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I was reading some of my posts and i noticed the diferrence of energy between them. It is no mystery that when we are feeling happy, content and grateful for our lives, we are more creative. I saw that in my own posts. Some of them, even though they were n't long or about important issues, had a certain, distinguishable, positive vibe. While others that i worked harder on and were about things i love(like magic) did n't have that as much. This proved to me something i already knew. Every second of every day we spread into the world energies. The things we touch(literally or not) carry our emotional imprints. This is why we cleanse our crystalls,cards and all our tools in general. Witches can not afford to skip that step with our tools(especially when we have just bought them) and ourselves. The most important of all things in magic is the energy we manage to release into the Universe. Hence we learn to be careful about those who see our Books Of Shadows, we learn to use pure ingredients, we cast circles and protective shields, we cleanse our houses and auras. So, cleansing is crucial!
There are so many different ways of cleansing written in books and in the net. I am going to talk about self cleansing. As anything other in magic, it is about the way you feel. If you like elaborate and complex rituals a simple shower would n't be the way to go. But as we evolve as witches and people we try to leave out our tools, as much as we can . I am not going to lie to you. I need my tools. So there are many times that i can, indeed, make a simple shower into a cleansing ritual, but there are also times i need something more. I have talked in the past about my love for magical baths. Their intent could be many things(sexual magnetism, physical and emotional health, healing, love, letting go etc) but most of the times we use them for cleansing. Salt, rosemary and lavender are helpful with the process. You can light white, grey and silver candles(they represent the Moon). You can burn an incense of rosemary and lavender. Of course, the most usual way of all is meditation. You concentrate on your inner voice, unblock your chakras and visualise. You see your aura getting pure again, brighter, stronger and thicker. I always combine bath and meditation.
Some witches in order to prepare for a ritual starve themselves(either completely or they jut do not eat meat and dairy) and they find this very purifying. Every time i have tried this i found myself lacking of energy and will to cast magic. Others do not have sex, because of the energy exchange, but i, myself, always feel more powerful. Of course, all those things are totally subjective. You have to find out for yourselves what things work for you and what do n't.
Here this post ends, go on and weave your magic! Merry part blogfriends....


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You are so right about the importance of cleansing. I have become very lazy and haphazard about it over the past several months and I know that's not good. The funny thing about the timing of your post is that it's the 3rd inference to the importance of cleansing I've encountered this week. Someone is obviously trying to tell me something - LOL!

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Thanks for the visit and great blog on cleansing very informative and interesting. Still trying to figure out the blogging thing so thanks for that info too.

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I really love this post and agree wholeheartedly that we need to be aware of the type of energy we send out.

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You always make such valid, wonderful, educational points, love.

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