A witch's pride and Touched by Pagan Culture

Good morning fellow witches. It is a cloudy day here in Athens. I guess this should teach everyone who complained about the early summer. I have a confession to make and i hope you will all cut me some slack. Here is the whole story.
I have been with a friend this Saturday who is having a party this Friday. She is a lovely girl who has a weird dad. When she invited me to her party she asked me not to tell anyone about my work, because the information could somehow reach her dad. This means to lie about being a psychic and of course about being a witch. I was caught of guard and i said yes. By this point whoever is calling me names such as hypocrite, liar, shameful etc should remember to cut me some slack! I have always being out and about but i did n't want to hurt her feelings. Although my whole attitude towards life is to honestly talk about my spirituality so i can fight prejudice in all its forms, i found myself considering the possibility.
I am proud of being a witch. I will not lie about it, for anyone 's shake. If the only sacrifice i have to make is to not attend a party, great. I have made much bigger sacrifices till now. But i can't get rid of all the guilt for not instantly making that decision. I keep asking myself, what is wrong with me. Where did my morals go? Next thing you know i will hide my pentagramm inside my blouse. I might be overreacting(do n't you Pah-hah me!), but this situation affected me deeply. I am not hurt, because i have had to deal with so many different reactions in the past that taught me to be cool about it.
So, religious fanatics, curious strangers, friends with issues bring them on. I will never-ever hide my identity. I appreciate this valuable lesson and i will let this experience help me grow as a witch and most importantly as a person.
In an attempt to redeem myself i am making a list of the top five reasons i am proud of being a witch.
1.Paganism brought me closer to nature and gave me perspective on what's important. It led to me to being attuned with the cycles of life through my love for the Goddess.
2.It is in my blood. It is my legacy. It is the very thing that tighs me with my ancestors(well at least from my mother's side).It gave a sense of being part of something greater than me.
3.Wicca gave a moral campus not just for witchcraft but for life in general. The ways you can "translate" the Rede are infinite.
4.Witchcraft helped me improve my life and consider growing as an ongoing process for as i long as i live this life and those that follow.
5.Magic. The wonders, the beauty, the love and the light magic brings in my everyday life transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Magic brings me everytime a step closer to my inner truth.The chase of a rainbow.
What are your reasons of pagan pride?
Bightest blessings,
Ps. I would also like to welcome all the new readers from PaganCulture. I hope all the fellow Wicked Darlings will love it here. Thank you Magaly for this honour. I am touched(pun intended)! Whoever has n't already, should visit Magaly's blog right away(once again i failed in inserting a link so here is the URL http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com). She is great.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm proud of being Pagan and of absolutely loving and honoring the Old Powers because, like in your case, They bring me closer to Nature. To the basics. Being Pagan reminds me that I am part of my Gods, but that I'm more important than the little spider that refuse to leave my bathroom, for she (I hope is a girl and a not a dirty spider boy staring at me naked) is also part of the same wondrous Gods.

I'm proud of being Pagan because I LOVE who I am and without Paganism I simply wouldn't be.

Endless Blessings my Wicked Darling, and it was my pleasure to TOUCH you *grin*

P.S. Don't feel bad about your delay reaction, imperfection is one of the things that makes us human and interesting; who in their right mind would want to hang out with Ms. Perfect Witch, anyway?

Diandra said...

Good morning, first of all!

It still surprises me that people should have a problem with other people being witches. I mean, it's not like we go around stealing kids from our neighbors to make potions (it's much safer to buy them in poor countries these days).

Good luck and thumbs up!

Judy said...

I understand congratulations are in order...Congratulations!! There are few who know I'm Pagan, but it has not been a problem for me...I have become so much more understanding of things since I left the other religions behind...They never made any sense to me...Paganism just fits so wonderfully...

Mother Moon said...

