A witch with the blues

I feel the cleansing and liberating feeling of wet tears running through my cheeks. Nothing major has happened, i have just been reminded of things better left forgotten. Which is a very wrong approach- i believe it is called denial!- because i will never work out my issues that way. You can say it is an emotional day at least.
I am a very opinionated person who talks a lot . But when things get overwhelming i can not make a full sentense, which of course leads to me being misunderstood, which most of the times leads to me yelling. I know, i know...Communicative skills are n't just for chit-chat. Why is it so difficult to express our feelings some times? I mean... i am studying psychology for crying out loud! I have all the tools and yet some buttons are pushed and i am a cave woman again, it is like evolution never took place and i am about to be amazed by the invention of wheel.
Outside my window it is a windy day, somehow the weather always suits my soul. I feel my life force being sucked up by depression, making me exhausted and even moving my hands around the keyboard is a difficult process. As i see my neon screen getting filled with my words my pain gets slowly wiped away. Somehow this activity(blogging) over a short period of time got soothing and helpful, but i only realised it today.
I skipped class this afternoon(yeah the scheduling thing i was rambling about yesterday does n't seem to work out) and i was going to watch an episode or two of desperate housewives but i think i will just go for a walk, maybe even a small trip to the beach so i can walk barefoot on the sand. I 'll let you know when i come back. Blessed be from a witch with the blues.


Good morning...

A new week is ahead of us and i am feeling it is going to be a creative one.. We are all busy going to work, running chores but lets not allow the stress to get the best of us. Along with our morning coffee we are all making plans of how to squizze into our day everything we have to do. We are so used to checking of our lists paying bills and picking up groceries, but what about a moment to relax?So do n't forget to give your pet a big hug before heading of to where you are going,give your soulmate a long kiss and squizze your kid a little bit..
Are you organised? Are you writing down to give your best friend a call during your lunch break? I used to be very organised in the past but lately for some reason-unknown to me- i can't be. My new week 's resolution is to turn a new leaf and start making schedules again. In this crazy world we have to be practical. I will keep you update of how i am doing.
Since yesterday i have a bruising in my arm which hearts a lot and i am trying to not pay attention. I have hung it from my neck and did the ice thing. It is not working very well for me.. I might consume some painkillers. If you know a herbal home made remedy for a bad arm please let me know..
I know today my head is all over the place, i hope i am making a little bit of sense..So lets all have a great week filled with love, passion and magick
Blessed be my witch-friends***


I am on fire!!!

Do n't you love spontanious rituals? I think they carry such a powerful energy. Today i needed to cleanse my house because i had a visit of a very negative person. When she left i grabbed rosemary which is my favourite herb and burnt it all over my house. The smoke was fantastic,it was new moon(great for cleansing), the energy and the feelings were amazing. The purification was indeed intense and although the ritual consumed a lot of energy i felt so alive.
The last week i had a lot of things to do that i have been postponing and i did them all this afternoon. Actually i can't remember the last time i have been so creative.I had a huge grocery bag full of rosemary that i made smudges of.I moved and gave a new look to my altar. I made tinctures, teas and herbal extracts, home made face creams and exfoliating scrubs, scented body oils. I also made an eye lotion made of cucumber juice which would be very easy if i had a juicer but i don't so you can say it was time consuming.I was on fire... As you can see i am very proud of myself...
I am going to take a bath and use them all.. It has been a while since i had a lot of time for myself and i am really enjoying it.. I hope you can all pause everything in your life for a few hours and pamper yourself.
Here is a tip for those of you who don't have time for a lot of pampering. Take a shower and then put some baby oil in a small glass, add a few drops of your favorite and available essential oils. Put it in the microwave for no more than ten seconds. Apply and enjoy!! It is like bringing spa at home. Of course it would be better if you could convience your soulmate to massage you with it. I can't, unless he has done something baaad :-(
Blessed be fellow witches**


Lucky thirteen...

