Ways of cleansing and an update...

Greetings blogfriends. Have you missed me? I sure missed you. It has been kind of crazy around here. But this is n't the reason i have been writing here. I felt a little unspiritual and uncentered and this took its toll on my body and mind. Step by step i am finding again the place where my soul is free.
As i have told you in the past i work at home, which means that my place has to look decent all the time. To achieve that, i have had help for quiet some time. Beside the fact that there are constantly strange people to my home, the people i choose to hang out with and those that work for me have to be open and positive. For the last couple of years the ladies i hired to clean my place were n't really positive. So me and P. decided to take a break from help. Since then we have been cleaning our asses off. It is a lot of work to take care of a home by its own, but to keep it always sparkly and tidy while juggling work is really..really hard. We have crazy schedules and there are times it feels impossible but we are patient because we are still adjusting to the new situation. On the other hand, the vibes of the places are remarkable. So what if we are constatly tired? We will get used to that. I think of it as my cardio for the day. The truth is that i had to cancel a few appointments, because i had to do chores, but it will get better with a lot of organising and making schedules and lists.
Although the negative lady that has been cleaning our home has left i still have to do a lot of cleansing since i have clients over every day. But it got a lot easier. One of the best ways to do that is adding a bit of salt in the bucket before mopping the house. I just grab a fist full of salt, concentrate on the intent and then i pour it into the bucket. My favourite way of cleansing though is by burning rosemary. The scent is amazing and it makes my spirit soar.But i have to admit that the most effective cleansing is one my mom taught me, that is kinda hard to do. It contains a mix of herbs, a ball of water and every living soul-resident of the home(yes, this includes pets) to stay out of the house for (at least)three days and three nights(last night should preferably be the new moon). The tools in this process are n't as important as the staying away from your house for this small amount of time. My mom used to do it every time before we left for a vacation. My cats though will not enjoy us moving them. So i have never done it in my home. I definitely will one day.
Do you have any similar rituals?


Enjoying a summer in the city.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I hope you are somewhere on vacations sipping on strawberry margaritas(or your favourite drink)and laying under the waning but still powerful Sun. I, on the other hand, am still here, in Athens trying to find the silverlining in the inferno-like temperatures. But i have to admit that although the weather could be a good training for astronauts, i had a blast this last week. On my birthday Petros took me to the top of Parnitha mountain which unfortunately still has big burned areas. The fires of the last four years have left the top naked, but this made it easy to spot a lot of deers. And one of the male ones was extremely social and he was used to people. When i saw him hanging out right next to a family i made Petros drive us all the way back home to bring him food. On the way back to the mountain i felt restless. I hoped so much i would find him again, but it has taken us a whole hour to get there. When we reached our destination for the second time i almost screamed from happiness. He was still there. When he saw me loooking at him while holding the grocery bag full of food, the huge, male deer with the extremely pointy antlers came my way really fast. I held my ground although i was kind of scared, okay... i was horrified, i took the skin off a banana and then held the banana in my outstreched hand. He ate it in a blink of an eye and leaked my hand. Then he put his beautiful and very large head in the bag and ate the figs, the bread, the tomato, the lettuce and the cabbage i have brought for him within seconds. After that he came out of the bag, found the skin of the banana from earlier and ate it too. When he realised there was no more food, he seemed kind of dissapointed but he left graciously. I begged Petros to take me back home so i could bring more food because i had clearly underestimated the appetite of a full grown male deer but he said no. He strongly refused to drive me there for the third time. Go figure! I made him promise me though that he would bring me back soon. This whole situation made me feel so close to the Goddess and everything magical as if the forest was not just the home for a few deers but also the realm of fairies,dragons, unicorns and other creatures of unimaginable power. We returned with the top of the car down and me standing on the back seat with my arms open, breathing in the smells of damp dirt and pine trees. I understand i was a weird sight not sitting in the car properly and many looked at me as if i escaped from the loony bin, but i could care less.
The rest of the week was pretty mundane but the day before yesterday i bought for my mom's god daughter school supplies. She is a very girly girl so there was a lot of pink and purple going on in our cart. When she saw her birtday gifts(she is also a leo) her pretty face lightened up the whole room. She is more like a little sister to me because we are kind of a foster family for her. She can not live with us permanently but she stays with my mom on weekends and holidays. It is a very frustrating situation because of some stupid rules, but we feel lucky she is in our lives even in this way. Goddess i love that kid. She is amazingly smart when it comes to everything technological. But we have a little trouble moving her away from the pc, the tv and her nintendo. The curse of the twenty first century i guess. She is the only part of our lives that my mom and i are n't out of the broom closet. We can not share this with her because it would blew our chances of adopting her permanently. I am not hiding my tarot decks or my witch stuff when she comes home, but i avoid answering all her questions. How much would i like to share this part of me with her, but if someone found out the consequences would be unthinkable. I have to wait for her to grow up. Until then she will just think that i am a "little" weird. Which is true and valid!
Love and light,


