First night of the Full Moon!

Greetings blogfriends. Tonight is the first night of the Full Moon and i have a bunch of things to do. As usual, a rosemary pentagram is to be made and left as an offering to my favorite crossroads, as a thank you for the greatest gift the Goddess ever gave us. Also, i recently bought a pretty moonstone amulet for protection for the baby and tonight it is to be charged. What i am kind of dragging my feet around, is going outside and tending to my plants. I have negleted them and deprived them of my love and care. Of course they are watered regularly but there is so much more i need to do. Since the rain has ceased for a while the neighborhood birds are to be fed today. One of the last feedings for the Winter. When Spring comes i gradually provide less food to them until the weather gets cold again.
Since the Wheel is about to turn, i have to do some fairy work as well. Their tree( a big pomegranade one) is about to bloom again and i have spotted a  couple of brand new four leafed clovers under it). Offerings are to be made, spells to be cast and definitely some meditation time is in order.
If after all that i have some energy left(i am still recovering from the cold) i will bake a cake to have some to offer but also for some belly yumminess!
Have a blessed Esbat and a magical weekend!


I am ready for Spring already!

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? I am trying to focus on the positive of this cold and hard winter. I hate cold and i love summer. The hotter the weather the happier i am, which i know it is not something you find often in people. But the winter is almost coming to its end there are a few things that we still get to enjoy. So, i will focus on them.
I love the hot steaming teas and coffees( although to be completely honest i prefer the iced versions of them!). I love the warm clothes and the accesories. I love that i get to hug my husband for long periods of times and spoon with him under the covers. We do not do it as the weather gets hot because he has a very fast metabolism and although he is skinny he sweats like a pig. Even now in the middle of the winter, i hug him and he is often  covered in sweat while i am shivering.
I  love the mist that covers everything in the night. I love watching the wood burning in the fireplace and listen to the sounds of it. I love watching the trees while they dance to the wind. I love eating food hot from the stove. I love watching my cats sleeping in front of the fire, and putting the pink fluffy coat to my dog, so she can enjoy her walk(she hates the cold too, dreads rain and can't stand snow).
But most importantly i love that the winter is ending!
How about you? What is your favourite thing about winter?


I guess i need a shrink!

I used to enjoy waking up before everyone else and enjoy the day just as she was being born. But then i fell in love with a drummer and if we ever get to go to sleep around 1 am we call ourselves lucky. I need my sleep. 8 hours is the minimum for me. I can not function with less. I can not work with little sleep, because when i am doing a reading i have to be as close to feeling perfect as possible. I tend to overeat when i have n't slept well. Sometimes i get headaches and i am in such a bad mood.
I wonder in what ways our life will change now with the baby. I always wait for Petros to come home from a gig or a rehearsal, or a trip. That is mostly because i can't sleep well without him but also because when Phoebe(the dog!) hears him park the car, she starts running up and down, sobbing from joy, taking down numerous stuff in her path and i eventually wake up. If i wake up in the middle of the night it is extremely difficult for me to get back to sleep, so i choose to stay up and wait for my husband to return  patiently.  Well, obviously that will have to stop.
It is hard for me not knowing how some things will work. I am a planner. I need to know what is up ahead. It is in my blood. I do a daily reading for me, and a montly one and a yearly one and when something is bothering me, or stresses me out i read my cards many times a day. So, not knowing exactly how things will work is bugging me, the least... I understand that this is one of the things you can not prepare, or anticipate, when you are a first time mom, and that i just have to wait and see, but i have so many questions constantly in my head. How exactly will i be working? Could i have the baby with me in the readings like my mom did? How much Petros's schedule will change? Will he be enough around? Will i need  extra help? Will i manage to take next January my diploma or i will just go for a degree and get it over with? Will i bother the baby when i sing? And the biggest one of all.. Will i do a good job? Am i going to be a good mom for her?
So for now all i can do is prepare the best way possible. Make the nursery, baby proof the house, find music for her, plan her wiccaning, work on spells for babies, learn about breastfeeding, learn about babies in general(i know so little, it is scary), find a couple of good pediatricians and well relax.
Today i have been searching for the best dreamcatcher for her crib. I have n't bought the crib yet, but i know  which dreamcather i want. I am also working on the best combination  of herbs for a peaceful sleep pouch, because until now i have made only ones for prophetic dreams(and that is definitely not peaceful!) .
Wishing you guys lots of  luck and love, happiness and magic.


Back on my feet!

