Blessed be...

Happy Esbat blogland. What a magical night this is! The moon is shining so brightly that the weather is n't even bothering me. All day i heard people complaining about the humidity and how some of them had trouble breathing and they had a very good point. But as soon as She flew Her way up to the sky i could n't feel a thing. Since then i harvested some herbs and hung them in various places to dry. I cut a laurel branch and hung it over my front door for protection. I fed and medicated a sick stray cat. I mention this now because cats have always been a sign of the Goddess to me. I cleansed and charged my crystalls. I also charged my pentagram necklace and two prosperity charms i have made in the past. Busy bee huh?
Her frenetic energy has filled my heart with joy. I feel empowered, loved and peaceful. I am off to take a bath now, to ground and meditate. I hope you all had a wonderfully magical day. But before i leave and although my English have yet to improve i will attempt another spell. This time for love. As you cast the spell, imagine the sentiment you want to feel. You can burn with it rose petals, geranium(both leaves and flowers), cinnamon and a pink or green candle. The crystall i prefer is rose quartz. So, here it is.

Where i stand here and now
and as in front of You i bow
i ask for love as long i live
to take, to feel and back to give.
So mote it be.
Brightest blessings, my wonderful witch-friends. Have a fantastically intriguing and wicked week.


Anonymous said...

Firstly I think your grasp of English is awesome and I applaud you - I wish I was so fluent in another language! I could manage to some degree in French, but it would be with a very significant limp! I was never that good at German and now I can't remember a jot of it.

I'd love to know what rituals you use for Esbats and charging, and harvesting your herbs. Do you have a set ritual for the cutting and hanging of the laurel branch? I'm really interested in how other people work.

Nellie x