Prosperity spell and intent in magic

Greetings to all my my beautiful blogfriends. So, is Mercury in retrograde? I am asking because my day has been surreal. I 'll just tell you that. I am wearing one lense and it is making me dizzy. But without it i would be helpless.
Anyway, a couple of months ago,on an Esbat, i cast a prosperity spell on Petros. Before all Wiccans out there "jump" me, i 'd like to inform you that he asked for it. So, in the mean time he has closed a bunch of new jobs, and gigs, and a contract with a company. This particular prosperity spell, i have cast it in the past, a million times to other people and to myself of course. Without wanting to sound ungrateful at all, i thank the Goddess every day for my well being and everything She offers me, i have noticed that the spell works better on others.
I always wondered why that happens. But now with Petros 's amazing accomplishments, i gave it some extra thought. We know that in magic intent is everything, and maybe our intent is purer and hence more sacred when we try to help others than ourselves. Again, i want to point out that magic has never failed me. It has even given me a place i can call home, it helped me through the most difficult of times, it provided me with job and it has brought me the love of my life. I know how this sounds, but although i had to fight through pain and confront my greatest fears to accomplish all those things, i would n't have even half of them without magic. But i have to pay attention to what message the divine is sending to me.
The fact that the same spell on others is followed by more extaordinary events than on me, has to mean the intent is crucial and powerful. Also, without wanting to be judgemental on myself, i believe it shows i have to be a little less selfish. But not in the common meaning of the word. Helping others is my call. And although i do that, i have to do that more often. Besides, it makes me feel great(you can't totally extract the ego, can you?And why would you?).
So i want to give you the spell, just a little modified to rhyme in English. Feel free to make changes(you know my English are n't the best).
In this night and in this hour
I ask the Goddess to give me power
to light my way and in my path
to bring prosperity and luck.
Hey, i told you my English suckeds did n't i? For my beautiful greek readers, here is the original.
Αυτή τη νύχτα κι αυτή την ώρα
ζητώ απ'τη Θεά να μ' ακούσει τωρα
με τύχη το δρόμο μου να φωτίσει
και χρήματα πολλά να μου χαρίσει.
I always instead of calling the quarters, i mark them with four candles. In this case, as in any prosperity spell, green, yellow, and gold candles are the way to go. Incense to burn is rosemary,thyme,and chamomile(although it works better in water potions, especially in a bowl with water at the East side of the house on waxing moon). And if you can find candio i told you about(the pink sugary thing made of sugar canes) that really works. I love this insence.
Brightest blessings of luck and prosperity to all of you.


An update and some meditation exercises.

Pfff! I understand that it is just some people's job but for the past hour a woman was trying to convience me that i need a water filter. She was surprised i did n;t want that. But it was "free"(122e to install it and after six months another couple of hundred).And then she could n't believe i did n't have any friends that would like it. She said i should open my cellphone and ideas would come. I tried to be polite but after three quarters of an hour ,i am never getting back, my patience was over.
But was i sure? My mother already agreed to pay it for me. I had to raise my voice to make her stop! I swear that woman-my mother- sometimes is unbelievable. Once she has bought a set of pots, that i am stuck with and they are not convenient at all, for 2000e and she was happy.
This was n't the topic i was going to blog about but i got a little worked up. The last couple of weeks whenever i try to be nice it blows up into my face. What is the universe trying to tell me, that i should n't be polite?(okay now,you know i do not mean that right?)
Anyhoo,i am addicted again to diet coke. Has anybody else noticed that coca cola is more addictive than pepsi max? I am in denial too. I am not that sure that it is bad for me. I am telling you, so that you can bring be back to my senses. So, be ruthless! I have exchanged all my wonderful teas with coffee and coke and i am not sure it s bad. The mind works in mysterious ways. Like the chocolate thing. I am telling myself it is good for me. There are studies that prove it. Of course i eat the monthly ammount the studies are talking about on daily basis. So, it is super good for me! lol
Anyway, after my breakdown last week i came down with a bug. My immune system was n't at its best with me crying every moment of every hour. So i have n't worked at all. First it was psychological, then physical, so now i have to work like crazy to pay my bills. But i really could n't do anything about it. Other times i am just lazy, but this time i was in a really bad shape. Beside all the obstacles, i am feeling much better. I have n't meditated yet, although i really need it, but now i am finally ready.
So, this must be the time for some basic meditational techniques.
First of all, you have to make sure of two things. That you will be comfortable and that noone will interrupt you. Close the lights, put a blanket over your legs(our body temperature falls when we meditate),stay in a comfortable position and then close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Try to use your diaphragm. Let you thoughts come but do not pay attention to them. Then start focusing on body parts(you might feel them tingling). Begin from your toes and slowly work your way up to your third eye. A great exercise to help you descend the levels of consciousness is to visualise a ladder of some sort(or a beautiful and elegant staircase if you prefer) and climb down stair after stair until you reach the bottom. I always count seven stairs, but if you feel you need more, count more. When you are at the last step, jump to the floor. Whether the leap is big or small you will not feel fear or pain. Now you have reached a big hall with doors. Open the first one. In my first door there is a dragon. In the second door there is a magical natural place. Visualise what you want. Maybe you want to talk to a totem animal, maybe to a spirit quide. When you are done, get out, close the door behind you and climb up the same amount of stairs you counted at the beginning. Before you open your eyes give yourself a treat. Say positive affirmations that you need to hear. "I am beautiful. I love myself. I have everything i need." Then visualise yourself the way you want to be. Whenever you are ready take a deep breath and open your eyes.
Insences that help are jasmin,rosemary,cinnamon. A tea of valerian root right before your meditation would help also. You can burn white, silver and purple candles. And clear quartz and amethyst are the crystalls to use.
Brightest blessings, love and light to everyone.


