Train of thought(Who will quit first?)

Greetings blogfriends. Eventually, almost none of the things i planned for Friday happened. We ended up going to the mall to buy a fan for the nursery, and i also purchased a G.G.Marquez book that i did not have. We managed to get to the zoo yesterday and as always both baby and mommy got very excited, me seeing the giraffe and baby the duckies. One kept pecking at the soles of her shoes, while she was on the stroller and she was stretching her legs so the duck can reach her and said "papaki"( greek word for ducky) over and over. She is such a smart thirteen month year old. She played a little in the play ground and she slept all the way home, which is very unusual for her. What is more unusual is that when we stopped at the super market and the doors opened and slummed closed again, she still did not wake up and i stayed with her in the underground parking lot because i did not want to wake her .
Then we returned home, she ate and took her bath with daddy while i cooked. Finally just like we do every night, Petros played guitar and i sang  to her for about half an hour. She kept dancing in her crib and "sang" with us, also clapped and kept throwing her tiny night teddies, for us to catch(she does that every night, i am guessing it is some sort of protest, for going to bed at 10 and not getting to watch "hot in Cleveland" with us). Then i resumed cooking and when i finally got to sit down i could not move. We ate and listened to some music and then it was time for some magick. I could feel the New Moon's energy calling me.  There is something that makes me feel like i am where i am supposed to, when in the darkest, most silent hours of the night, the incense's smoke dance over the flames of the candles while my voice chants the magic words. It feels like it is a perpetual Autumn where everything is heightened and the sensations are just melting together.
Before i began i had to remove my socks for some extra boost because the Dark Moon always drains me, the exact opposite of the Full Moon that always makes me completely wired and unable to sleep. After my ritual, i cut a bit of my hair, because there is not a more perfect time for cutting your hair than the night of the New Moon and because i had split ends that needed trimming.
Is there anyone else other there that cuts their own hair? I have been doing that for years. Hair stylists always butchered my hair, cutting way more than i wanted and my hair never got to be as long as i wanted them. Ever since i cut them they always are what i want them to be. Except once that they accidentally caught on fire at one side and i had to call a professional to make them sort of even without losing most their length. This happened to me during a telephone reading, while reaching over a candle to get a crystal. My client got really scared because i started screaming out of the blue. Good times!
And if you managed to follow my train of thought during this post you should get checked out by a mental health professional, because that is not normal.
I love you guys. Remember that tonight is the last night of the New Moon. Make the best of it. Lit your candles and stir your cauldrons, it is the time for magick!


Pot pouri post, or the one with the cock roach!

My dreams come as warnings for me. Which may be unpleasant at times and definitely affects my sleep but it can really be useful. Yesterday we had to go and pick up my mom from her house to run some chores. My father to which i am not speaking to came down to see the baby. Which could have been sweet if he had tried to fix what he did, but in this eight months i cut the chord he  tried calling twice and that was last month after bad mouthing me to everyone we know. As always what he did, was aggressive and towards granting his own desires, while disregarding everyone else's feelings. The thing is that if i was not mentally prepared for it i would have automatically turned into the scared little girl he used to terrify, but in my dreams i was warned and i was completely cool and kept it together. That is only because two nights ago, i saw we would meet in their house in a dream. Those two times he called the night before i saw him in my sleep yelling at me. Both times! But, seeing how much better i can control the situation i am grateful for every single nightmare i ever had.
That being said, we had a situation in my home. A huge cockroach flied(yes, that's right, flied!) in our bedroom and hid behind our closets and became unreachable. So, naturally, i could not sleep in there and made my husband take the mattress out in the living room where we slept two nights in the row. The first night we sprayed everything with something that allegedly kills cockroaches, closed the door and never looked back. Yesterday, the cockroach came out of hiding and  Petros managed to capture it under a glass vase. The cockroach looked happy and healthy, minus the entrapment, hence those bug killers do not work. We almost used the entire canister and it did not kill one single roach. Anyway, after capturing it, the issue of what  we are going to do with it surfaced. We both debated pros and cons of killing the ugly thing, but we could not do it. Although it was huge, the kind that in certain areas of Asia  is considered a delicacy, when we looked at it , in the vase, it did not look either disgusting, or scary and we felt sorry for it. So, we let it go. Probably, not the best decision of our lives, but what is done is done. Have you ever seen a huge cockroach? Ewww! We are still worried it might had layed eggs behind the closet, but we are hoping it was a male roach that always wore a condom.
So, tonight, after airing the room for one entire night, we will once again sleep in our bedroom, although sleeping on the mattress, on the floor was kind of fun and weirdly enough, a bit better for my back.
Tonight, is the first night of the new moon and there are a lot to be done. Two cleansing spells, a protection ritual, the blessing of two amulets for two clients and i hope i can take a magical cleansing bath.
I am leaving you now to work out a bit and prepare to go to the zoo. We are regulars there, ever since we purchased year passes and  there we all have so much fun!
Ps. i understand that my last post sounded a bit like goodbye, but it was not meant to as such and i have no intention to stop blogging. So, you are stuck with me!



