Blessed Equinox

...and happy Spring! Love you all!!!


An overall update, handfasting plans and baby pictures.

Greetings blogfriends. I have been away for a while now!  I was soulsearching for a bit.  I ended up on Atkins, which is not what I expected and I am glad I tried that!  I don't believe there is a better solution for someone with my hormonal complications and difficulty in metabolizing carbs. But most importantly I had my first singing lesson in over a year and a half.  I found out what I always suspected,  that my voice is more dramatic than the roles I have been give given so far. So, I am learning a whole new repertoire from scratch. Because of this I was in a very emotional state for days. For the better part of the lesson I was crying, which was once again very embarrassing and might sound completely crazy, but I came to realize that I have been studying for over a decade in the wrong direction.  My voice was a bit misleading because I had a wide vocal spectrum, but I should have heard my intuition instead of trusting my teacher blindly.
On a more matrimonial note, this year on the anniversary of our first handfasting(Beltane) we will renew our vows in front of a few of our closest friends.  The ceremony will take place in the most unbelievably beautiful place I have ever seen. It is an ancient place of worship and it is called Crya's Springs just a couple of hours from Athens.
This picture does not do the place justice but it is the only one i have in my phone and i am too lazy to search the web. My plans is a simple handfasting ceremony there, performed by a witch sister of mine, while some other friends of ours play some music, then eating some cake, drinking a little bit of wine and then back to Athens. Where in another friend's garden we will barbeque and party!  

These may all sound very simple but my invitations were quite elaborate. I made them out of tree bark, moss, dried flowers and some pretty paper!
 Are n't they a fairy beauty?
 And speaking of fairies here is Melina Nefeli sitting on a tree bark, and playing with a daisy.

And here she is in her first costume party dressed as an actual fairy..
By now you probably figured out i am not much of a photographer, but even blurry she is still a cutey! 
Brightest blessings to all!