I am very happy.. Today the readers of my blog reached the number 13. Thank you so much mrsbbradley and welcome to my blog. I tried connecting to your blog and i could not find it. If you do n't mind, please leave me a comment with your url address. You are my thirteen reader!
I am obsessed with the number thirteen for two reasons. First of all because it is the day of the anniversary with my soulmate.And also because it is considered unlucky and as you probably know by now, i hate stereotypes of any kind. And that reminds me...My dad just gave me a gift, it is an evil witch dolly, she has the long ugly nose, her eyes twinkle in a very bright red color and if you make a loud noise she laughs the creepy evil laughter ""Ahahaha"". I love her. She kind of reminds me why we have every day to fight against intollerance with love and brightness. I think that because wicca is so widely misunderstood and we have to prove ourselves even to people who love us and are n't supposed to be judgemental we gain two very graceful qualities, patience and tollerance. I believe coming out as a witch or a pagan is a very brave thing to do, especially when you come out to people you love and care about what they think and have to say. I am saying that because a fellow witch recently had some issues with that kind of stuff and i want to remind her that we have all been there and that i am here for her. Hang in there..
I also want to say to seethroughgreen get well soon. I hope it hearts less..Blessings and love to all of you..
Yeih lucky thirteen and yeih lucky evil witch...


Dear witch-bloggers,

It has been a very intense and sentimental couple of days. I planned on celebrating the spring equinox for quite a while and my plans did n't go through. I am kind of disappointed but i understand that it is not always up to us to do some things. Of course all the preparations were n't for nothing. I am going to celebrate this weekend with all my heart. I went a little off schedule but it does n't matter. I am not saying that organizing your craft astrologically is unnecessery or not important, just that it 's ok to follow your instincts and the flow of your life to practice your magick.
I recently went through a rough patch in my personal life and i had to take some very difficult decisions. Being preoccupied like that i have n't been there for some people that really needed me as much as i wanted to. I feel pretty bad about that but i did n't have a choice. No, that is not true. I had a choice. I chose to put myself first. And that makes me feel so guilty. But i know deep down in my heart that i had to do it. If i do not take care of myself i will not be able to help anybody. Sometimes it takes more than yoga classes and meditation to be on top of everything, sometimes you have to invest in your personal life with time and sacrifice.
Writing down all those thoughts help me putting them in order. When i first started this blog it was like talking alone on the top of a mountain, just spreading feelings into the void. But it does n't feel like that anymore. You have to understand that i have never met any witches or pagans- I was about to say "in real life" but this feels real too. That being said it is only natural to me to find comfort in your words and the communication with you in general. But it is more than that. I feel connected with all of you and really blessed that i found you. I am sending you my love and respect.
So blessed be once again by your greekwitch**


Forseen baby!!

I am so happy. The little spring signs everywhere help of course but they are not the main reason i am jumping around like crazy.As i have already told you i am a psychic and today one of the best things i have seen came true. I had forseen a pregnancy before the conception and now the results came. I trust my insticts but i could n't celebrate for my friend without the medical confirmation. I am now trying to refresh my memory about pregnancy and birht rituals.
If any of you have any of them in mind, please share.
Yeah..a baby is on it's way.. Blessed be**
Ps. It will probably be a libra!Is n't that great???!!


Ritual showers?!

You do not have to be wiccan to enjoy a long, hot, herbal, flowery, candlelight bath. But if you are indeed wiccan or pagan you understand the value and the importance of a ritual bath. But in any earth based religion you can not be anything but enviromentally friendly, so you have to consider the amount of spent water. That unfortunately means that we can not take those baths as often as we want.
So the real question is how to turn your ritual bath into a ritual shower without losing the spiritual effect. Well it is easy to cover the basics. Light candles check! Burn incense check! But what about the herbs?
The last couple of days i have had the idea of using a beautiful watering can that i have half filled with the herbal extracts that i want and then while i am in the shower i add hot water to moderate the temperature (mostly because i usually prepare the extracts long before the bath and they are cold). I have already done it with camomile extracts because i needed the relaxation and eucalyptus and lavender because they are my favourite herbs for baths. Eucalyptus has healing effects and can really help with the breathing exercises and lavender is a very powerful protection herb that i definitely recommend to use if you also need that cleansing effect from any kind of negative energy.
Blessed be my friends**


