A powerful day is approaching

Greetings blogfriends.
I missed you. Everyday life got the better of me. Here in Greece we had an amazing weather throughout the Fall. Great for enjoying lond walks, coffee on the balcony in the afternoon and tea later in the day. But it seems that Mother Earth remembered Yule is on its way and there is a sudden change. The temperature dropped really fast and we were all reminded of the things we should do before Yule. Decorate, invite people, prepare meals, buy or make gifts and last but not least prepare spiritually for those days. The winter is fast approaching, the Wheel is about to turn once again and this is our reason to celebrate.
Did you know that the full moon falls on December 21 and a total lunar eclipse will take place on the same day? It is going to be a powerful day indeed...


Urban Earthworm said...

I am super excited about the full moon and eclipse on the solstice! Its going to be awesome. Any opinion on all this happening with Merc in retrograde?

I can't believe how fast Yule is sneaking up.

Unknown said...

Ah, to be sipping tea on a balcony in Greece rather than freezing one's behind off in Wisconsin . . . it's cold outside!

I've had a great time visiting your blog this morning and will be back often to visit . . . you're like sunshine on a cloudy day!


Anonymous said...

Yule will be here in no time along with the darkness....I love it!

p.s. I snagged a button and would love if you'd snag one of mine.