Everybody think 21st of June!

Greetings dear blogfriends. How have you all been doing. I am getting bigger by the second! The baby is not kicking anymore she is pushing really hard! My belly is round feels like a planet. I can't say i can still do many things, but the nesting fase has really kicked in. I should be resting but i can't helping. Let's bring plants in the nursery, let's clean everything...again, let's buy a lot of crap that likely we will not use. Every single day there is a new crazy idea that i can not do by myself and my poor husband has to run around Athens to do it. But the thing that is completely out of control is my eating. Yesterday evening i ate 6 slices of pizza and a scoop of icecream. The thing is that a few hours earlier i have already had a healthy  but filling dinner. Today i am on a diet again and by diet i mean that i will not have another day that i exceed 3000 calories. I will try to stay around 2000(which are just plenty) to balance out the craziness that was last week. I do not know what got into me. And it is summer for crying out loud. I got crazy hungry, weird cravings and all the stuff that i used to say i have n't felt in all my pregnancy came back to haunt me in the form of icecream! Oh so much icecream!
That being said my last date is the 21st of June. And i am hoping(fingers crossing, spells casting, soul selling lol) that i will reach that. If she actually comes that day she is going to be a Soltice and a Full Moon baby. Doubly blessed and doubly magical. Hopefully her mommy will not weigh the double amount of kilos by then!!
Be blessed, be loved and be very very happy!


Celebrating Christian holidays while being pagan

Hello blogpeople. How have you been? Here the summer has begun a tad early and it is a bit hot, but i love it! I can't go swimming because i am supposed to be resting, but it is still wonderful. Tomorrow is the greek Easter and we will go to my parents. The festivities of it all include over eating and over drinking. Although, we have n't gone to church with our parents(not that they are regulars) for  over a decade and we have nothing to do with the Christian worship, every year we celebrate with our families Easter and Christmas. The traditional gift giving takes place, chocolate eggs are given to the children and traditional music that no one can stand plays through the speakers(during Easter, on Christmas is all about the usual Rudolf stuff!).
It always makes me a little sad the fact that our families can not be part of our festivities, but to them it would just be too weird. Us on the other side grew up celebrating those holidays, expecting for Santa to bring us gifts on Christmas and everybody we knew to bring us chocolate on Easter.
So, celebrating means quality time with our families, and since our families are n't religious, at all, they see these opportunities the same way we do. All in all we rest, we laugh and enjoy each other. But it is still a shame that we can not take time off work, or school for the holidays of our choice. Sometimes we get lucky, like this May Day that we both did n't have work
How do you feel during those occasions?
Have a magical weekend.


Beltane joy!

Hello there blogpeople. How was your May Day? Mine was absolutely perfect! Full of magic and love. The best part was that i got to spend almost all  day with my husband. It was so wonderful! We gave lots of love to our plants. Then i gathered lots of different and small pink flowers from my pots as well as lavender blossoms, ivy, fern and asparagus fern(which i love!) that we made into a beautiful and huge wreath. That took us about an hour and a half !  We also cast together a protection-cleansing spell. I had a wonderful cleansing shower. We went and bought some different kind of berries to eat and mark the day. And then we celebrated Beltane a bit more traditionally..if you know what i mean"wink-wink"!
Although we were all day on our feet, doing things, we relaxed and rested. We both work a lot and we do not get to spend a lot of time together, so yesterday was a true blessing. The last couple of days helped us both to get in a calmer state of mind about the baby's well being and to trust into the Goddess.
I want to thank you all for your support and comments! Your words gave me so much comfort and peace. And  i also want to mention that i have stopped crying! I am constantly smiling, enjoying the euphoria of being pregnant in late Spring, sipping iced lemonades and teas, eating berries and soaking in the greek Sun! Oh and above all, being pregnant is like being a princess. I do not have to get up for anything, except peeing(which is so frequent that you can count it as working out).  I love being treated this way!
I hope you had an enchanted and fairy Beltane full of love and light.