Greetings blogfriends. I want to thank you for all your positive wishes, healing thoughts and magick.I am so much better today. No diarrhea, no throbbing throat pain, no being sick to my stomach. If i did n't sound like a baritone and my nose was n't  still leaking, i would say the cold is gone. It is amazing what a good sleep can achieve. Yesterday night i was miserable, today i am almost healed, with just the help of some vapor rub and some chamomile tea.
I caught this cold from Petros. He was miserable for almost a week, the poor thing. I took good care of him and now he does too. I did my usual herbal potions with a healing Gaia spell for him and then me. Hopefully this is it for this year. This was my second cold (and Petros's millionth). In the past i used to be miserable with bronchitis, and even some times pneumonias, or in the most usual cases with tonsillitis for almost the whole winter. Until, i stopped using antibiotics. The first time i tried it i ended up with a horrible case of bronchitis so i had to take antibiotics. The second time i tried it, it took me about 15 days to actually heal, but i managed. And then i got sick less and less and last year i got sick just a couple of times and this year the same. This time i even convienced Petros to not take antibiotics, and hopefully he will stop getting sick all the time. I know it sounds crazy that antibiotics make you more vulnerable, but this is what happened to me.Of course now i take vitamin D3 and cod liver oil which are excellent immune boosters but that was n't the case last  year.
What do you do to boost your immune system in the winter?
Wishing you wishes of health and strenght.


Big whining baby!

Hi blogfriends! This week did not start the best way possible! I will spare you the details( you are thankful for that trust me!) but i will tell you that i am sick and sort of disgusting! And today i have a very full day work wise and i am trying to get into a functional state. Goddess bless chamomile and honey! This soothes all the things that need soothing in my body right now. Being sick while pregnant gives a  whole new meaning into the word miserable. I can't wait to take a shower. Yesterday i could n't because i was shivering.
My husband just asked me if i was telling everybody that i am sick. And i responded that i am whining in an international level. Sorry for that by the way. This sort of negativity does not go well with Monday mornings.
Wish me a fast recovery, plpease, i need your healing enrgies!


Love potion!

Greetings dear blogfriends! How are you? I am surviving this day so far just fine. You see i am sugar free for some time now and a big chocolate junkie so this day was supposed to be hard. But till now neither my husband or any friends caused a chocolate invasion, so everything is manageable!
Down to business. There is a love potion that i think i have n't shared with you already that my great grandmom showed my mom. It is like a mulled wine recipe.
You will put in a pot two glasses of red wine, two teaspoons of honey, two cloves, two cinnamon sticks, two nutmegs and the peel of an orange in two pieces. You will stir while you visualise an ideal(hot!) moment between you and the person you want. When it comes to a boil you withdraw it from the fire. And here comes the grewsome part, but feel free to skip it. You take a long needle and you pierce your left  index finger and  let two drops of blood fall into the wine, while you chant, we share now the blood of my heart(for like a gazillion times!). You then drain the liquid and put it in the refrigerator to cool. You can serve it like a sangria with apple cubes.
This is supposed to be made under the full moon and given to the object of your love on the same night(each person drinks its own glass of course).  But hell it is Vday and this stuff is yummy so go ahead and have some. It has afrodisiac qualities. It brings mostly lust and passion, excellent for a cold February night, don't you think?
Have lots of (safe) fun tonight!


Solomon's Seal

Good morning blogland. I want to thank everybody yesterday for all the help. I managed to delete over 40 blogs. I checked most of them but in case i deleted any blog of your own that is indeed active please let me know because i did by mistake. I am very happy that i can find now over 40 new blogfriends. I love to hunt down new blogs to love and people to stalk! Anyone scared yet?
New moon is coming in 3 days(February 10) and i can not wait for that. There is a lot of cleansing to be done and then 4 pieces of Solomon 's Seal(polygonatum)  will be put in the four corners of the house, to replace the old ones. I have n't done that in over two years, maybe more. This will protect the house, but  before the pieces are put in place, the house must be clean and cleansed. After that it feels like a protective bubble. When people come into my house they do not want to leave. They feel serene and calm and many have described the feeling like being in a small church. Especially for my clients that i see in my office, it is a time to breath freely and regroup. I like the fact that people feel so nice here, but sometimes i have hard time to stay within the limits of time of each appointment, and see everyone in time.
One of the reasons that my house needs all this cleansing is the amount of people that come in it. Everyone enters here with a specific set of problems and sorrows, things to fix, relationships to mend and emotions to release. Although energies are supposed to be exchanged it is important that they do not get stuck in my place, and that both the home and i are protected. So, i do a lot of smudging, water spells, salt spells, rituals, prayers and i burn various incenses. It seems excessive but it is really not.
So, if you feel the need to protect your home or even workspace, smudge while chanting an incantation you prefer for cleansing and then set four pieces of Solomon's Seal on the four corners of your place. Go deosil starting from the East, and hide the first piece there, somewhere that it is not in danger of being thrown away, vaccumed, or seen( it does n't matter if it a bit in the South side, or in the North. It is not easy to make a perfact square in a house. Then put the second in the South, the next in the West(or West-ish) and the last in the North corner of the house. Solomon's seal can also be a part of powerful talismans and it has great protective qualities. If you are not familiar with it yet, find some. I am sure you will love it.
Be blessed, be lucky , be smart and be charmed!
Love ya!!


