Ramblings about my witchcraft!

Greetings blogland. Because of Nellie from a bit of gardening spirit, i will talk today about some of my magical habits. She is to blame for me boring you!
When i harvest my plants, i do not cast a circle, raise energy, etc. I just concentrate on the intent of their future use. If it is for abundance, luck, protection i harvest them on the full moon. If it is for banishing, getting rid off things, or cleansing i harvest them on the new moon. But, if i need a herb that i have n't already harvested i just take it whenever. When i have a ritual i do not always walk the circle three times. Sometimes i just form it into my mind. There are times that i cast elaborate rituals and i get pretty "ceremonial", but usually i am very simple. My rituals are complicated when it is about something serious like health or my handfasting. I do not always have to ground myself or raise power, because it happens by itself. But there are times i have to meditate for a long time to get the same feeling. I always cast prosperity, luck and love spells during the waxing of the moon and bainishing spells of all sorts during the waning of the moon. If i feel there is a need though to "break that rule" i do not hesitate doing that.
My favorite most usual way of spell casting is writing it down on a piece of paper, burn it over a candle and sprinkle the ashes at the wind. I get over excited about silly stuff. Like when i found that pink himalayan salt of the Jamie Oliver series, i was so proud of it, showing it to everyone -even if they were n't interested- and used most of it in a week! I also feel very happy when i find pretty bottles and jars for my "ingredients".
To charge my crystalls i hold them in my hand, consentrate on the intent and leave them on salt under the full moon. To charge my charms and talismans i do the same thing without the salt. To charge my pentacle i hold it in my hands and pray to the Goddess. I ask for protection and because it sits over my heart, i ask for my heart to bit on Her rhythm. I do not charge it every full moon, because i do not feel comfortable without it.
These are my ways. They are peculiar like me. Sometimes inconsistent exactly like me. But they are also full of light, because this is my path.
Brightest blessings witchfriends,


Anonymous said...

heehee - yes I take full responsibility!
I love the writing and then burning and scattering of a spell, that's really beautiful... there's something i was thinking about trying and this sounds completely perfect!
Thankyou xx

mxtodis123 said...

I use the paper way of spellcasting as well. Actually, I use it for just about everything...including ridding myself of bad habits. I have my clients write letters to their addictions and burn them as well as pouring out their feelings to loved ones who have passsed on.

Judy said...

Each of us has our own little bits and pieces of rituals...so cool to hear yours...it's nice to try yours in mine if you know what I mean...and knowing not everyone gets very formal in their workings...

Mother Moon said...

I love the way you so simply put things. I am a bit of a pretty bottle/jar nut myself. I have them everywhere... by the way.. I left something for you over at my blog. thanks so much for all the blessings you give..