Prosperity spell - Magical yellow rosepetals

Hi my loves! I baked my pie yesterday and i can proudly say that i have n't eaten all of it! Yeih me! Today i want to share with you guys another spell for prosperity. This is a variation of the magical rosepetals that i have posted about in the past. But for this spell you will need yellow rosepetals, to symbolise wealth and fortune.
Yellow rosepetals are great for money spells. This is because it combines the energies of the roses (luck, love, attraction) and of the yellow colour Sun qualities. You can always powder them and burn them as incense along with mandrake root and cinnamon on your work place to promote good business.
But to make the magical rosepetals you will need a yellow or gold candle, mandrake root powder and candio(red sugar incense that you can substitute with musk incense).  You take the fresh rosepetal and dip it in the melted candle and then sprinkle it with the mandrake and the incense. Form it with your hands so there is plenty of candle and incense per rosepetal  while you think of your goals and put all the intent of the most specific desires you have about your finances.Then let it dry on a silver plate or your cauldron. Charge it on the waxing moon and burn it on a full moon along with your favourite prayer for money.
Be blessed, be loved and be very very lucky!


Prosperity spells part 1 - Apple pie- full Moon

Greetings blogfriens. How are you? The holiday season is upon us and i have started decoraing the house. I brought in a few small (tiny is the word) evergreens from ikea and put them around the house. I am putting lights and glitter on everything and i am still trying to find the perfect items to make a fresh wreath.These days i was constantly baking pies and cookies and then i kept eating them so i decided to stop. I am still in baking mode but i am in a more healthy mood. There is a silver lining there and i am determined to find it. I intend to search the internet to find the best healthy recipe fo cookies. 

With everything going on around us and the mess we call economy here, i constantly feel the need to make my home more welcoming and to make hearty warm meals for our friends and family. The last couple of weeks our house was filled with friends and there is almost all the time someone spending the night in our comfy couch. I want to create a strong sense of hearth and unity. I believe it is very important because anyone who dares to turn on his tv is in a lot of danger for clinical depression in the first few seconds. Because of the grimm situation and the lack of holiday spirit i have decided to make this holiday the best one ever. 
But because we also need good luck more than ever i decided to create a series of my favourity prosperity spells. Today is the apple pie spell. I am not a kitchen witch. But i love this spell because you get to share your good fortune with the people you love by giving them a treat. The point of those kind of spells is that as many people try the food the more positive energy you get in return. 
This is more of an apple cake than a pie, mostly because you mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then you bake them. It is very easy, very yummy and all of the ingredients are innately magickal!
I am not good with measuring stuff becauseit really bores me, so you are going to have to figure out the dosage by yourselves!
The list of ingredients is:
-flour-whole wheat is best- (to represent the harvest)
-eggs(for fertile business)
-apples and apple juice(for prosperity)
-honey(for luck and good fortune)
-raisins(also to represen the harvest)
-cinnamon(for money)
-clover(also for money)
-nutmeg(for good fortune)
-ground walnuts(for divine blessing)
-and olive oil(for money as well)
As you can see there is not one thing in there that we do not usually use in spells. Before you bake it carve with a knife a pentagram on top even if the mix is too watery and immediaty dissapears. This spell is one i always do during the harvests because it correspondes so well with them but you can do it any time you want during the waxing period or on a full moon.
Remember to mix the ingredients  deosil to raise Sun energies and as you do it visualise yourself wealthy, happy, and healthy. As you share the cake with your friends and family you bring good luck in their lives and yours multiplies. Just do n't forget to eat a piece as well.
It would be great to bake this today because it is the night of the full moon and a very powerful one indeed because it is also a lunar eclipse. It is one of those great times that the Sun energies and the Moon energies connect in unique ways. Just be careful for minor accidents because there can be such a thing as too much energy in the air!


Cleansing and protecting

Greetings blogfriends. It has been a while. I missed writing here a lot but it was one of those times that i did n't feel like i could write at all. Although...i have been lurking at your blogs(a lot!) either silently or not so silently. This Samhein was wonderful, we celebrated it with family with fortune telling, making smudges and  lots of good food. I can't believe such a major holiday passed and i didn't blog about it. Such a shame! But when you are in a writing funk there is nothing that can help.
The weather in Athens is still warm. That is about to change, but i can still enjoy the warm Sun. We did n't have much rain but we are going to and the first water of the Fall is always great for cleansing your home's energy. So, i am going to save some and put it in a sprayer with rosemary essential oil. Then i am going to go around the house and spray it all over walls, curtains,plants and furniture. This will keep the negativity at bay.
Now that the winter is coming i have more the need to cast cleansing  and protection spells. This is because we stay more in the house, with lots of people coming over, we do not open the windows as much and there are a lot of stagnant energies. I have to work on the energy of the house much more than i used to in the Summer months. Crystalls should be charged and placed strategically on various spots, plants should be cared for so they can bring more positivity, charms should be worn by family and pets, talismans should be placed at doors and a new wreath shold be made for the front door. So much to be done and in such a little time and in a little while the preparations for the Solstice will have to begin.
Thank Goddess i love doing all the things need to be done(except for the unmentioned spring cleaning which i hate).
Do you feel a more intense need for cleansing and protection this time of the year?