Do you work on your prayers?

Good afternoon. Thank you so much for your comments, support, and wonderful energies. I am much better now. Much more positive, but still constantly thinking and trying to work things out. I am ready to use magic again, this time to heal. The moon is waxing and the stronger it gets the more powerful i feel.
Aromatherapy can work wonders so i am going to "dress" some candles with eucalyptus essential oil and burn them. I will be drinking herbal teas of lemon verbena and camomile because i really need to relax and i will smudge the negativity off with rosemary. All this time i felt the presence of the Lady right next to me, caressing me, holding me, giving me strenth and leading me to light with Her wisdom. This made me realise that i have so many spells ready for use, recipes for potions and incenses but i do not pray. Well i do but my prayers are more like heart felt conversations with the divine rather than actual prayers. So i am working on my prayers. Those of you new at the blog might think i am a complete lune, but that is okay. You learn to love me, even though i 'm crazy. Praying is a beautiful way of meditating while acknowledging, respecting and asking for quidance from the divine. And i believe we should make it as beautiful as possible. My friend Greenwheel from greenwitchways.blogspot.com gave me a couple of truly beautiful prayers that spoke directly to my soul. If you have n't yet visited her blog go right now, you are going to love it. I am leaving you now to prepare for work and make myself presentable,if possible(right now i look like a drug addict and there are n't any words for my hair).
Have a beautiful day and night wherever you are, be blessed and love as much as possible.


Do wounds close?

I have written and erased this post a million times. It comes out wrong. I am trying to make it seem less pesimistic but it is n't real. This is n't where i stand. It has to match my tears on my cheeks. Life is n't just our grand moments and some grand moments are n't actually happy. Saddness quides towards healing. This is why the last four days i have n't tried to pick myself up. I have to get through this. I do not need to protect myself from the pain anymore. And although i am tired of crying ,even physically, i am proud about the way i handle it. I could fake a smile, i could put up pretences, i could even convience myself i am ok.
There are some things i can't share with anyone in my life. Some things that it is easier to just keep silent. Maybe this is wrong. Maybe i misjudge the people close to me and i underestimate their level of understanding. But i know love is n't enough some times. Love is n't enough many times. Even in relationships, you can see life pertners, married couples loving and caring and still not able to "get" each other. I am not trying to make excuses for not opening up to the people in my life. But this is one leap of faith i am not ready to make. This way i risk missing out on the ultimate bonding and healing, but otherwise i risk losing someone while leaving myself completely naked. It is much easier to be the one always helping, the strong one.
Four days ago i showed love and kindness to a complete stranger and recieved back hatred. I know that these kinds of people are n't worth bothering. But this lady made me realise it only takes a couple of words to return to the pain of the past, a past i thought i conquered. Other times i would move past it, ignore my overwhelming feelings and not cry for four days straight. But now i am not hiding from my shadows. I embrasse them along with the pain they cause. Even though i am more vulnerable to some ugly memories this way, i keep doing it.
Wounds close, it just takes proper care. So, i just have to find the way. If you do n't mind send healing thoughts this way. They are needed and highly appreciated.
Brightest blessings.


I hate hospitals!

