Casting a circle

Dear bloggers,
I missed you and i hope you feel the same way too. I decided i will do a series of posts about practical magick. A "how to" guide for beginners if you'd like. As you probably understand from the title this one will be about casting a circle.
You might wonder why is it important in a ritual to cast a circle. Well, if you have the slightest experience in the metaphysical world you would have sensed energies both good and bad. We are bombarded every second with them and our auras, energy fields, souls are unprotected. When we are in the middle of a ritual, we are more vulnerable than ever. We concentrate and we function in a mostly subconscious level. On the other hand we invoke the Goddess and God there so we have to make sure the place is "clean"(that is why you use the besom) and safe.
There are many ways to cast a circle, some are more elaborate than others. Some practitioners dance in a circular move deosil(which means clockwise, like the Sun)at least at the Nothern Hemisphere. When it comes to the other half of the world there are some contradictive theories. Some practitioners mark their circle by dragging their athame on the floor three times(again deosil and circular). Some use salt, some rose pedals, herbs etc and some just call the Quarters(East, South,West and North) or light a candle in each Quarter. And last but not least there are those that just visualise(of course in every case you must use visualising the way the circle protects and it is the most important part).
I, myself, have used them all. I have danced, sprinkled roses, used my athame and called the Quarters. But the way i find most effective is bringing my hands in prayer position and when i feel ready open them in a quick motion in a Goddess position and my circle is there. If you do not feel comfortable visualising use the other ways because they help you imagine it.
An other important thing about the circle is that its shape should not be a circle but a sphere all around you sacred place. A protective bubble that can have any thickness, colour and size you want to give it.
Try out the ways and find out which one fits you best. Know that there might be times that you will feel the need your circle to be more obvious and clear. In those cases use the salt(especially if you are using a quija board).This is an ancient practice and a truly powerful one.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Be blessed, be happy and be loved.


Sharon Day said...

Fantastic post! That was a very good overview of the process. Hope all is going well on your side of the world. We finally got rain here--about a year's worth, actually! I'm thrilled, of course! I had lots of dreary gray and dark days to write horror.

mxtodis123 said...

Missed you, too. Glad to have you back.

Changing Girl said...

Big Hugs to you. Great post! A good theme to do.

Unknown said...

Hi sweets.....missed your witchypoo self as well....I trust all be well with you and yours.

Shadow said...

what a great read. thank you. i'm looking forward to more...

Anonymous said...

This beginner thanks you. very much.

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