Greetings blogfriends. Tonight has been a lazy night. So, i went back and read some old posts. Have you ever done that? Is 'nt it wonderful to remember all the the little things that tend to slip through our hands and memory?
I want to thank you for being here all those years to keep me company, share my little joys and sorrows and for the occasional vents. Also, you have given me strength to be openly pagan in real life, no matter what the cost. I would not be able to do it without you! Also, i am grateful for all the friends i gained here, even for those i have already lost. It is always sad when a blogger you felt close quits blogland, and tonight i saw how many have come and gone.
I truly love you guys and know that i am grateful i have you in my life.
May the Goddess bless you and light your path!


Denial is a...witch!

I need someone to remind me every day that I am not the incredible Hulk. Perhaps if I make this phrase my ringtone I will remember that I am still in the process of healing!
Remember how I was doing better? The day before yesterday I went running, after I had already worked out and I had done some cleaning! Retrospectively, not the best decision I ever made.


About souvlaki...

You know i am greek right? Well, we love souvlaki. It is probably our main source of energy. Although you do not see many variations( it is usually gyros, tzatziki, tomato, fries and onions wrapped in pita bread), most of us do not mind having that for dinner every day of the week. Or perhaps it is just me and i should not speak for the rest of the greek citizens.
Well, the last couple of nights i made the best souvlaki, my husband and I had ever had. They were delicious and much healthier than the original ones. You see my mom came by the other day and brought us about a million burgers. So, we were trying to finish them before they go bad, but at some point we could not see another mpifteki (greek word for burgers). We tried them with some tomato sauce, inside a salad, topped with cream cheese, with bbq sauce, with ketchup, for breakfast, but they were just too many. We thought about inviting over a couple of people to have a mpifteki party but i was kinda sick. At this point, you might think i am kidding about the amount of burgers, but trust me i am not. I think she made over 4 pounds of beef for just the two of us.
Anyway, we were losing the battle with time and we could see the bacteria cultivating fast. We had to eat them fast. I know you are probably thinking why not put them in the freezer and thaw them in  a week or so, but i can not eat frozen meals. It just feels weird. So, i thought why not buy some whole wheat pita breads and make some tzatziki to have them? But, by the time we came back home i was too tired and running a fever to make tzatziki. Besides, i have not been cooking for some days and there were things in the fridge that would spoil and they should be our priority.
So, i had to cook some questionable mushrooms (by now, i am sure you are all dieing for a dinner invitation from me). And there was a lettuce salad that has reached its expiration date. I diced a lot of onions(they were n't looking great either) and caramelized them. I cooked the pitas and the burgers to be warm and soft with cream cheese and  cheddar( which was not going bad, but seemed like a good idea). And finally, i wrapped the delicious assortment of things.
Pita bread, cheeseburger, onions, mushrooms and a pepper that i also found somewhere, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, some light mayo, ketchup and mustard with some grana padano which you guessed it, was reaching its expiration date. This was the best almost expired food i have ever had. Something between a burger and a souvlaki. We ended up eating them two days in a row. The second day, we were pretty hesitant about taking the first bite and kept smelling them first, but as soon as the souvlaki reached our taste buds we threw caution in the wind and devoured one each. Now, i am happy to inform you that the morning is here and we have not food poisoning!