Greetings to all you beautiful blogfriends. I can not believe that my followers are now 101. Welcome friends, i hope you will have a great time over here.
Today it has been a very intense day. First of all i went to visit my mom to the hospital and we found out she is perfectly fine besides her recent discomfort. I only stayed with her for four hours but it seemed like a week! I hate hospitals. Okay i know that everybody hates hospitals but i really hate them. I once did n't fix a broken toe because of these emotions.
As you all know i am a psychic and amongst psychics it is very common to dislike hospitals and clinics. Those places are filled with pain(not to mention death), stress and fear. I can feel it even when i am passing by a hospital. This is why i deeply respect nurses, doctors and hospital staff. They deal with those energies every single day. Whenever i have to visit someone in a hospital i buy huge,beautiful bouqeuts that i keep close to me for as long as i stay there and i focus on them. Despite my best efforts to stay positive and ground myself, i am a wreck. I have a headache and i feel like someone has drained my life force out of me. But i am here, with my love and everything will be okay once i get some food in me. I have n't really taken care of myself today.
I am going now to stay by the fire and recharge. Brightest blessings with love and light to all of you.


I have to admit that there are times i am afraid you are getting tired of my blogging about spirituality. But today i had a wonderful time reading your blogs about the divine, the ways of the Goddess and love. And i understood that no matter how much we think about those things, no matter how much we talk about them, and although they are ancient they never get old. Because they are not just random topics, things we chit chat about. This is not just an attempt to spend our time. This is our way to understand those things that are meant only to be felt. This is a way to embrasse the divine and squizze it into our every day life.
I recently read(in another great blog) that most withes do not live in the forests, isolated, stirring potions in huge caulrons anymore. Most witches live in big or small cities, trying to deal with traffic jams and tax rates. Most witches try to touch the divine while dealing with a flawed society that worships the meaningless and laughs at the meaningful. Unfortunately this is true. It is true for me and if you are reading this, it is true for you also.
Is it wrong to have a quick ritual in the living room before picking up groceries? Being Wiccan should be close to being Amish? Is it that our times are just not spiritual friendly? Are we doomed?
I believe not. Everything is a matter of perception. There are people that in the calmness of pure nature feel lonesome and the lack of the divine. They look upon the stars and fear that there is nothing out there. And there are also people who feel their homes are sacred places, their own individual temples. I am not saying that it does n't take a lot of work. Staying positive always does. But when you become able to transform your apartment into a huge pendant that wards off negativity, happiness is yours for the taking. It is a matter of half full-half empty glass. You either choose to focus on what you do n't have or see the abundance into your life.
Now i am not saying that there is n't a picture stuck into my head from the Mists of Avalon,where a young girl is raising her hands in a wooden boat in the middle of a foggy and peaceful lake. I want to be that girl and feel the connection with the Great Mother in a beautiful place like this. And i will try it many times. I will enjoy my time between the trees, the birds and the ancient Gods. But i will also enjoy the great pleasures of our times, wireless internet connection, hot coffee and blow dryers!
And at this point i have a confession to make. Last week i made rose petal powder using a blender. And it was great. Although there is something deeply magical with a wooden hand press.
Brightest blessings to all.



Greetings to all the blogland! The pc is back so i can finally blog again. I know it has n't been that long since the last time i posted but i really felt lonely without reading your blogs! You have become a big part of my life and i feel very lucky to have you guys. At this point i want to welcome all my new readers and followers. Thank you for your nice words, i am glad that i can share my thoughts with all of you.
Two days ago was mine and Petros 's 6th anniversary and we went shopping instead of buying each other presents or going out. We bought a new tv furniture, and a new chair for my office along with many mainly useless things but we had a lot of fun and that is what matters! I made a blessing bottle(like the ones i wrote about in a previous post) for the both of us for protection. Instead of sea salt i used sugar because this bottle was about love, and it also had layers of rose petals powder, cardamum seeds and rosemary. The piece of paper that i put in the bottle asked the Goddess for protection of our love, abundance and lust(you can't have too much of it can you?). I read it to Petros and he liked the spell a lot. Before i put the cork on the bottle to seal it, i dropped inside sandalwood essential oil(which is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love). So i think the bottle was very harmonic and in tune with the loving vibes i wanted it to bless us with.
Tommorow begins a new week that seems like it is going to be pretty hectic, full of mundane chores, dentist appointments and a visit to my school that i have ignored for a long time. I hope i will find a way to not just have spiritual breaks of self awareness but make every moment more spiritual. I will tell you how it goes.
I have to make a sad announcement at this point. Charmed spin off is not going to air. They were just rumours and my wishful thinking fell for them. So i took down the post. I am sorry i have misinformed you. To make it up to you i found a charmed spin off site that you can read. The url is www.lexicharmed.proboards.com (lame me, still can't insert a link!). I think you will find it pretty satisfying!
Although i thought i d hate it, i ended up loving the new tv series "eastwick". And i also found out that the vampire diaries have enough magic in them to satisfy my needs. If you have n't yet watched them give them a shot!
Now i have to leave you to go to my bff's birthday party! She is the last of us to turn twenty five! We grow up so fast. I would like to pause for a while! It feels like everything is spinning(no, i haven't started drinking on my own!). It feels like we all dance in the ways of the spiral and back out, only to end up where we first started(i swear i am not smoking anything illegal!).
Brightest blessings to all. Have a wonderful week and a great Monday tomorrow. Let your life be as magical as possible!


