Mabon is coming..

..and decorations have to be taken out., pies to be baked, wreaths to get made, a baby to get dressed in an orange outfit and a pumpkin to be bought and then  transformed into breads and cakes..
Are n't you excited?
I can almost smell the cinnamon, the cloves and the nutmed. Mmm!


Sleepless in Athens and an award!

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? I know i ve been gone for a while. It is n't because of the baby though. I have been kind of freaked and i could not write here. My thyroid is a bit out of order and i feel a bit more stress than usual(which is a lot!!!). The hormone imbalance does n't allow me much sleep and i get more and more frustrated. When i get into bed all the crazy thoughts enter my mind and when i manage to shut them out i still can't get some shut eye. It used to be a lot worse before my doctor changed the dosage of my thyroid medication and i used to obsess about a biopsy i will be doing soon. Now i understand no sleep plus hormones equals crazy lady roaming the house at middle of the night thinking of life insurance policies. Whoever said Leos are overdramatic was obviously mistaken..We are the coolest, most collected of people!
Melina Nefeli is growing like a weed! Everyday i have to put away clothes that are too small for her. She is 10 weeks old now. She says gala(oh well, it sounds more like gallgaea) which is greek for milk. We keep repeating it to her and i am pretty confident she will learn how to say Shut Uup next. Unlike her mom she is sleeping all night long. By the way, i did n't see that coming . The baby to be calm and quiet  and me giving new meaning to the word insomnia. Soon, my dosage will be once again changed and i will find solace into Orheus's arms.
Leanna passed on to me an award. If you do not know her yet, get over to her blog fast, she is the funniest woman alive! I have n't done an award in quite some time because i am very lazy, but tonight i felt like it. I was n't going to sleep so, what the hell?

By the rules, i have to tell you 7 things about me that i have n't shared with you in the past.
1. I am lucky enough to know my husband and my best friends since high school. One of them just moved to the Netherlands to study Arts and i do not know what i will do without her.
2. I am a compulsive reader. Even if i do not like a book i have to read it to the end. My favourite author is Marquez, his books have turned me autistic from time to time.
3. You all know i love plants, but when i was a child i used to hate the gardening chores my father used to give me. I did n't appreciate his garden either.
4. I do not like movies , i love watching tv shows. Whenever i have time i just love watching many episodes in a row. My sleepless nights were filled with teen wolf, drop dead diva and many others. I can't wait for the new season to begin.
5. My husband and i have completely different taste in music. That would not normally be a problem but we are both musicians, so there are a lot of disapproving looks going on. After 10 years of living together we are a lot more tolerant than we used to.
6. I get food fetishes.  I obsess over a food and keep making it over and over until i can't eat it any more. My current obssession is eggplant.
7.I am a recovering  sugar addict. It's been 10 hours since the last time, but it was n't my fault. Someone brought home a cake. I threw it away because i was doing so well. It has been a week. But i ate a couple of tablespoons. I am going to go cold turkey now. That means no honey either.
 And now to the fun part of the award. I have to pass it along to  7 bloggers. Here they are
They are all wonderful unique bloggers and they always manage to bring a smile to my face.
Have a blessed month,week and day!