Drums in the house... not a good idea!

Greetings blogland. I missed you so much. I am inexcusable. I have n't been here for a long time. I feel guilty but i had a lot of fun. Between work, witchcraft, meditation, crafts(my balcony looks like a jungle!), reading and spending time with friends i drifted away from blogland and i did n't even realise it.
I bought even more plants and when my project is finished i m going to post pictures. I read a few vampire themed books although i was such a snob about them in the past and i am hooked. I am never going to be judgemental ever again. At least i will try.
It is difficult to write this post because Petros's little brother is playing on our drums and with all the noise it is really hard to concentrate.
Oh dear Goddess my eardrums! I can't do it! I will come back as soon as i can think again.
Brightest blessings,


Soraya said...

No worries, Life gets us caught up sometimes :) It's good to hear from you though :)
Hopefully the drums quiet up :-p

Which vamp books did you read? I have a few good ones to suggest :)

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

I missed you! So happy that you've been doing fun things and enjoying yourself!

By the way, I posted your button on my Blog!