Sometimes I think there is no need to vocalize what one believes or follows. As in most things sometimes to much information can only cause problems. There will always be other opportunities to stand up for who and what one is. You did not deny yourself you only kept quiet. big difference... ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you are being asked to hide who you are, but I don't think you should be hard on yourself for you snap reaction. Why am I proud to be Pagan? Because for me it's core is tolerance. Someone isn't on the same path as me? That's cool, maybe they've got something to teach me :) that sorta thing, that's my pagan-pride :) My pagan heart is what teaches me to be kind. That's what makes me say you shouldn't judge your own reason too harshly. You said you'd do something for a friend... it goes against what you consciously chose, but it was your heart that was agreeing for the sake of your friends feelings. Maybe her feelings mean a lot to you, no shame in that. I don't think anything is ever black and white. Similarly it's that proud-to-be-pagan kindness that berates me when I think it's bad of your friend to ask you to keep quiet about who you are. YES she definitely should love you enough not to ask it but, well, let's extend the kindness to her as well and presume she doesn't know exactly how much she is asking of you?
I'm not out'n'proud nor am I in the closet... my spirituality just never seems to come into most of my conversations! Funny that ;)
Stay smiley (I always imagine you as a smiley person!) and I hope you find a way that keeps you all happy.

Nellie x

Lisa said...

Perhaps you agreed because at the time it felt it was about her more than it was about you and it was only in retrospect that you realized what had transpired; a protective friend thing. But she needs to learn, as you have, to be honest about who she is and who her friends are. (sheesh, that sounds like a lot of lecturing from someone you don't even know, huh?...hi, I'm Lisa, and I've got it all covered lol)

I am still in the stage of being open about what I am not, rather than what I am, as that's still a bit of a mystery. I was, for most of my life, a very serious Christian but I finally drifted away from that and it's only been within the past few years that I could look at another Christian and say, "I'm not a Christian." I am not always as open about even that as I would like to be.

Ok, enough from this Greek Witch newbie. :)

Bitsa Lit said...

I have been reading your thoughts for a long time now - almost a year I think, and I know that you know exactly who you are... even if you dont know that you know it. You dont have to feel guilty at all about your reaction. You followed your instincts which is something that pagans all over the world are trying to be more in tune with. It just so happens that you are already in tune with yours. When we, as pagans, truly listen to our instincts- there is usually a reason that they have been given to us.
I am SOOO happy that you are so very proud of who you are! But just remember that in all situations we must trust in ourselves.
You followed your gut - there is no shame in that.

Vamchoir said...

Hi. Awesome post! (It's powerful, honest, deep and full of thoughtful information). At least, I certainly related to it on an intimate and personal level.

To more clearly examine why you feel conflicted, it might help to turn the tables for just a second. Consider what it would take for YOU to invite someone, say a Christian, Jew or Muslim to your party, and then require that person to not tell anyone anything about who they are or what they do.

YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO A FRIEND! To ask someone to hide who they really are is a terrible insult. It's dishonoring!

WHAT IT REALLY SAYS: The host doesn't really want YOU at her party, she just wants a bigger head count. She wants enough people to show up to make her event LOOK successful.

The more troubling issue regards why you (or I) might be willing to submit to the whim of such a controlling/non supportive and selfish-minded person. (Note these people are often wolves in sheeps clothing. They ACT incredibly loving at times -- that is how we get confused so easily by them.)

REMEMBER HOW THIS FEELS! (In the future you will be much less inclined to relinquish your power.) I don't go anywhere these days if I'm asked to pretend to be someone I am not. That's unless I'm getting paid to perform as a actor on stage, and it's understood that I'm really someone ELSE.

As a Pagan, I've often gone by "SunTiger" online and only recently started using my legal name; publicly. (To give you a better reference for who I am, I still provide intuitive readings as SunTiger at http://liveperson.com/mystic-suntiger).

Richest blessings to you. Thank you for sharing the full gamut of your feelings as I've gone through this same type of anguish more than a couple of times myself. (We live and learn NOT to continue hanging out with people who don't like the REAL you and me).

ArtyAnt said...

Hi. Congrats on your blog. I've been reading and reading, cant get enough!