walks at nights.
How about you? What do you miss?