The new Sun Spot- our new-ish cat and an update

I put together my "Sun spot" in the tiny balcony. It is so cute. You can't really tell because i took a picture of it at 1.30 am.
 And  it is official now, we do not have a place to keep the garbage any more in the house. We will have to take them out as soon as the bag fills up like normal people. I hope tomorrow will be a sunny day so i can really enjoy it.  I put fake grass to sit on it and a plastic leaf fence for some privacy. I moved the pots a little bit around to make room for me to sit. The only thing left to do is hang the sun catchers Apparently we did not have the appropriate nail- hook thingies to hang them.
 This is the newest member of our family Georginos Kakakis. He had to go and check it out. We neutered him a week ago, he is the sweetest little kitten. We found him n the summer, almost dead , half paralyzed and extremely malnourished, and although there were some touch and go moments he made it. He still can't jump really high, but he is a very happy kitten. His favorite people in the house is Melina Nefeli and my other male cat Shadow.
As for a health update. My back spasmed badly at the beginning of the week. It was especially frustrating because it happened while i am pmsing (this new moon-super moon(perigee) caused a delay in my cycle) and an upper back pain was already kicking in. All in all, not the best week pain wise. But, i slept. I slept so many days in the row(with an exception on Monday) that i lost count. The pain is much less. My chamomile tincture helped a lot. I could not believe how potent it turned out. Sleep is really speeding up the healing process. I am off to the bed, it is past my curfew( it is still weird though, that i have a curfew and my daughter does not!).
Good night to all and sweet dreams.


Small steps towards healing!

Today it feels like autumn. I am here in my balcony seepinget hot coffee and soaking in the Sun and the breeze is streaking gently my hair! It is beautiful.
I owe you an update programwise. I gave myself a set of rules that I have to follow!  It shocked me that almost all of them had to do with my basic needs, proving how poorly I was treating myself. Most important rule the lights go out at 1.30. I was mostly able to follow that and although it has been less than a week my sleep benefited greatly. I also keep the drapes open so I can maintain a normal sleep cycle and I got used to it much faster than I originally thought!
Second rule many mini meals. That made a huge difference!
Third rule back exercises, well to be honest I only did them twice, but I will get back on track!
Rule number four meditation and eft exercises. Those two are really allowing me to focus on myself.
As you can see my main goal is healing and I think this is a great start. As I getc more comfortable into my new routine I will make a more elaborate schedule or perhaps it won't be needed!  I chose to keep things light in order to not overwhelm myself!
It was time to become my own life coach!


My Venus in Virgo

Do you feel it? We are in the middle of the winter, but i feel a quickening deep inside my soul. The Wheel is turning and i feel like a flower that holds out during the cold and darkness patiently waiting for what is to come. The warmth is just a breath away.
So,a pre-cleansing cleansing is in order! It is a pre-cleansing because the official cleansing will take place a bit later.(Who can say these two sentences 3 times fast?) It has to start with me.I have decided i want to get rid of a few things. Or better yet fix a few issues. As a new mother(i do not know if i still count as one) i tend to put myself last, although i had this bad habit way before i ever became pregnant. I want to organize a few aspects of my life and take better care of myself. I have come to realize that i really need a sleep schedule, if i ever want to have quality  of sleep. I also want to schedule small meals during the day and stop living of unbelievable amounts of coffee and one giga-meal when i finally sit down at night. It is easy to make excuses but the truth is if i can make time for everybody else i can make a little bit of time for myself too. And my Venus in Virgo has decided that the way to do it is through optimizing my time by organizing my ass off. I also have already made time for a bit of a daily meditation. This is how i found out i need to take better care of me, and if you think that it was quite obvious in the first place you misjudged and completely under evaluated  my ability of compartmentalizing. I am really good at that.
 After my latest meditation sessions, i am more grounded, more relaxed, stronger and i sleep better. I need to incorporate a few healthy habits in my life. Every year around this time, i always have a heavier load when it comes to work and i end up over stressed and very tired. This year i am going to break this vicious cycle and just let go. And yes, it sounds a bit controversial to let go by scheduling pretty much every aspect of my life, but this is the only way, i will remember my needs. Which means lists.. I love lists. Did i mention my Venus in Virgo?
I will share the specifics as soon as i have them, so you can laugh at my apparent ocd. Until then i leave you with many hugs, kisses and witchy blessings!


My "spot" on the ledge

The Sun has returned. I hope He stays. I loved the snow but one night was enough for me, this series of days with bad weather has been too much for me. It has been too long.  My Canadian friends would laugh at the fact that although it snowed for a couple of nights there never was a layer of snow on the ground. But i digress, I need the Sun. My plants are so much happier today. Light glistens around the room because of the sun catchers's dancing with the wind.
I know, i know...I  am such a Leo sometimes and what's with all the cats's obsession with the Sun? Well. i can't describe it. It can not be put in words. My favorite thing growing up was sitting on a spot in my balcony, soaking in the Sun. I used to do my homework there, listen to my music, write poetry and meditate. My "spot" was on the ledge of the balcony and i had to climb up there a bit. All my neighbors used to watch me, probably thinking how uncomfortable it must be to sit there and perhaps wondering how i do not get bored. But my spot on the ledge could not get boring. I used to drive my poor mother crazy, especially during the hot greek summers,  making her  worry i would get heat stroke. But those were the best days, the Sun was stronger. I could not wait to get back from school and make a coffee, grab a book and my walkman(boy, i am old!). And although i hate the cold, the moment the Sun came out i would dress up in a million layers and go on the ledge(that sounds a bit suicidal!).
I miss my ledge. I tried to recreate it here. But the truth is there is only one place that the Sun would be just right. The problem is that it is on the most teenyy, tiny, tiniest of balconies that we currently use to keep our trash before we throw them out and it does not have a tent. I would be an extremely weird sight,  but then again i always have been one. My husband has tried to change my mind many times, because it would be inconvienient, since we are lazy people that take the trash out every two or three days. If i do that we would not have a place to keep the trash. Do not tell him that, but i think not collecting garbage anymore would be a plus. As for what the neighbors would think, i believe that it would not make them think i am any weirder than they already think i am.
So, what about you?  Do you have a "spot" that you enjoy sitting by the hours if given the chance?


Happy New Year!

Have a blessed 2015 full of love, joy and abundance in all areas of your life!

May Goddess keep you safe!