Question to blogfriends..

Hey you guys.. Do you remember the old blogger, that it was easy and fast and everything was logical? You wanted to follow a blog? There you had it, easy! You wanted to leave a comment, there you had it, without a gazillion numbers to type that made you dizzy! The old days, you could manage easily the blogs you followed, now there is only a sad little add button. The thing is that this way there are many blogs that are n't active anymore and since there is n't a follow button on their sites i am stuck with them. That wwould n't be a problem if i have n't already reached the maximum amount of blogs to follow(300). Do any of you know if there is still a way with the new blogger to manage your blogs???
Hugs and kisses!


Spring cleaning- Imbolc

Hey blogpeople!! Don't you just love it when the Sun shines brightly and kicks you in the ass and off the sofa? Right now, i am typing this from a sofa but that is not the point. Since i bacame preggers and doc told me i had to rest, all the chores i was in charge of, became part of poor Petros's never ending to do list. Now if he was a woman he would end up over stressed, sleep deprived with a fully accomplished to do list.
Since he is a man, he was stress free, well rested and  with a full room of clolthes that need washing, that he probably figured out i will get on to as soon as i have the baby. You probably think i am exaggerating about a room full of clothes and for that reason i am very sorry i did n't take a before picture!  Just imagine that at some point my wonderful husband went out and bought himself some new clothes. If it was n't for clean underwear and my constant nagging he would n't have used the washing mashine at all these months. Well, to actually get to my point, last Friday the Sun shined brightly and the weather was n't as horrible as it was before, so reluctantly i begun washing clothes and towels, sheets and blankets and various other things. I pulled my back, a stomach muscle and a nerve in my arm, and although it is Tuesday and the poor washer did n't have a break yet, i still have a lot to go. I have clothes drying in the most weird of places and the whole house looks like a refuggee camp, but i am happy. I also cleaned up the kitchen, and went through most of our stuff, with an ending result of bags full of things to donate, recycle and throw away. Of course, as it always happens in those cases the house looks much worse than it did before, and i look like i was hit by a train, but i feel so much calmer.
Imbolc came with the promise of spring. Not just the promise of a better weather but an actual openness in our hearts and souls. I could feel the energies shifting, as they always do inside me and changing course from an introvert spiral to an extrovert one. That being said, since i was so busy, i did n't see any of my friends yet.  But i decluttered not just my house but my soul as well. If i could just stop eating i would feel perfect. Imbolc came and i thought it would be nice to celebrate with a pudding(since it is dairy) which i ate(inhaled) and i have n't stopped eating since. My ever expanding belly is growing in an unnatural way. I look like i am ready to pop and i am only in my 6th month. But i loved celebrating this holiday while pregnant. The feeling of my baby kicking while i am in the middle of a ritual is undescribable. Although, it is sometimes surprisingly difficult to center or ground yourself, because of all the new energies, it is wonderful to do anything magical in this condition. You have so much more love to give and you care more deeply than before for everything around you and when this transforms into magical energies, it is a fantastic sensation.
I did a lot of cleansing. I used all the elements and casted various spells , because it was much needed. There is still one more to do but i am waiting for the new moon. It is a three day spell of cleansing and protection , in the form of return to sender spells. I do not do spells like that often, but when an injustice has occured those sorts of spells are the only ones that can rid you of these energies. Someone stole from my wallet. It was only 50 euros, but nothing brings bad luck as if when someone steals from you. I always thought that was not fair, but it is the universe's way to alarm you to protect yourself. I am not being vindictive although when i first realised it i was pretty pissed, but we are all responsible for our actions and the energies we release into the cosmos.
Be blessed my loves, be happy and feel the Spring coming towards us.