The power of thoughtforms and a black and white ritual

Greetings friends in all the blogland. I am sure you are all living in hectic mode doing chores, planning gatherings, or trips. I am in a similar mode while trying to prepare in a spiritual manner for the Solctice. Yule is just around the corner and since it is the time to acknowledge, accept and finally fight the darkness within i was thinking the power every thoughtform carries, especially the ones that are tied with strong emotions. Those change and form our realities.
Shadowy thoughtforms do not just hold us back in our lives psychologically. If they are powerful enough they can create themselves out of thin air. Like people that no matter how much they weight, or how much money or friends they have, they feel fat, poor or alone. Those people tend to become fat, poor or alone. I was one of them. I had a bad body image and then my fear became reality. I gained weight. When i rediscovered the well hidden shadows i begun losing weight again. This was a powerful lesson for me. To accept myself completely in my case meant to forgive certain people and to let go of anger i no longer thought i felt. When memories haunt us we need to find the strenth to relive them from a different angle. The only way to let go is indeed to forgive. The process although freeing can be painful. Noone enjoys being vulnerable, but a strange power is hidden in this vulnerability.
But it is not enough. In order to create the reality we want, releasing negative thoughtforms although necessary is not enough. We have to accept the positive as well. Exchange the bad with the good. Visualise the things we want. This powerful combination can really bring harmony and balance.
If you want to let go of any shadowy thoughts, you can assist yourself in this process by burning over a black candle a piece of paper with your fear or bad memory written on it and another piece of paper with your hope or desire over a white candle. You can burn an incense of myrr,frankicense, lavender and rosemary that are cleansing and a combination of other herbs that will correspond with your ultimate goal. Do it while centered, grounded, and concentrated. You can do it with other people too...
Remember to affirm yourselves daily. Love and soar.
I wish you all a blessed Yule.


A powerful day is approaching

Greetings blogfriends.
I missed you. Everyday life got the better of me. Here in Greece we had an amazing weather throughout the Fall. Great for enjoying lond walks, coffee on the balcony in the afternoon and tea later in the day. But it seems that Mother Earth remembered Yule is on its way and there is a sudden change. The temperature dropped really fast and we were all reminded of the things we should do before Yule. Decorate, invite people, prepare meals, buy or make gifts and last but not least prepare spiritually for those days. The winter is fast approaching, the Wheel is about to turn once again and this is our reason to celebrate.
Did you know that the full moon falls on December 21 and a total lunar eclipse will take place on the same day? It is going to be a powerful day indeed...