A post about The Wheel, food and Tom Hanks!

Greetings blogfriends. I know i do that with every season, but i smell Autumn in the air. Typically since Lammas, for us pagans it is Autumn. Lately here though, it is insanely hot(which is normal if you consider it is still August), so i was n't able to "feel" it, before now. However, this moment i can sense the movement of the Wheel. It is turning. This phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. Every season just as the Wheel is about to turn, i am reminded of Her power. Mother Nature at Her best. This is my favorite season. I always feel that Fall is a never ending source of inspiration. Every year around this time i feel as if a someone is guiding me to the right direction. As if it is a new beginning and i am capable of everything. The feeling that Tom Hanks at "You've got mail" described as a desire to buy new pencils. He wanted to send Meg Ryan a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" to share this feeling with her. I love that movie by the way. I watch it every Fall and every time i get sick.
Tomorrow is my birthday and i am preparing for my birthday spell. I feel like a little child. The anticipation is not adult-like. But maybe it is because i am on a diet and tomorrow i am going to indulge to a souvlaki(how greek of me!) and a dessert. I am thinking carot cake with a scoop of icecream! And a tequila shot or two(now that's more adultlike!).
Although, this blog is more spiritually inclined, i want to share a healthy discovery. Cauliflower pizza crust! How cool is that? I have n't actually tried it yet, but i saw some pictures to another blog and it looked amazing. As soon as i make it i will let you know. If it tastes half as good as it looks like, i am going to post a recipe. This post was supposed to be about us tuning into the cycles of life and nature, but i guess i am too hungry to write about that stuff. I can't stop thinking of food and maybe Tom Hanks!


A birthday spell***

Greetings blogfriends. I hope you all had a blessed Lammas yesterday. Mine was n't very elaborate, like last year's or the year's before, or..., but i was in a simple mood and my quiet celebration felt incredibly sincere. I made wholemeal bread with pine and sunflower seeds. It had a little sugar, salt, milk and olive oil. Besides its simplicity it was very tasty and it gave my home a wonderful smell. I casted no spells, no rituals,i did n't meditate, i just made and ate bread. It was so unlike me and yet it felt right.
In six days i am becoming 26. I do not know if i have mentioned it before, but every year, on my birthday i cast a spell to make a wish come true, till my next birthday. I make a mix of herbs, which i burn throught the year, specifically for my intent. Which means i take the candle blowing wish to the next level. Here is the spell:

Με τη δυναμη της μερας,
ο,τι θελω φερνω εις περας,
απο τωρα μεχρι στα γενεθλια που φτανω,
την επιθυμια μου πραγματικοτητα κανω.
Ετσι ας ειναι.

With the power of this day,
on the Goddess will i lay,
my wish from now till its now again,
with Her blessing to attain.
So mote it be.

I tried to translate it and make it rhyme, the best i could . But you get the idea. Make your own birthday spell that works for you(and that it actually rhymes lol).