Magical rose petals are not a reason for immediate hospitalisation!

Magical rose pedals are the first magical thing i ever made. I was alone in my home, so my mother's magical cabinet was mine to break into. I found rose petals, essential oils, red candles and plenty other amazing things. Amongst them there was also an ingredient that is used a lot in our family's magical recipes. It is called candio and is made of sugar cane. It is pink and smells wonderful. When burnt, it releases thick white fumes. So i started mixing things and burning things and suddenly i came up with the idea of making instant incenses that i could carry around. You see at that age i was n't aloud to use magic unsupervised, so when i wanted to cast a spell i went out! I mixed rosemary needles and candio with white musk oil. I dropped the rose petals in hot wax and before they became solid i run them through the candio mix. Then i let each rose petal dry separately so they do not stick together.
As years went by i made the wax petals a lot. Some times as charms, some times as amulets and others as incense. I used different oils, different herbs, different colours of wax but the basic ingredients stayed the same: wax, rose petals, candio.
Today i was sorting some things out and i found some burnt down gold candles that i had left out since Mabon. I melted them in a pot and thought it would be great to make some wax petals for money. I used the money dust i made during the full moon, candio and red glitter(gold would be better but i was out). I made a whole bunch of them and used them as decorations around some candles and oranges. I will burn them when the time is right after the new moon.
When i was making them it felt good. It felt natural. I was happy. Shadow, who has turned into a great familiar that enjoys everything magical(just like me), was purring into my lap. Not even the pain of my burnt fingertips spoiled the fun. I was glowing with glitter all over, my hair had wax on them but i was full of absolute contentment and satisfaction.
Later this afternoon a friend came over and she tried to explain to me that my life has become too metaphysical and that i did n't spend much time to the physical world. Of course she was saying it as a bad thing, she is a therapist and very worried about me. But it did n't sound to me that bad. I feel i am where i belong. I prefer having a tarot reading in my home or a walk in the woods rather than drinking coffee in a noisy place full of strangers, So what? Every now and then i will go to the local cafe to see my friends. But i will do it, because i want to hang out with them, not because i like the place. There is nothing wrong with it. It is quieter than the usual coffee places and it has lovely decorations and a wide variety of herbal teas. But there are things i enjoy more. Like making wax petals... My friends do not get it. Petros is amused by the ways i enjoy myself, but he does n't get it either(today he kissed me and said ohh like i was a toddler playing with clay, when he saw how happy i was with my pot of wax). But i bet you get it. Do n't you? Do n't you think magic brightens our lives in ways that are often beyond the conceptions of non practitoners? Has n't Wicca(or paganism in general) brought joy in various occasions in your life, that other people don't get?
In any case, have a marvelous Saturday and a beautiful Sunday! Brightest blessings to all the blog world!


I am back!

Greetings to all the blogland! How is everybody? I missed you. Due to technical difficulties and lack of internet connection i missed your blogs the last couple of days. Since i am following a loooot of blogs and most of you are very busy bees it will take me some time to catch up, but i am on a mission. I will read them all!
Just a quick update on my life, my cell phone is down(broken,can't be fixed), P bought a new battery for my car but it was n't the right one and then lost the reciept(!), as i mentioned already the internet was also down, so it is safe to say that the demon of technology is screwing with me. I shall conquer him!
No, i have n't lost it...yet! Although i am getting closer by the moment as all those minor disasters are pilling up. But, to be honest, despite everything, i am not overwhelmed by the problems of the mundane, everyday life. Since we are healthy and happy and loved nothing else matters. I know it is just a fase and that i have n't grown up that much, but i 'll take what i get! If for a brief moment a get to be care free and relaxed then so be it. Even my money problems do not seem to affect me! It will sort itself out, like it always does and now i get to be more aware of my financial situation and responsibilities. I know i have to work harder and make my job my first priority, if i want to be care-free and not care-less!
Lately i have been spending lots of time with my beautiful pets. Shadow is growing up really fast. If he keeps up at this pace in the next four months i will have to feed him with live chicken! Sorry for the visual!
The last week the weather was very cold and the wind was actually screaming winter, but today we were blessed with a beautiful day, full of light. The sun was invigorating and gave me a sense of strenth and spiritual power. We are are heading towards Yule and the Great Mother is preparing Herself for the process of death and rebirth. And in the mean time she is generously showing to us Her beauty.
I hope you will have the opportunity to take a long walk and see for yourselves.
Be blessed.