New Year Blessings And Balance Resolution

Greetings to all the blogland! I am sorry i dropped of the face of the Earth like that! I have been crazy busy and on my free time i focused on myself, trying to figure out some things, let some of them go and some of them come. Kinda like spring cleaning but for the soul(i have seen the term in some of your blogs, but it is the first time i actually got it). I hope you all had great holidays and that you rested and recharged during the holiday season.
I have been thinking a lot lately about balance. Balance in your life and in yourself. These days there so many things you have to keep in balance. Work life, personal life, love life. Soul and body. Spirituality and money. I came to the conclusion that prioritising is crucial and that above all it's yourself that has to come first. You have to be emotionally grounded if you even want to try to obtain balance in your life. This is a good start if your goal is to make your life more balanced. The first step is self awareness, because you can not fix something if you do not know it is broken. Do some soul searching and point out the things that bother you. Ask yourself "Am i too stressed and always on edge?" and "Why is that?". Getting rid off the negativity in your life is a great goal by itself, but it is also an important part of reaching the ultimate goal, balance. Because with a clear head you can easily decide the changes you can and have to make.
So, as you can probably understand there is some meditating and grounding in order. Fill your homes with music, fill your bathtubs with hot water, fill your lungs with air and fill your bellies with good and nutricious food. Just by writing about it, i feel so much better.
I have to leave you now, to clean up a little, because my home is a mess right now.
Love and light.


Anna said...

Great post and great reminders. Definitely have started of my year with a focus on less stress, drama and more meditation :-)

Sharon Day said...

I totally agree! Something about January and the start of a new year and the way the sunlight comes into the windows from the slant of the sun in the sky...just makes me get spring fever and lots of energy. I'm lucky enough that it's in the 70s outside right now and I'm done with work for the day. My way to balance is to work the earth. I'm going to go out and work on some great projects and prepare the ground for new plantings. I'll play some music and work until I'm sore and tired. Then, a long hot bath. It's all about a little of everything and not too much of one thing. Great post! Hope you're doing great.

Rue said...

Wonderful to see you!

Glad your new year is starting out well and you are working on Balance - a great project!

mxtodis123 said...

First I would like to say, "WelcomE Back". Blessings for the new year. Took me a long time to learn balance. For most of my life I was a workaholic. Didn't have much leisure time. And when I was off work, I was always studying something...not bad in itself, but I needed quiet time for me. Now, I feel I have a good balance in my life.

Felicitas said...

You are so right! Awareness and balance are the keys to everything! Which reminds me just how much "spring cleaning" my soul could use right about now too - LOL!

Blessings for a wonderful new year!

Shadow said...

this is perfectly good advise. thank you!!!

Lyon said...

Very good to hear from you, dear! I'm glad you've been taking time for yourself. I hope you've been able to give yourself what you need and that we'll be hearing more from you soon!

Bridgett said...

It's so good to hear from you! I hope you have a very blessed Imbolc if I don't talk to you before.


Anonymous said...

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