Happy Spring and blessed Full Moon

Greetings dear blogfriends and happy Spring! I am really excited about the Wheel turning! But you know that already, because i have been nagging for so long! I have n't posted for a while mostly because we had some connection issues and i am too spoiled to post from my cellphone! How was your Ostara? I made yet another wreath for my front door and casted a bunch of spells. A protection one, a money spell, a body and mind-Equinox one. I got over excited and although i had a lot of work that day when i finally had some time for myself i started casting spells and blessing the house.
Yesterday we went to our summer house to get some Sun and it was wonderful. The peace and quiet away from the city and the chirping of the birds cleared my mind. I really needed to get away from the house, since i spend so much time indoors. I played with the dogs and breathed the clean air. And now i feel like i have the strenght to conquer the world. Tonight is the first night of the Full Moon and as usual i am going to offer a rosemary pentagram to the Goddess, to thank Her for our baby.
I hope wherever you are you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Moon and fill your souls with Her energy!


Cakes and wiccanings

Greetings blogfriends. How are you my lovelies? I got my oomph back! Yesterday i even got my sorry ass to the pool after a long time and did 80 laps(which is  about 1,5kms since each lap is 18 meters, but i would n't trust my math if i were you!). Also, yesterday we saw our first 4d u/s of the baby(it is the orange one, the one the one where you can see characteristics). I put the pictures on the fridge and now every time we go to the kitchen we lose track of what we intended to do and why we originally went to the kitchen. I skipped two meals this way! So, to celebrate i made a blueberry cake with blueberry cream cheese frosting. This was the first time i made frosting(here in Greece we do not usually put icing on cakes, except for chocolate covered ones.It was very light, but it was still delicious! Here is my cake, minus two pieces!

I am trying to figure out now, some details about the baby's wiccaning. Small things, like the where and when and how many people, if any at  all. It is very easy to make decisions about everything that has to do with the ceremony. But when it comes to the festivities of it all, i am not sure. Should it be a family thing, or  a friend thing? In our summer house,  or in a restaurant? In the summer months or maybe on the Autumn Equinox, but what about the weather? At least i know i want to make for that occasion a strawberry cake with white chocolate drops and a strawberry cream cheese frosting. That's something i guess. I will get back to you on that issue with all the details very soon.


The end of the winter funk...

Greetings blogland! I have been absent for a few days.. It is like that ever since the waning fase of the moon begun, my energy levels started to fade as well. I am still trying to get up and get started. Coffee is n't cutting it anymore. The only thing that might get me through is a day without work, so i can focus on myself and my home. I know that if i start cleaning or working on my plants there is no stopping me. So, today i have cleared my schedule to get my oomph back.

I want to clean the kitchen, throw away all junk from the living room, go for groceries, make an eggplant diner, make my plants happy, take Phoebe for a walk, take a long shower, meditate and do some fairy magic. Just by making this list i feel better already and my energy levels are rising. All i need now is to get up and get going.   Hopefully tomorrow i will be back to normal and out of the funk. It is only 19 days till Ostara and there are a billion things to be done.

My four leaf  clover is getting bigger and bigger, and it is almost time to harvest it and today i spotted a small five leaf one. Can you spot them? I am thinking for thanking the fairies for those beautiful gifts to make  them a blueberry cake with rosewater and powder sugar.
This is the wreath i made for the full moon. It is not very fresh anymore but it is still pretty, hanging on my front door. I could n't reverse the picture. But i am proud of myself, because i found out how to upload pictures from my camera to my blog and that is something i have never done by myself in the past. Yeih me!!
How about you? Are you into an end of the winter funk or are you in a beginning of spring frenzy?
Be blessed, be loved and be happy!