The witch of Portobello

Greetings bloggers. How are you today? Preparing for Litha i guess. Well, whatever you are doing i hope you will have a blessed day. I just finished a book of Paulo Coelho "the witch of Portobello". If you have n't already read it, go quickly to your closest bookstore, you will not regret it. It is about a woman discovering her sacred path. It talks about the "Great Mother" and how the feminine side of the religion has grown once again stronger.
It is true that the worship of the Goddess has been strong many times in the past and it always ended bad, with persecutions blood and repression. As pagans we view time as a cycle. What has passed will be again. But do n't we grow? Will the Goddess be once again forgotten by most of men, just to make her apperance in another thousand years? Or have we actually learned from our mistakes, we can see where this brought us(killing our planet)and we will not repeat it all over? Have we grown? Are we more free? Will we be more free?
I want to believe that the path of our kind is a spiral, not a circle. It only appears we repeat our history, but every time we are one step further. So, maybe difficult times will come again, but not as difficult. Maybe this is the point of the spiral that our hearts have closed up to Her. Children in Africa(and in other places of the world) are killed, tortured and exiled everyday for being witches.
But maybe we will learn to love Her even more, love us even more. Lets all pray that one day people will not be killed in the name of religion and fundamentalists will not have power over our minds.
To honour Her have a walk in a "natural" place. Communicate with Her, with all of us.
Love, laugh and do n't play it safe,


Anonymous said...

I love Paulo Coelho. I'm reading Brida right now and last week I read Veronika decides to die.

He is a beautiful writer.

Tavin said...

If you like Paulo Coelho you will def like his book "Brida" it was beautiful....Hope you are having a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful post Georgina.

... and the universe agrees with you -life is a spiral, just look at the double helix of our dna, look at the spiral formations of galaxies. Nature works in spirals. We always talk of cycles, I'm guilty of it myself completely, but the truth of it is that the spiral is a symbol of the Goddess for good reason.
I hope you're right that this time we're closer. If not it could be the death of us...
As long as there's people like yourself out there (and i know there is because blogland has opened a whole world of fantastically wonderful people to me) there is hope.

There is always hope.
As Pandora can attest.

Nellie x

Moonwolf said...

Just bought it online -- I LOVE my nook -- books on demand!

Moonwolf said...

I love his books -- not sure how I missed this one!

The Hag said...

I liked Witch of Portobello but I loved Brida even more. Many beautiful lessons in Coelho's books.

Rue said...

I read "Brida" and have "The Witch of Portobello" - I'll have to pull it out and read it finally. Thanks for reminding me!

Midsummer blessings to you!

Lyn said...

I read the Witch of Portobello last year and loved it. Haven't read anything by him since (not sure why) so will have to hit the library this week and get Brida.

RedSunflower Designs said...

I've heard so much good about this author. I can't wait to read some of Paulo's stuff! Sounds like a great book!

Lyon said...

I haven't read this book but you have my attention, I may have to check it out!

I tend to agree with your assessment of time as a spiral and not so much a circle. So it is I think with time for life overall and each of us as individuals. It may seem like we tend to come to the same places and lessons over and over sometimes, but it's never quite the same. Similar, but influenced by the meandering path by which we have arrived.

Nice thought provoking post. It's been awhile since I have swung by to say hello - so hello! =)