The Maiden Moon

The maiden moon! This is one of my favourite esbats! It is said to be the time for new beginnings and also the time to find love and companionship. I personally take it as an opportunity to celebrate and charise the love in my life and renew it the best way i can. I am going to burn an incense of rosemary, laurel leaves and mandrake.
I am really glad because today it has been a very magickal day, i read tarot cards, had a yoga class, meditated and it is still going on. Before i became wiccan i used to practice witchcraft. It was very natural to me because in my family it 's kind of a given. I have learned early in my life different kinds of divination, as well as hypnotism techniques and all things supernatural. My mother is witch, my grandmother was a witch and as far in the past as we can see it runs in the family. You would think that in this family coming out as a wiccan would be easy but you would be wrong. When i talked about the wiccan rede to my mother although i did n't critisise her about the way she practices her craft , still she thought i did. She felt like i was turning my back to our family tradition. You see in greece it is very common to practice witchcraft. But one thing you must never do is talk about it because of course it is something forbidden by the greek orthodox church and also a taboo. Since people already think it is something evil, ethics are not an issue. It is up to everybody 's conscience to set the limits (many times there are n't any). In our family tradition you can n't use your energy to harm someone but it is not considered wrong to "influence" somebody ( for example to fall for you). So the changes in my belief system were n't many but they were important.
Because i can't stand intolerance i often speak of my wiccan path to people that i know( something of course that my mother also disapproves). No matter what the consequences might be i see it as a way to make a difference. Even if it makes me a social outcast in the end(that could never happen, i am leo so popularity runs in my dna). Today i tend to ramble a lot. Forgive me for that. I 'll go now for my ritual bath with some beautiful purple flowers and lavender and so the night begins!
Blessed be everybody and have a wonderful esbat with your loved ones.


My happy place**

Greetings everybody!
Today started as a difficult day and yet i ended up loving it.
I was kind of stressed so i meditated. I meditate for years and use the same techniques. I begin with some relaxation exercises and do some deep breathing,then i start descending the levels of consciousness so i can visit my special magickal world that i have created over the years.This placeis filled with love and beautiful energies and there i can meet magical and mythical creatures such as fairies unicorns and dragons either sitting beside a beautiful lake or resting under a tree. I always love it.
Today though,the result was very different. Although i have been effected by meditation in the past, the feelings that i had this time were overwhelming and caught me by surprise. I was filled with a warmth and a sensation so amazing that i did n't want to come out of it.
I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you and i hope you have had one of your own. Do n't forget to take a little time for yourselves to meditate because you deserve it.
You can burn with your incense a cinnamon stick which i find a great meditational tool. It really helps you "travel".
Blessed be**


I want an athame!

I love my country(Greece) but when it comes to wicca it can let you down.
I have n't found yet a decent occult shop in Athens. Don't get me wrong there are a couple of them, but they are creepy and i can't help it but shiver at the entrance. You can find there -when your eyes get used to no light at all- animal parts (iou!), books of black magic, pictures and dolls of demons. I think those shops are making a stereotype by themselves!
And i also hate the whole situation because i do not want my ingredients to carry that kind of energy. I grow some herbs by my self but we all know that this is not enough. Essence oils, candles or ingredients to make them, herbs you can't grow or don't have enough, you have to buy them from somewhere. So i choose to ignore those facts and get what i need for my craft.
But there is one thing that i can not convience my self to buy from one of those annoying places and i really do not think i should. This is my athame. It is such a big deal that i have considered giving a lot(!) of money that i do not have to a jewellery store to have it hand made, or simply buying a dagger but it seems lame! Until i find a satisfying solution i am using a beautiful paper knife that unfortunately is not very sharp.
If you have any ideas about what i can do please feel free to elaborate.
I wish to all of you a great sunday evening and an even better and more creative new week!
Blessed be*