Weight loss spell

Greetings blogfriends! I am much better today. Thank you for all your wishes. Tonight I came here to tell you about a mirroring spell I did a couple of months ago.
As you already know I have struggled with my weight a lot. But this was not always the case. I had a bit of a metabolic problem due to some hormonal imbalances I had as a teenager, but I was still a thin person. A very hungry thin person.
A few years ago I unintentionally exchanged energies with someone very close to me. I was performing a coffee reading to her and suddenly a coldness came over me and I couldn't breath. At that moment I saw some gruesome details of her surgery but the feeling was deeper and completely overwhelming.
That person was obese but started losing weight and I started gaining. At that point in my life I did readings anywhere and under any circumstances. No protection whatsoever. I was young and naive.
My health problems became gradually uncontrollable and the doctors could not help me. When they couldn't explain what was happening with my thyroid they either thought I was lieing about the medications they were giving me or told me it was stress. But the only thing stressing me was my condition. Anyway, the years went by and I did some spells,all love and light, and I managed by tuning in to my body to selfmedicate and control my various metabolic conditions. I managed to lose a lot of weight really slowly and painfully. But I was grateful because there was a point that all the pain and struggle would not matter.
But then I became pregnant and gave birth to the most magical creature. When she was inside me she was draining me completely and so all I managed to do was to protect her. When she came I was a mess. My thyroid was once again uncontrollable and I had a cancer scare. My doctors adjusted my medication and then I had the worse case of hypothyroidism in years. I was producing   more than 2 litres of breastmilk per day, eating extremely carefully and I was gaining. When the  milk stopped it only became worse. I would spin like a crazy person and no sweat would come out. For months I was malnourishing myself and work out the best I could with my bad back and I wouldn't stop gaining. But not once I lost my hope and not once I gave up. I found an enzyme that helped and kept pushing.
At this point I managed to stop gaining.But, by this point I have had it! So, I put my witchy hat on(well not literally that is just for Halloween) and I cast a mirroring spell.
 It had three parts. It involved sending the weight to those that wished me harm(in this case, weight gain). Also, I combined it with a curse breaking spell of my mom's and a blood offering for beauty. All my fingers bled and my doorway was marked. It happened on the Full Moon.  Looking at her silver beauty it all came to me and I was entranced.
After that I started sweating and shedding the pounds more easily than ever. And a few people began gaining. Amongst them, this friend of mine. By the first moon she gained 6 kilos while I lost the exact same amount. I was not happy by her troubles. It only proved to me that her love towards me was not as pure as mine. Fortunately she stopped gaining and I did not stop losing. Both facts gave me great pleasure. I was surprised to see a couple of people complaining about inexplicable gain and really surprised by another who did not. I keep chanting the prayer every day.
This spell brought me great things. Most important of all it almost healed my back. It made me sweat like a pig. It gave me a glow I haven't had in years. It led me to incorporate in my routine eft tapping and cinnamon and honey potions( I will make another post just about those two soon).But most important of all, after two months of worrying disbelief I finally feel free!
I know mirroring spells are frowned upon some Wiccans but I have never done anything that felt more right in my mind.
And finally, I want to discourage everybody from self medicating. It is wrong. I just have a bad carma with doctors mainly because of my Saturn in Scorpio. My grandmother was born under its influence(died because a doctor forgot a radium treatment inside her!).
My mom was born under its influence(she died once for a few minutes and came back and then almost killed because a doctor would not admit a surgical mistake that required plain calcium supplements).When I was born I could not breath for 5 minutes because a doctor after days of labor did not do a cesarean.
And now my daughter was born under its influence(yes, we procreate every 28.5 year's) and I hope she has better luck than us.
If you have Saturn in Scorpio choose your doctors carefully!
Be blessed my love's!


Best cold of all times

Greetings blogfriends. Last week i was very productive at the beginning. I worked a lot, i worked out, i did my physical therapy, i cleaned,spent a day at the beach and i rearranged all three of my balconies and took care of my plants. They needed trimming. lots of spraying with soap water, re potting, iron supplement, compost....the works. That would not be a lot of work but i have so many. One day i must take pictures to show you.
But then i came down with a cold. It has never happened to me in the Sumner again i think. I had to spent a few days lying down and away from the baby so, she would not get it too. The first day i was quite miserable, not only i was coughing and sneezing and shivering and i had menstrual cramps, but also my  back was killing me from all the hard work i did. The second day though something remarkable happened. I woke up with no pain what-so-ever. This has not happened to me in almost two years. I mean there are days the pain is bad, really bad and not so bad. But never pain free. I spent two days  with no pain at all. I could not believe it. And then i got up and steamed the house to kill the germs and it came all back. But, i realized something. If i res,t my back will heal. I know you all thought simultaneously duh! but after all this  time, pain, treatments,  exercise and restraint of doing so many things i did not think it was possible.  Now, i have to gather all my inner strength and sit my ass down for a while. I think a week would do wonders. I can do it. It is the perfect time since my husband does not work very much this Summer. I just have to allow myself to heal properly.
So, where i was getting with all this? Yes there is a point! I know that this cold happened to me, because it was the only thing that would keep me from picking up Melina Nefeli all the time. It was the only way for me to heal. There are no coincidences. Plus, the fever made me lose two pounds. So, all and all this was the best cold i ever had!