Happy Valentine's day!

Greetings blogland! Happy Valentine's day. I know many of you will discuss about the commercialism of something that should have been pure, but i love all the little hearts, poems and chocolates. I adore the articles on the net about aphrodisiacs and tantric love making. It is a celebration of love, at least it should be.
A couple of days ago i had two girlfriends over at my place and i though it would be appropriate to have some aphrodisiacs on the coffe table to eat while we trash the men in our lives. I had strawberries, chocolates,as well as walnuts and brazilian nuts covered in honey. I also made sangria(apples and pears cut in cubes with some cinnamon in red wine) and an aphrodisiac tea(lavender,cinnamon and damiana with honey). Of course later our girls's night in was crashed by a horde of male friends that devoured our aphrodiasiacs, spilled wine on the coffee table and changed my music. I love my male friends but they can be a bit barbaric. At that point i have to inform you that i am exaggurating and it only felt this way(four guys are hardly a horde)because i was pmsing and i hate it when things do n't go according to plan. I understood that day that as a culture we love, love. All guys and gals out there, we love the romance and love-thinking as long as it is made for us. We need someone to go the extra mile for us, to destroy some roses so he-she can sprinkle pedals to our bed. Less extravagant moves like foot rubbing are highly appreciated but we all want something fabulous. I am not talking about gifts and spa certificates, but someone actually trying to make our lives a living fairytale. And we all desserve it. We can bring those things into our lives with positive thinking(Law of Attraction) and maybe some nagging to our love mates(kidding, sort of!).
For our magical note, if you want to induce lust to both you and your mate i highly reccomend the tea above(you can add a bit of rum). As always the intent is crucial, so while making it stir sunwise, visualise the desire and you can make a spell to chant.
Something along the lines of:
In this night and in this hour
i call upon the witch's power
to bring us closer with whom i want
to live the passion we ever sought***
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day, either you celebrate it with a lover or your friends.


RetroKali said...

I agree with you about Valentines day. Who cares if it is a commercial holiday? Any excuse to celebrate love should be taken!

Sharon Day said...

Hope it's a magical day for you. I love the spell-great idea!

Mother Moon said...

nice post... we all love to be loved... Happy Valentine's Day to you

ξι said...

Χαρουμενο Βαλεντινο, Τζω!
Ομορφα λογια αυτο το spell, σαν ποιηματακι!

Shadow said...

happy valentine's day! and me, for one, am more for the 'invisible' touches on valentines than the shiny gift-wrapped boxes...

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hey..i just shipped your box out today. keep looking for it and let me know when it gets there!!! i hope it doesn't take too long!

ξι said...

Χελλοου! Επειδη δεν βλεπω να εχεις καποιο μεηλ στη σελιδα σου, σου το στελνω εδω:
Αν και φανταζομαι τα περισσοτερα θα τα ξερεις ηδη.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOh, those things on the coffee table sound so great. I wish I was there ; )
Have a magical weekend !!

Bridgett said...

I agree.

I think Valentine's Day is fun, even if it is over-commercialized.

All your aphrodisiac treats sound WONDERFUL!

Hope you had a passionate, love-filled day!

Amanda said...

Mmmmm...sounds like a lovely evening!