Greetings to all the blogland. How are you my wonderful friends? I am trying to find balance and my way back home. Do not get me wrong, i am still one of the most optimistic persons i know. But i used to feel like the world was mine for the taking, while lately i am struggling to get out of the maze of my head.
I will work this out, i know it. I will keep handling the situation the best way i know how, the only way i know how. I will get through this with lots of positive thinking, happy thoughts and all the magic that i have and surrounds me.
For now, i will write a little more in my BOS, i will have a long hot cleansing and relaxing, herbal bath. I will feed my little ones something nice and hearty because lately i have n't given them any people's food. And last but not least i will meditate to unblock all that weird, nasty energy that i have attracted.
Maybe afterwards i will talk to my plants(they are great listeners), to scare my neighbours a little bit more, or watch a movie. What do you think? It's a plan, is n't it?
Blessed be*


Me said...

Take a long hot bubble bath and read a book. Always works for me.

We are all here for you if ya need us :)

Bitsa Lit said...

It's a plan! herbal baths with a good book and some candles are always the thing to get your mind working properly and smoothly. Drink an infusion of chamomile (for relaxation)basil(for good fortune and happiness)anise (to relieve your psychic block)cloves(to keep friends close)rosemary(to make you remember that you are you for a reason and to keep dreaming of rosemary) Sweeten with honey and you will be set. Cook one of your favorite meals,go for a long walk in the sun with some meditative music on the mp3, talk to your plants and nature, and when you go to bed, clear your mind and dream deep!
good luck!
but you wont need it.... you already have the magic you need inside you... keep remembering that!

KeKe said...

Sounds like a good plan to me~ I've been on a winding path lately, it seems too. And I am beginning to find my way back. Sometimes it just takes a while~


Changing Girl said...

Great Plan!! I fully endorse it! he he he :-D

Sharon Day said...

I can relate. Sometimes, I just don't feel centered. I usually pick out the thing I'm most passionate about and focus on it. Somehow, it all comes back to me what I'm excited about, why my life is awesome, and all the dreams I have for the next moment and the next... Have a nice time.

Shadow said...

yes, good plan.

Bitsa Lit said...

lol! I just got rid of yours too! I didnt want it to be common knowledge just incase! You will get through it, I swear! we will just have to keep talking and keep being honest, cause when at least one other person knows the truth-- we cant back away from it, so we have to face it!
I bet in less than a year you can reach your goals! And I know that for me, it will take a year to reach my big ones!
anyway! I am with you 100%

You are my designated gym buddie...
er...from another continent... :)
Cheers to life!
Vita Vitalis

Mother Moon said...

sounds like a plan to me... the long hot bath always helps.... relax.. be good to you... :-)

C said...

Sounds like a great plan to me :) im right there with you at mo and am doing pretty much the same to get me thru these dark times. Oh and readin blogs of course :) blessings to you and speedy return xx

Nydia said...

It's a great plan! Kee p the optimistic soul no matter waht (easier said than done, I know.. but isn't it true??)

Kisses from us.